ab line

  1. Banana Bar

    Marking boundaries

    For various reasons we have numerous guidance systems on farm, Greenstar, Trimble, Claas, and Topcon ( all on Sim RTK). We have decided that it is time we plotted all of our field edges accurately and plan to do this with the gator over the winter. My question is what system should I use in the...
  2. N

    George moate tillerstar

    I know theres similar threads out there but i thought i'd ask is there anyone out there using a george moate tillerstar for carrots or parsnips? and is it any good? I'm just getting a bit annoyed with our system as there is so many passes before getting a seed in the ground: plough, powerharrow...
  3. jackward6170

    Topcon x30 steering settings

    Just wondering if anyone could post their steering settings for Topcon seem to be bouncing a few feet each side of the ab line many thanks
  4. Brisel

    Mobile RTK Greenstar using JD Link MTG modem

    Anyone doing this? I have a contract hired 6215R for spraying that currently has SF3 via a SF6000 receiver. I want to upgrade to RTK as my next drill won't be using tramlines & SF3 isn't repeatable enough. AB lines & boundaries shift with SF3 and with a 36m trailed sprayer I need the accuracy...
  5. Case140

    Tramlines on Trimble 750 or 2050

    Hi guys. Am about to purchase a gps system. Apologies if this has been asked before (I cant find it!) but does anybody know can you get a trimble 750 or 2050 to display which lines are the tramline passes? (just to clarify a 3 m drill so system puts up guidelines for the field @ 3m. I want...
  6. kevindb880

    Drilling anyone?

    Just north of Hertford, We managed to get 20 acres in last week but nothing since and now it’s really wet! Anyone else got anything in the ground?
  7. KennyO

    Deleting swath maps on New Holland

    How do you clear the green painted maps if using same ab lines again? Thanks
  8. J

    Rtk gps

    Hello , wondering if anyone has same problem and hopefully a solution , using rtk base station gps on new Holland t7230 with 4m lemken solitair 9 drill , the problem I want to get rid of is .. turning into a new row on a Sidlands (slope) I'm getting left with a missed strip which can go on for...
  9. J

    Transferring boundaries and AB lines between trimble and case?

    We have trimble FMX gps in some of our tractors and also a Case Puma with GPS through the pro 700. Is it possible to transfer field boundaries and AB lines ect between the two systems?
  10. Andrew

    Annual costs

    We run 3 NH FM 750 screens (Trimble CFX750) all connected to autosteer. They all run Rangepoint, and the subs are due soon. Don’t know this years price but it was about £900 in total last year. Going forwards this is going to be a big bill. Is there any way to reduce this? I’m guessing there...
  11. JD-Kid

    GPS on iPhone apps etc

    Hi guys might be in wrong place so mod's. can move ok. here is what I'm wanting to know. is there any apps. etc. that will work on a iPhone for GPS what I want it for is to maybe follow lines drawn on a map and entered in to a phone or to have it put in ab lines off a first line...
  12. 7

    jd boundary track

    how do I create tramlines across a field after recording a boundary without having to drive the ab line ? 4640 screen thanks
  13. L

    Topcom and Trimble lines not matching

    I was told the other day that even on RTK if you create an a-b line on gatekeeper and copied it to a tractor with Trimble steering and a tractor with a Topcon steering system they would not steer on exactly the same line due to the different algorithm that the 2 systems use. Also if you took a...
  14. B

    Can u extract fields from JD6150 command centre to usb stick

    Have a 2014 JD6150 with maps and ab lines stored and want to copy them onto a usb stick to then upload them on new JD6155 system? Dealer said they couldn’t do it as the file is corrupted??!
  15. Case290

    My John Deere .com

    Not very easy to navigate as a first time user. And it won’t usb upload my field data .from my 1800 screen grrrrrrrrrr
  16. Northdowns Martin

    Sell me RTK

    Will running rtk help my operator’s short comings in experience? We run Greenstar starfire 1 on tractor for drilling but getting tramlines in correct place hasn’t been overly accurate although they are straight from stored AB lines. On the sprayer we run a simple Teejet matrix system using...
  17. C

    Claas yield mapping, Gatekeeper and Telematics.

    Hi there. So I have a new lexion combine with telematics basic. I’d like to set up field and yield data using gatekeeper and pop it onto a stick and upload the preselected fields. Then use cebis to select each field as we go and download the data to gatekeeper afterwards. What module do I...
  18. Matt77

    CNH Electristeer fault

    I’ve got the Case version on my sprayer, been fine up until Sunday, used Friday with no problems, Sunday it didn’t want to know. Comes up with a fault warning saying can’t engage and if problem doesn’t clear reset system. I’ve not reset it yet as I’d rather not lose all settings, I’ve done some...
  19. W

    Trimble RTX Rangepoint

    Drilling with 3m Claydon. I have a consistent 10cm running wide and then too close every 2 boughts. Pulls straight. Signal strength always full green bars. Tractor runs on a selected AB Line accurately in yard after making a roll compensation adjustment. I have had this problem for a while now...
  20. Mark C

    Sulky x40 econobox. Reviews?

    Anyone got it used one of these fertiliser spreaders with section control ? Good or not so good ? Considering a 2014 used one.