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  1. PowderedToastMan

    Inefficiencies in modern farming?

    Hi all, I am an Ag- Engineering student. Soon I will be asked by my college to make a project for my course based upon making something better. I have decided to do this project on something Electrical in modern Ag machinery. I already have a few ideas running around but wondered what people...
  2. ajd132

    Storing and transferring AB lines/boundries

    I currently store all my AB lines and boundries on gatekeeper and can transfer to different machines from there. I am moving away from gatekeeper now so am looking for another solution to do this. Any ideas? TIA
  3. Gadget

    Field IQ switching

    We have an FM750 screen with base station RTK, this is connected to a Field IQ. Often, once the headland run has been done and an AB line set, the auto switching on turns on too late. I've been through the settings and they seem to be correct, the funny thing is that, if I put in a new AB line...
  4. G

    Which is best, lime dust or lime granules

    Wondering is there any difference between lime dust from a quarry or lime granules putting it onto grazing pasture Granules would seem better as its dust free at application time.
  5. P

    Spraying without tramlines.

    Client has bought a direct drill and will be drilling at an angle to current tramlines. I have a Trimble 750 and ez pilot on rtx. What would i need to hit the tramlines exactly every pass?? Any experience.
  6. Deerefarmer

    Fendt Trimble AB line heading number

    When running a+ angle you get a heading number that you can share with other machines, but when running ab line what number do you need for a heading? On 828 with factory auto steer
  7. Banana Bar

    Self propelled to Trailed

    Who has gone from a self propelled sprayer to a trailed unit? We are currently spraying just over 4000 ac of mainly cereals with beet, beans, peas and some dreadful OSR. Mix would normally be 2/3 winter crops 1/3 spring. Almost all hanslope series clay with undulations rather than hills. We also...
  8. Banana Bar

    AB lines / boundaries

    We shall soon be looking at a new sp sprayer. Currently running a Rogator with AGCO / Topcon X30. All my AB lines and boundaries are in the screen. Ideally my next sprayer will have Trimble, can I move the lines and boundaries between the two? BB
  9. Zebbedee

    Case auto steer what’s required?

    As title really 2017 steer ready tractor fitted with 700 screen as I understand it needs a receiver on roof so a 372? Or 382? Will it also need a nav controller? Anything else?
  10. J

    Trimble GFX AB lines to Gatekeeper/Case

    Is it possible to transfer guidance patterns from Trimble GFX to Case 700 screens via Gatekeeper? I've tried data transfer from GFX then importing but Gatekeeper won't find anything. The GFX isn't listed in Gatekeeper but I've successfully exported AB lines to the GFX using the FMX/CMX profile...
  11. Romeogolf

    From Self propelled, to trailed, back to Self propelled sprayer

    Curious to know if anyone has gone from self propelled sprayer, to trailed, and then back to self propelled and been pleased they did. This does not need to be a comparison thread discussing the merits of each. I went from a self propelled, to a 28m trailed with larger tank on a 200hp tractor...
  12. Spencer

    Varioguide Section control

    Been having an issue with losing gps signal on my isobus spreader. See picture This is intermittent. The spreader will load normally and I can switch the section control into automatic, but then after a few mintute the error msg above will appear and I have to use section control in manual...
  13. Matt77

    Isobus case pro 700

    First week of using a isobus drill for me on my case afs pro 700, what's the correct procedure for disconnecting, I get 3 warning screens when I unplug at the end of the day, which can't be good. Plus I can't change implement on the screen now even when drill not connected as it says it is, so I...
  14. Case140

    Basic Instruction sheet or video for trimble xcn 2050

    Hi guys, do any of you have any links to current ( as in up to date!) basic instruction/video for the current version of my xcn 2050 (new holland flavour) running piq app please? The only video I can find is on Trimble website (a complete mystery in itself!) and it shows setup page but not the...
  15. J


    Can anyone explain in simple terms the different types of GPS available, price etc that would make it possible to spray accurately. As I said in another thread, tried a cheap thing about 8 years ago which was dreadful and haven't looked since. Cheers
  16. Mr Wendal

    Field boundaries from X35 to C3000, is it possible...?

    Run both these displays, the tractor equipped with the C3000 was purchased more recently and I have transferred, implements, fields and ab lines to the C3000 but not managed the field boundaries. Im aware the agco screen is not the same league as a X35 so it's maybe not possible? Both systems...
  17. C

    Selecting an existing field trimble750

    How do I bring up an existing field on my trimble750 and would it show all the details of that field size shape ab lines etc Chris
  18. RTK Farmer

    Frederick Hiams Ltd using RTK to improve efficiency in Potato production.

    Frederick Hiams Ltd using RTK to improve efficiency in Potato production. Frederick Hiam Limited is a diverse Farming and Fresh Produce Business, with farms in Suffolk & Cambridgeshire. Growing a wide range of crops including Potatoes, Onions, Parsnips, Parsley Root, Cereals, Sugar Beet...
  19. T

    Overlap on rtk one side

    Hi , I am having my fm750 and ez pilot on rtk overlap when the drilled work is on the r/h side . When going the other way I am bang on perfect. I’ve drilled the wheat now ( tht was a challenge this year ) and you can see a little over lap the drill is attached bang on centre of tractor. Can I...
  20. Pheasant Surprise

    DIY Farm Technology Rises: Brian Tischler’s Open-Source Vision

    Great article here about Brian Tischler @Briantee https://www.agprofessional.com/article/diy-farm-technology-rises-brian-tischlers-open-source-vision DIY Farm Technology Rises: Brian Tischler’s Open-Source Vision by:- Chris Bennett It should have been his final year to sow seed, manage...