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    Fuel filters on tanks

    We have a couple off fuel tanks and what to put canister filters on the tank but we are gravity fed I am struggling to find any Also what spec off filters would you use
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    35 4 cylinder head

    The precombustion chambers plugs on our 35 4 cylinder 23 c engine have been bodged trying To make it start easier but they have gone to close /past the gasket area. so I am trying to find neW precombustion chamber plugs or a head ( can be cracked if the plugs are good)
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    New Cattle slats help

    i have never worked with beef animals on slats and i have 2 beef sheds that the slats have had it and have had a few quotes but i have a few questions the differance between wet and dry axel loading some say 5 t were others are 8t what finishes would you recomend ps is there any thing...
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    workshop size

    we are looking at building a new workshop and wondering what size you would make the doors

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