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    Stile / gate on footpath

    i have had a letter from sdnp rangers about obstacles on line of footpath, pointing out I can only fit prescribed gates along the route and need permission to do so, have others come across this as I haven’t been told I have to apply for these structures (or fit only gates)over the past 40 yrs!! Tia
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    Starting a brewery at family farm - issues with access?

    Hi, Sorry if this is a topic has been discussed in depth before, I know opening a brewery in general will have. I'm currently looking into starting a small scale brewery (4-6 BBL) on my family farm, ideally i'd look to convert a disused calf shed/stable but i'm considering starting up in...
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    Looking for land access to fly a Harris hawk - Hampshire

    Hi everyone. We are looking to establish a link with someone who can grant access to arable and/or thinly wooded land in Hampshire over which we can fly a Harris for a few months a year, probably September to April. The hawk would take rabbits mainly, but also possibly pigeons. In general, we...