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    Simba SL 500

    new pictures on classifieds website
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    Simba SL 500

    yes it would, they are the low disturbance points as well
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    Simba SL 500

    genuine off farm condition, no cracks on frame like most SL's have, discs very good, packer very good
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    Future Chocolate spot control

    they will be not as good as the previous standards and cost more per ha watch the price of teb go up now no epoxi its as if they would rather we didnt grow anything and imported it all from countries that can use the full range of products
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    Glyphosate wetter

    is spryte on farm marketplace ? i presume its cheaper than validate which is horrendously expensive which distributors have spryte
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    Neonic resistance

    the biggest problem by far with the increasing lack of actives is going to be in field scale veg we'll then end up importing the produce from countries that have the actives available
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    Chemical Price Tracker

    teb 250g 5L 43 moddus 18/L 3C 10L 16.50 centurion max 5L 99 adexar 31/L epic 15.50/L anyone got a Elatus Era price ?
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    but I would probably include the sdhi now
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    I think he means the septoria ? a wet few days wont make a septoria epidemic, especially on gleam but be prepared for the headlines in the fw
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    JD 2630 Adaptive curve issue

    Leave record on while it’s steering, as for adaptive it’s recording for the next pass all the time
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    JD 2630 Adaptive curve issue

    have you tried leaving record on all the time, works for me
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    Acres insurance recommendation

    just moved back to the nfu, they were cheaper than 3 brokers
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    Killing peas

    You are right, glyphosate wont kill peas unfortunately
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    Greenstar drift

    just seen this looks like it needs updating
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    Greenstar drift

    as above your first port of call is to upgrade to latest software , I think this can be done yourself, the downloads are on the john deere website Also are you running the correct frequency (not default) ?
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    Weaving tine drill

    that will block, need to reduce to 36 coulters
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    Avadex Price

    £37.80 / 15kg
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    mixing kerrin and skyscraper

    is it wise to mix kerrin and skyscraper in the grain store ? both group 4 but kerrin hard and skyscraper soft I think
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    steering wheel controller for Greenstar

    theres a new model jd atu (electric steering wheel) cost 1200 ish , and can use same screen as the combine Has the tractor got activation ?
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    Crucial agchems going weekly now We’re just driving our food production abroad I hope the powers that be realise this

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