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    BOC contract or Air Products deposit?

    For anyone in the NE of England or SE of Scotland, google Dixons of Westerhope. They’re about half the price of BOC or Air Products for welding gasses, and a pleasure to deal with.
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    Yeah, bloody farmers, selling cheap nutritious food below the cost of production, just so that a vocal minority of lazy journalists from the most well fed population in the UKs history can slag them off while stuffing a takeaway into their gaping maw. barsteward farmers, the lot of them.
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    Subsidies were designed to break the price link between supply and demand and to guarantee oversupply after 15 years of rationing and hardship. Removing subsidies from UK Ag will massively reduce supply and tip uk prices into permanent ’import parity’. Fast forward to any form of shortage in our...
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    Are you really embarrassed, or are you just another farmer thats been neutered into thinking that receiving a subsidy to produce cheap nutritious food should mean farmers shouldn’t express opinions? Be my guest, stop subsidies and let food prices rise to where they would otherwise be. Just be...
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    Some people are brainwashed into thinking 'the state' should wipe their arses for them. And not to put too fine a point on it, when discussing child poverty why do the media usually feature interviews with parents who are morbidly obese, complaining about the fact they cant afford to feed...
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    Times: 'Beef report was biased, admits BBC' - sanctions for BBC and Bonnin?

    Their website is no better, hijacked by 'urban agenda' woke staff with an axe to grind, and allowed (if not encouraged) by their limp 'Hampstead socialist' management:
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    Get your pheasants off my land!

    She sounds like a decent sort, and her patch and the wildlife obviously mean a lot to her. In the interests of good neighbourly relations, would it be worth taking a sack of wheat over to her "to compensate for the feed taken by the pheasants"?
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    Get your pheasants off my land!

    With regard to the OP, is it not correct that when a pheasant crosses a boundary on to your land, it becomes your pheasant. Ergo, the eccentric lady is complaining about *her own* pheasants, not those of her shooting neighbours. Not that I think she'll thank you for explaining that particular...
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    Wheat drilling 2020

    Not as quite as ‘finished’ as I thought. It was either broadcast / harrow in some wheat from the heap, or put up with jokes about ‘supersonic skylarks needing a longer runway’ for the next 10 months.
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    Slow punctures on floatation tyres

    I should add that I'm a slave to setting tyre pressures for each job, and the valves tend to leak air when you bugger about with pressures on a daily basis. We usually have to change a few every year.
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    Horsch Sprinter operation

    Contact the Horsch UK tech for your area (not the dealer, probably be chargeable) and give them a call. If they're anything like mine (top bloke) they'll go out of their way to answer your questions and help you with setup tips.
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    Slow punctures on floatation tyres

    If it's a rim leak, it will probably seal itself at higher PSI... :facepalm: In my experience of modern 'vari-flex' tyres, they're great at what they do, but they're all inclined to lose pressure more than tyres at traditional pressures. The solution is to fill each tyre with a few litres of...
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    Cash, what to do with it come negative interest rates?

    'Cash is king' - even if it's not making money, liquid assets might just be the wisest answer if the economy tanks, and an opportunity to buy something that will fit into your business. Not a great return, but NS&I are paying 1% on Premium Bonds, which is about 1% higher than any deposits at...
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    Royal Highland Show Cancelled

    It's almost as if the place was designed to be a race track. It's such a shame that Jackie Stewarts plan to develop Ingliston (and Scotland) into a major motorsport hub didn't come to pass 🙁
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    Royal Highland Show Cancelled

    Seems to be a bit of 'form' with big Edinburgh based 'organisations' (LOL!) and disorganisations, to build palaces like Nero.
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    Royal Highland Show Cancelled

    Was the McRobert Pavillon really in such bad condition, that an organisation set up to promote Scotland’s famously spendthrift and parsimonious farming had to replace it with a £5 million pound ‘work of art’? As has been mentioned before, they were really unlucky with the timing...
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    Case puma 40km to 50km

    I once collected a 50k T6080 after it had been to the dealers for work, and it wouldn't go past 40k whilst leaving the depot. Turns out the mechanic had inadvertently reconfigured the software on the Power Command gearbox to 40k, which limited the 19 speed box to only use the lowest 18 gears...
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    Cutting up old diesel tanks

    I was about to say don't use gas, as there was a guy killed locally while using gas to cut the lid off an 'empty' oil barrel which exploded. Excess oxygen, residual oil and plenty of sparks, not a good mix.
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    Escorting a large load

    You learn to lip read when you escort loads. That 10% of drivers that look at your 'wide vehicle' sign and lights on the pickup, shake their heads at your 'defensive driving' but don't slow down. By the time they're almost level with my bonnet they usually spot the behemoth coming round the...
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    Weekly Caption Competition

    The driver was delighted, he thought the hissing sound was another borked head gasket...

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