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  1. john432

    Vicon 03,04, series Adjusting block.

    Part no. VN97896442 bought in error, £100+vat
  2. john432

    John Deere replacement crosshaft and arms?

    Pricing up parts for a JD6800.. the rear linkage crosshaft splines are completely worn out. Has any one any feed back on the aftermarket ones? The arms and crosshaft kit "genuine "from JD about £1700, aftermarket made in Spain about £1100, or the ones from Turkey from about £400...
  3. john432

    Machines getting obsolete!

    Think a list of machines to be avoided could be handy to people . I'll start with RAU power harrows, badged as Ferrag, obsolete due to no gearbox gears available anywhere, Rau harrows disappeared in the Kverneland group.
  4. john432

    David brown Cropmaster mower

    Have one of these on the farm, semi mounted, to fit the Cropmaster range, the old storage shed has come to the end of its life. Is it of any value or intrest to anyone? Photo is one I found on the internet. John
  5. john432

    Gates hydraulic hose crimper dies.

    Looking for a set of 130 dies for the old Gates type crimper . The dies that do the 3/4" and1" fittings. Maybe someone even knows where to source dies for these presses that could do the two piece fittings " properly " ,ie in one squeeze. Many thanks John
  6. john432

    Sitting tenant? Does it exist any more?

    A good friend and nearby farmer, over 30 years ago went share farming with two retiring batchelor brothers. One brother passed away probably 20 years ago. The other last year, and now the greedy nephews and niece want him out ,off the farm, the farm house was lived in by the owner. My friend...
  7. john432

    80 acres of land North Carmarthenshire.

    Situated near the village of Rhydcymerau, a block of 80 acres, being 3 fields totalling about 74 acres, and with conifer shelter belts and road access making up about 6 acres. The 2 bigger fields in the image (are in corn ,about 4 years ago) total about 62 acres, have been reseeded 2 years...
  8. john432

    Fencing post peeler/ debarker.

    Looking for a Cundy or Posch type peeler pointer , not too sure what the spares availability is like on the old Cundy's. Pm contact me on 07855777260 thanks John
  9. john432

    Antifreeze to water ratio for ballasting tyres?

    What's the amount of normal blue antifreeze needed in say 400 litres of water in a tractor tyre to protect from frost? And would it help at a very diluted rate help to stop corrosion of the wheel? Cast wheel weights are out of the equasion, £800 for 200kg!
  10. john432

    Cut lamb and beef to fight climate change!

    BBC News - 'Cut lamb and beef' to fight climate change Now it all makes sense, they want rid of us livestock farmers. So do we fight them, or just abide ,give up, and plant the land in trees,and take the pitance handouts? Evrything...
  11. john432

    Spot welder advice please.

    I need a small spot welder to do jobs such as fixing carbon bushes etc on starter motors and alternators. Low power two pronged ones are available on ebay, but think tyey are only good for building rechargable battery packs. The only other thing I can find suitable ,is the home made ones ,built...
  12. john432

    Taarup/kverneland 465or 1030 forage wagon.

    Does any one have one for sale in the uk, or know of one? Even one that needs repairs. Pm or contact me o 07855777260 thanks John
  13. john432

    MF perkins common rail fuel problem?

    My 6475 tier 3 with the perkins engine would suddenly stop, usually when turning up hill or jolting over rough plouged ground. My first thoughts was an eletrical fault, loose connection, bad earth. But not really knowing where to start checking the wiring, thought, think simple , get the...
  14. john432

    Changing a reversable to a conventional plough?

    Has anyone dropped one side of a reversable plough ? Ploughing a steep field, reversing up one way only, just dangerously heavy as it is! 4 bodies, discs and skimmers should make a difference.
  15. john432

    Case tractor injection pump water damage!

    Friends Mxu115 tractor is running, but rough and splutering with exessive fuel . Admmited theres water in the pump! My thoughts are to take the pump apart and probably clean it out as some timing,governor ,or cold start exess part is probably stuck. Bosch ve pump, none eletrical, with...
  16. john432

    Fully synthetic engine oil?

    As a bit of an experiment, I did an oil change on my Tier3 Perkins powered MF 6475. the oil is 10w40 and E9-12 spec, bit extravagant, but from Midlands Lubricants wasnt any more expensive than a super universal from local dealers. My biggest supprise is how fast the tractor cranks and starts...
  17. john432

    Hydraulic pipes & fittings? Stocking the farm workshop.

    Any advice on what to buy as in size, thread type etc, so many sizes, even metric comes in L and S, which I presume is light and standard ? Started to build up stock, mainly 2 wire hose in SN, and some 1/4 and 3/8 in compact 2 wire SC. Also using the 2 piece fittings, so have the option in...
  18. john432

    Tractor,from Brigg, South Humberside to Carmarthenshire.

    We need to move a MF 8250 tractor from DN20 9JX to the SA19 7SL area. Even to the end of the M4 at Crosshands, or Carmarthen? Pm or text details to 07855777260
  19. john432

    Doing your own accounts and tax returns?

    As I usually try and buy my inputs and services at the best possible price, I resent paying so much to my accountant for which in reality is not a big business. A few questions? How about a program like QuickBooks, to sort out the cash analysis and eventually when caught up to issue...
  20. john432

    Steel Seal head gasket sealant???

    Has anyone used this or s similar product and had a good result? Or bad? Friend has a Defender with the 2.2ltr engine which is blowing out coolant at times,and overheating, then cools down and go's again. Not a lot to loose by trying it, but the money back guarantee is a lot of work to prove...

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