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  1. neilo

    Do I have enough horses?

    Pulled a single leg Browns mole plough out of the nettles this afternoon, last used 35+ years ago I should think. I have about an acre of blue clay at the bottom of a field to mole into a ditch, so don’t want to spend on anything like a new expander. Buying a 3/4” pin for the leg was bad enough...
  2. neilo

    Winter Barley varieties

    I couldn’t find a thread this year, so thought I’d start another. Like many, I had no surviving W.Barley crops this year so have a blank canvass for a change of variety. I changed from Cassia to Orwell a few years ago, resulting in more ears making it to the combine. All barley is sold ex-farm...
  3. neilo

    Can-Am Outlander 650

    Been out a while now, anyone got one? I have a 570 Pro currently, which has the (2 yr) warranty running out at the end of the year. It is the one machine here that does need to run reliably every day, so like to keep them relatively new. I wasn't considering changing it early, but a new 650 has...
  4. neilo

    Fuel Card recommendations

    We’ve had a couple of Fuel Genie cards for a few years to simplify accounting, or rather to save me chasing dear beloved for receipts constantly. Limited to Supermarket fuel, which hasn’t been an issue, and worked well. However, in the quest for ‘progress’, they have changed the way they...
  5. neilo

    Sprayer pump diaphragms

    I have a 6 cyl 'Desmopan' pump on my old Frazier sprayer which has suddenly developed an appetite for oil, which must be getting into the water as there was a slight sheen where I sprayed out clean water on the yard last night. I am assuming that there is a split diaphragm somewhere so was going...
  6. neilo

    Bulking out small seed in a SimTech (or other drills for that matter)

    I have had a 3m T-Sem for several years and have been very happy with it, for both DD and drilling into cultivated ground. One issue I have always struggled with is getting a consistent seed rate with small seeds like swedes/maincrop turnips drilling at 0.5-0.75 kg/ac. Part of that is down to...
  7. neilo

    Getting a bit dry now.....

    Somebody had to start this one.... It was like a Saharan sand storm when the hoggs ran up the beet field today, with a very loud rattling noise. Be clean enough to sell before long.:)
  8. neilo

    Quad trackers

    In the never ending battle to keep quads out of the hands of the doastheylikies, it is evident that no amount of security will stop them taking them if they want them. Cordless angle grinders are easy to steal/get hold of, and make light work of most locks/doors/etc. Is a tracker worth fitting...
  9. neilo

    Sky+ box dead

    We had a bird strike on a cable over a stubble field yesterday, so the mains voltage was dropped for a while before we could get it turned off. Nothing seems to be damaged, apart from one fried goose and my 10 yr old Sky+HD box. Sky have kindly offered me an upgrade to Sky Q, for an additional...
  10. neilo

    Barley volunteers in turnips

    Heavy rain after WB harvest meant every shed grain has chitted before the hundreds of marauding geese hoovered it up. I normally spray them out with Falcon/Shogun (propaquizafop) if there are a lot, as most do. What’s the lowest rate you can get away with? Just trying to work out if I need...
  11. neilo

    Ag bank recommendation, mid-Wales

    Been with HSBC since I started here in 2012, and previously the farm partnership since 1985. Pleased enough with the day to day service & online banking, but the customer service centre is getting past a joke and I've about had enough. I don't borrow enough to warrant a visit, or a personal...
  12. neilo

    Beltex shearling rams

    2 forage reared Beltex shearlings from the fledgling 'Lymore' flock. These haven't seen an ounce of hard feed in their lives, so won't be melting. MV accredited and Signet recorded, with one being the highest gigot muscularity Beltex lamb of 2018, having been through the CT scanner. £500...
  13. neilo

    Maternal rams

    Having kept a few maternal rams back from my Highlanders last year, I have a couple that are surplus to requirements. All April born twins and haven't seen any hard feed. One Lleyn x Highlander and one 3/4 NZ Texel (x Highlander). Both are tested as carrying double copies of the MyoMAX gene and...
  14. neilo

    Charollais shearling rams

    Forage reared Charollais shearling rams available. Average index is in top 10% and 50 to pick from at the moment. Price £500 for the pick currently, which reduces as the numbers drop. Also a couple of Beltex x Charollais shearlings, reared in the same way. £450 each. Situated at...
  15. neilo

    Anyone cutting for hay now?

    Still got hay to make, which was grazed a couple of months ago. Headed nicely but lots of green in the bottom, making for quite a heavy crop (like everyone else’s). We saw bugger all of the promised rain yesterday, and doesn’t like we’ll get more than a shower today. Forecast is now for 30...
  16. neilo

    How to buy a recorded ram (Signet Webinar)

    In case anyone wasn't aware of it, Signet presented the above Webinar the other day, entitled 'How to buy a Signet recorded Charollais ram'. Obviously it's heavily loaded with Charollais data, but it makes a good job of explaining the new Signet analysis, the new traits recorded via CT, which is...
  17. neilo

    Charollais ram semen for sale

    We have a small quantity of semen from Wedderburn Peleus (15WNY02086) for sale. Purchased jointly for 2000gns as a lamb, and now exported to Germany, he has been a hugely successful ram in all four flocks in the syndicate. Numerous progeny selling for 1000 gns+ and he was the top ranked...
  18. neilo

    My Pruex trial

    I've been meaning to write this for a while, but hadn't got round to it. First, a bit of background..... We lamb our pedigree Charollais ewes in 2 flocks, between a third and a half of them inside in December, the rest inside in March. The December mob (usually 80-100 ewes) stay inside until...
  19. neilo


    It's getting to that time of year again. Has anyone seen any decent prices about for Clik, or Clik Extra (as price seems to have got closer)?
  20. neilo

    Clik/Clik Extra

    Looking for a price on 10 x 5L of Clik, or Clik Extra (if it's not much different). Delivery to SY15 6UL. Thanks.

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