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  1. turbo

    Problem with vaderstad drill

    Yes been drilling all weekend with it,some is not pretty but it’s in and as dad says maul it in,then haul it in
  2. turbo

    Problem with vaderstad drill

    By the time I have done a loop back into work she is starting to drill
  3. turbo

    Problem with vaderstad drill

    The low lift valve seems to be working okay but will put the stop at the top in the morning just to check
  4. turbo

    Problem with vaderstad drill

    Thanks I think I will ring the dealers in the morning and see what they say
  5. turbo

    Problem with vaderstad drill

    I did wonder if that’s the problem
  6. turbo

    Problem with vaderstad drill

    I am having trouble with my 4m vaderstad drill,it will not stay up out of the ground it keeps dropping down,changed the coupling and swapped to a different spool on the tractor and it still does it,what should I look at next before I ring up the dealers Many thanks
  7. turbo

    Jenrick on Marr

    How have we lost 52% of farmers over the last 40 years? I thought it was only brexit that was going to cause it not being members of the eu
  8. turbo

    Death Throws of No Deal

    These high food standards that let horse meat to be sold as beef!
  9. turbo


    To get the best out of a cultipress you have to work the paddles all the time,if you want to just leave them at one depth you will kill the tractor the knack is to be pulling just enough soil to make a good job,too little and you might as well get an ordinary press too much and wont matter how...
  10. turbo


    Yes 4.6 m
  11. turbo


    Pull ours with a 7530 or 6830 no problem but the 68 does lose its feet first rather then power but duel wheels mitigate that on ploughing
  12. turbo

    How stupid can this lot get!

    You don’t have to wear a mask in a classroom or work environment so just what law did Boris break?
  13. turbo

    No worms in DD land

    The dd farmer evidently hasn’t been applying unicorns sh!t!
  14. turbo

    Keir Starmer

    So sharp he cannot take the cap off his pen when pretending to write for the camera!
  15. turbo

    Is Boris Banjaxed?

    😂😂😂 stop it you will make me spill my coffee,you have probably noticed that since starmer took the knee his poll numbers are dropping! Like I said earlier ashy is the joke that keeps on giving
  16. turbo

    Is Boris Banjaxed?

    You changed your tune,a few weeks ago forensics starmer was going to walk the next election but now he hasn’t got the lift in the polls you think he doesn’t want it,ashy the joke that keeps on giving!
  17. turbo

    Joe Biden...

    Thanks I have corrected it
  18. turbo

    Joe Biden...

    Did anyone else notice that his voice has changed yesterday when speaking at the Democratic conference!
  19. turbo

    Trade deals beyond the EU

    What part of the withdrawal agreement allowed us to sign any agreement until we properly leave in December?
  20. turbo

    Coronavirus: London's commuter towns see sharp rise in benefit claims

    I know of people I went to school with that have been on welfare system from the day they left school!

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