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  1. B&B Pig Man


    As far as I’m aware there is absolutely no squabbling between the managements. We set up ‘the place that cannot be mentioned’ purely because a few people requested us to do so. I / we bear no bad feeling towards TFF or it’s members We set up the other place purely as a friendly place for people...
  2. B&B Pig Man

    Drill Counter Problem...

    Sounds logical to me.....
  3. B&B Pig Man

    Viking ride on mowers

    That’s not really the idea of mulching though! :rolleyes: You’re supposed to mulch it by cutting it regularly and taking the top off.
  4. B&B Pig Man

    Dealership FUTURE

    Can we try and get this back to the original question about the future of dealerships etc please - the vegan future is a very interesting topic, and well worth a topic of its own. I don’t want to have to split this thread down into two, so if we can get this back on track, and then perhaps...
  5. B&B Pig Man

    Viking ride on mowers

    If collecting isn’t important to you I’d look go for a Toro or Husq zero steer. They are built like tanks and will last you forever if you look after them.
  6. B&B Pig Man

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio Anybody got one / know somebody that has? Any reviews? Thinking specifically about a 4wd version. @Cowabunga
  7. B&B Pig Man

    Today at work

    Sorted the quote for you. (y)
  8. B&B Pig Man

    Tm150 exhaust studs sheared

    I’m so pleased the old girl is getting another life! (y)
  9. B&B Pig Man

    Farmers runs marathon dressed as tractor for charity

    I was talking to him about this the other day - the plan is for somebody to run as a trailer next time. I did suggest that I’d be happy to sit in a trailer and he could tow me round! (y)
  10. B&B Pig Man

    Farmers runs marathon dressed as tractor for charity

    I’m not sure on the closing date tbh - can imagine it will be open for a while though. (y)
  11. B&B Pig Man

    Farmers runs marathon dressed as tractor for charity

    The tractor weighs 10.8kg! (y)
  12. B&B Pig Man

    Farmers runs marathon dressed as tractor for charity

    Evening all, A friend of mine is running the London marathon this year dressed as an MF tractor for charity. It’s a frame / model he’s made himself, and he must carry it round the whole course without it touching the floor. He’s already just completed the London half marathon as a warm up. I...
  13. B&B Pig Man

    Your current weather.

    A15 closed in north Lincs - atrocious conditions as the wind is picking it up off the fields as drifting it onto the road.
  14. B&B Pig Man

    Who pays the carriage.

    This is how we work. (y) No carriage unless it’s a special / urgent order etc.
  15. B&B Pig Man

    what has the NFU ever done for us?

    I am sure @gone up the hill is fully aware of the consequences that may arise due to the libellous nature of anything he posts on a public forum, and is happy to produce evidence to back up his claims should the need arise.
  16. B&B Pig Man

    Grain bucket dilemma ....

    Yeah - 10 tonne hopper, 8” auger. 20-25 mins to fill a lorry. (y)
  17. B&B Pig Man

    Power & Water Swansea

    Done (y)
  18. B&B Pig Man

    Power & Water Swansea

    FYI I’ve edited out the bad language. (y)
  19. B&B Pig Man

    Group text message service thing.

    Not sure on this - but is there an option on to do this?!
  20. B&B Pig Man

    Censorship & hypocrisy...

    Enough is enough - I’m locking this thread now, it really is getting ridiculous in here. I thought we were all adults - obviously not. @gone up the hill and @Sid i recommend you ignore each other please. Either don’t read each other’s posts, or pit the other one on your ignore list on TFF. If...

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