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  1. RLC

    3000g tanker

    Anyone know of any tidy twin axle 3000g Tankers for sale? Ideally with rear linkage/brackets. Pm
  2. RLC

    Sumo Trio 4.5 m

    Jr Firby has one in.
  3. RLC

    Heavy discs wanted

    These any good? £3k delivered.
  4. RLC

    Plough Frog protectors

    i got local engineers to plasma me some for dowdeswell out of hardox. Took a cardboard template and they were spot on. Not to mention 1/3 price of genuine.!(y)
  5. RLC

    8t trailer

    Looking for a cheap 8t tipping trailer with hyd back door. Doesn’t have to be pretty just functional. Could probably go to a 10t if right trailer. Yorkshire ideally. 07725097364 or Pm me if you know of anything. TIA
  6. RLC

    Vaderstad carrier

    Whats your budget??
  7. RLC

    Grain butler sale or hire

    Do you get much work for it??
  8. RLC

    Dry Weather (North Yorks)

    So it would seem![emoji30]
  9. RLC

    Dry Weather (North Yorks)

    .......well this isn’t quite what I had in mind!!??‍♂️
  10. RLC

    Dry Weather (North Yorks)

    Maybe a loan would be better financially atm!
  11. RLC

    Dry Weather (North Yorks)

    Desperately seeking some decent weather if anyone knows of any? Doesn’t need to be the blazing hot type just the basic dry stuff would be fine! York area would be ideal but national fine. TIA
  12. RLC

    Trimble fm1000

    Someone selling one on the Big New Holland 6 cylinder page on FB
  13. RLC

    Two stroke engine problems

    Had this a few weeks ago on my stihl. Replaced plug and sorted it. Obviously breaking down under heat???
  14. RLC

    Keeble Sub soiler legs

    Yes, I just thought I’d ask on here first then if not ill get Plowmans to cut me some. Cheers
  15. RLC

    Keeble Sub soiler legs

    Aye, £165 each![emoji51]
  16. RLC


    Ring me tomorrow 07725097364
  17. RLC

    New Holland bc 5070 conventional baler

    one for sale on farm ads site
  18. RLC

    Keeble Sub soiler legs

    Anyone got any kicking about? New or used. Cheers
  19. RLC


    Anyone there today? What was trade like?? Was going to go but thought travelling could be a nightmare.
  20. RLC

    Reekie reliance 500 destoner problems

    If not the fuse then check the earth wires next to the solenoids. Bit of a crude connector that held them all together on the one i used. cause me a fair bit of grief i seem to remember. Check all the pins on the plug into box too.

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