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  1. Northern farmer

    Galileo support on the Topcon AGI-4

    Old Topcon brochures talk about future support for Galileo. Their current website gives ridiculous specification data, nothing about different frequencies and constellations. Is anyone aware if they ever released any update to support Galileo? Perhaps @Robt still knows? Anyone aware of any...
  2. Northern farmer

    Satellite visibility charts, JD versus Trimble

    The other day I was checking satellite visibility after some likely interference from a nearby 850 MHz LTE base (the second harmonic possibly). I had a look at the JD website...
  3. Northern farmer

    Amazone sprayer distance control misbehaving

    Our 01-series Amazone sprayer distance control started acting up. The driver says it raises one side very high up at times. I think our service guy told there was a bug causing similar behaviour but it should have been older SW than we have. Also the sprayer has been fine for some 6 years so...
  4. Northern farmer

    Set the navigation point to the implement on an X30/C3000

    I'm trying to learn how to use the AGCO C3000 (mostly the same as Topcon X30) auto-steer screen. I did not find instructions from the manual on setting the navigation point to the implement instead of being set to the tractor. Currently the C3000 steers the tractor to follow the stored (curve)...
  5. Northern farmer

    Anyone from the UK lost their new Valtra?

    A few new tractors "abandoned" on a trailer. :scratchhead: Perhaps lost on their way from the factory to the UK. :) Perhaps the finder can keep them. :greedy:
  6. Northern farmer

    Latest Fendt VarioTerminal/VarioGuide SW updates?

    Would anyone be able to list feature updates on the VarioTerminal screen since November 2015? Fendt web sites seem to cover changes up to this date. We service all tractors at home but cannot take care of SW updates obviously. I tend to remember seeing that at least the option to enter A-B line...
  7. Northern farmer

    Topcon X30/AGCO C3000 COM2 serial port wiring harness

    Our AGCO C3000 wiring harness does not include wiring for the COM2 port for GPS/NMEA output. My intention was to save a couple of hundred Euros by building the cable from parts. I failed to find any information about the pin-out for the screen connectors. Someone must have built their own...
  8. Northern farmer

    Claas Arion/Axion autosteer

    We are considering one of the Claas tractors to replace a JD tractor. I tried to find some information about the Claas autosteer equipment manufacturer, anyone here willing to provide some details? Sure they can't have their own hardware? Any experience about the Claas stuff (mainly autosteer...
  9. Northern farmer

    June 2014 still the latest SW for Fendt VarioGuide?

    FUSE still talks about the June 2014 software update as if it was the latest release for Fendt/VarioGuide. There is at least one issue with this release, the manual is not available for all supported languages in this SW release. I've heard AGCO releases SW updates two to three times per year...
  10. Northern farmer

    Is Farm Works View supposed to be able to read Variodoc job data files?

    According to this leaflet Farm Works is supposed to be able to read job data files from AGCO/Fendt/Variodoc (standard, not Variodoc Pro): Farm Works says Farm Works View supports AGCO products but I could not figure out if it means all...

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