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  1. crazy_bull

    Get your pheasants off my land!

    Catch them up I’ll re home them 😍 Seriously need a Peacock for parents place after the last one croaked leaving a lonely Peahen. C B
  2. crazy_bull

    Belepi or Cochise

    Cochise has done well this year, as would skyfall belepi looks great in the field but seems to disappoint when combined.
  3. crazy_bull

    Scrap Metal Price

    That’s why it’s in inverted comma’s it’s all in on the price, below 3t they don’t pay for it, over 3t they pay supposedly market price, but assume they will deduct some haulage
  4. crazy_bull

    Scrap Metal Price

    They do it for ‘free’ 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. crazy_bull

    Allied Mills screwing farmers over with dodgy claims?

    From what I understood ADM weren’t against it, I have asked the powers that be and they are surprised by this statement. The NFU wouldn’t sign as they wanted all end users to sign up from day 1, which was not feasible due to many not equipped to do so. ADM Agriculture are definitely behind the...
  6. crazy_bull

    Twin Wall Pipe

    Just found out the 600’s weren’t coming this way, biggest coming back are 450, sorry
  7. crazy_bull

    Neighbour cutting joint boundary hedge

    And feed to the pigs 🙄😎
  8. crazy_bull

    Twin Wall Pipe

    If any of you need any couplers I will be sticking an advert or two on tomorrow/next day or so. Have a lot of couplings up to mostly 300 - 600mm diameter. Just got them home so will work our what’s there tomorrow. Also a raft of 150/300/450/600mm pipes again not sure exactly till they are all...
  9. crazy_bull

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Not that I have seen, just CF AN, C B
  10. crazy_bull

    Combinables Price Tracker

    be £150’s for next harvest I think?
  11. crazy_bull

    Scrap Metal Price

    Before I send it in;. They drop a 40yd bin off, is near filled with old angle iron posts and compressed stock and barb wire. Plus about a tonne of old corrugated tin,. Then approx 1-2t of old galv pipes and rusty motors from the old Parlour, Glad to be shot of it to be honest, but want to be...
  12. crazy_bull

    Spring Beans Sample

    Circa £210x I guess from you,
  13. crazy_bull

    Spring Beans Sample

    Feed I would say, if they do their results like us, i.e. Add the brucid (cut and beetle inside not yet emerged) and the holes together. Max intake would normally be 10%, with contract spec at 5% beetle damage Staining is also on the contract spec of 5% C B
  14. crazy_bull

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Have 5 smaller ones that are going for home kill next Thursday, they are 42-45kg, but fit, there were two runts that went to the hunt a while back. We lambed in march and have fed them all to clear out before winter, normally carry 200 through till Feb/march, but felt we didn't want to run past...
  15. crazy_bull

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    pea/bean dressings from the seed cleaners, mixed with cast off feed oats from local mill and dribble of water& molasses to damp the dust make them palatable all mixed together via an auger. These last few draws have been ones that had just put on big frame in the summer but bulked out when...
  16. crazy_bull

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    last of the fat lambs gone today, better than expected brings average sale price for the year at £96. C B
  17. crazy_bull

    Which head torch?

    I have a petzl ‘tikka Rxp’ that automatically switches from full beam can see 30m+ to a fraction of that for close work, is very handy. Must be getting on for 8 years old now, battery doesn’t last as long as it did but still get a couple of hours use out of it. C B
  18. crazy_bull

    Combinables Price Tracker

    If it’s full spec, even with extra haulage taken into account (circa £17/t) you would be a £10 premium over your feed price. If it’s sub 12.4% protein you would be best off as feed. either way it’s good money where it is 👍 C B
  19. crazy_bull

    Combinables Price Tracker

    That’s feed level in the midlands C B
  20. crazy_bull

    Lambs on red clover

    Not really, we lost that ground the year after as the owner started to rent land and space to a vegan society (for functions) which paid a lot better than me! I think the deaths were just sheep being sheep, and its a shame we lost it as they put on meat like crazy. C B

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