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  1. Andrew

    Cow hoof blocks

    Any tips to using these? Whats the best glue to use? Really struggling to get them to stay on.
  2. Andrew

    Which Milwaukee tool?

    Right a bit of a weird one for a project. Which Milwaukee drill is the lightest, least torquiest there is? Also, is there a 'straight drill'. As in all in line like the M18 die grinder? Both must have variable speed trigger.
  3. Andrew

    Lights on the road

    Got sent these by a non farming friend the other day asking why farmers did this. Rear lights so bright they dazzle cars behind them, but a big bucket on the front so no one can see the front lights. Obviously the driver has cab work lights on so oncoming drivers can be see him, but has...
  4. Andrew

    Machinery Stands

    Bit of a strange one this, so here goes! I'm making an implement that is towed by the three point linkage. Basically a small headstock with Scharmuller ball on it, then the implement attaches to this. Think Sumo trailed Trio, etc. A pet hate of mine is kit that leaves the headstocks free to...
  5. Andrew

    Which cattle crush?

    We have an old Bateman crush, (20yrs?) which is OK at what we want it for, but getting tired. We’re all Lim X cows and followers through to fat. Main jobs are PDing, jabs, tags, drenching, sucklingetc and of course TB (4yrs). The winches are an essential for us for foot trimming / problems...
  6. Andrew

    Cattle stick

    Any recommendations for some? Got a Kruse Hot Shot here and it’s good, but can’t find anywhere to buy any more?
  7. Andrew

    Milwaukee Drill Spares

    Got an M18FPD and the chuck is work out. The locking screw was damaged and I’ve butchered it to get it off. So the parts I need are 4931453214 locking screw 4931454827 keyless chuck I’ve never been that impressed with the chuck. The FPD2 has got a better chuck apparently, part number...
  8. Andrew

    Forklift mounted roller mill

    Maybe a daft question but does anyone make a tele handler mounted roller mill. Not looking to make flour, just break grains up to make them digestible.
  9. Andrew

    Centenary Suggestions

    Next year marks 100 years of our family farming from our current farm, has anyone got any suggestions how to mark / celebrate this?
  10. Andrew

    Trimble GFX / NH XCN help please

    I have an XCN with external camera and coverage switch. It doesn’t work properly. Im fairly sure it’s because this option is set to the middle one. If I select the top option, as soon as I exit it goes back to the middle one. Any ideas?
  11. Andrew

    MF Cab Suspension

    We’ve got an elderly MF8480 with airbag cab suspension. The air systems packed up and I’ve been told you can replace the standard MF dampers with a Fendt one that has the springs in as well, to save all the air rubbish. Does anyone know what parts I need?
  12. Andrew

    Who wanted a 7530

    Sure there was a thread here recently someone looking for a JD7530 but I can’t find it. Looks a nice low houred one here
  13. Andrew

    Grease Gun Ends

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to buy decent grease gun ends? The Bazzoni ones that come on the speedy grease guns are very good, but have started to leak. Ordered some replacements but they sent me those G connectors, they last a week and don’t fit on half the nipples. Just want some really...
  14. Andrew

    Something a bit different

    I volunteer at Grafham Water from time to time, as a rescue boat driver. Here’s a bit of a video I put together to advertise a day at the club.
  15. Andrew

    Scania 3 series

    After a 143 or 113 380 with tag axle to restore. Anything about?
  16. Andrew

    Leatherman Service

    Had a Leatherman Skeletool for 8? years now, the belt clip broke, the blade was getting blunt and I'd lost the screwdriver bits. Contacted Leatherman, they said it was covered under their warranty. Sent it last Thursday, and a brand new one has just arrived the post. So thought they deserve a...
  17. Andrew

    Chemical delivery drivers

    What are the rules on where chemical deliver drivers can leave chemicals? We have an electric gate, normally they pull up, buzz the intercom and get let in. The company has the access code to a drop off box. Last delivery, they were let through the gate, but left the delivery next to the box...
  18. Andrew

    Double yellows on farm drive?

    Our farm drive frontage is quite wide, but the council road is quite narrow. From one direction in a HGV you need the full width of the drive to swing into the yard. Problem is, people (visitors, reps, Dad) like to park just where the unit needs to go when turning in. Has anyone any experience...
  19. Andrew

    Recommend me a pump

    I need a 230v unit to pump rainwater out of a collecting tank into a beet cleaner. It will need to pump up 2m and along 6m. Ideally I want an in line pump rather than submersible, 75+lpm, as high a pressure as possible. Pump will run 1-2 mins at a time, controlled by a manual switch. Any...
  20. Andrew

    Muck trailer body

    We have 2 muck trailers, built by Gull for Bartlett carrots in about 1995. They have done a lot of miles at Bartletts, and moved an awful lot of cow muck for us. The chassis are in really good nick, and very high spec, but the skips are rotten. I am wondering about making new skips for them, but...

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