1. JohnGalway

    Any experience with Chapman FM120 ATV mulcher for rushes?

    Hi folks, Posting in this section as that's where I figure the most experience with rushes will be ;) I'm thinking of renting an ATV flail mower for a week. The selection is precisely 1 make and model :LOL: I'll attach a photo, I wonder if they're any use on heavy rushes before I waste a...
  2. colhonk

    How to kill Rye grass

    Axial Pro does nothing. Would Pacifica Plus maybe do the job this spring?
  3. CPM RSS

    Pushing performance – Disarm the weed’s defences

    Written by cpm Download PDF Left unchecked, weeds can soon outcompete a maize crop during its early growth stages. CPM finds out how an adjuvant can complement post-emergence weed control programmes. Sorrento will help get the best out of the available herbicide chemistry. By Lucy de la Pasture...
  4. Laggard

    Roundup Vista Plus

    What rate would you put on to kill this sized blackgrass please? Using rain water [emoji97]
  5. Laggard

    Cranesbill in spring barley

    What would be a good pre emergence spray please?
  6. Clive

    Website snagging Farm Marketplace - Your help, please

    We have just done a bit of a refresh of the TFF Farm Marketplace website Although we have spent time finding typos, stuff that doesn't fit the screen properly and broken links etc there will inevitably be more that we have missed and fresh sets of eyes spot different problems If anyone has...
  7. Jerry

    Microsoft - Grazing carbon sequestration is better than we thought

    Good article here. All stems from them buying carbon credits...
  8. T

    Cranesbill in winter barley

    I’ve got a problem with large cranesbill in winter barley. The barley was direct drilled into wheat stubble which had received 4L/ha glyphosate a few days prior to drilling. Unfortunately it would appear that large cranesbill won’t die from glyphosate. I’ve now got dinner plate sized cranesbill...
  9. kiwi pom

    EU vaccine role out.

    I read an article this morning say the ultra efficient EU are having problems making the AstraZeneca vaccine in their factories. Instead of fixing them they are saying the vaccine from UK factories, that are not having problems should be sent to them. So Britain can do something right? Perhaps...
  10. teslacoils

    Spring ryegrass herbicide options

    I dont really pay much attention to ryegrass herbicides but will need some for this wheat after stewardship. Best option for ryegrass, ideally not Atlantis style, and what conditions and timings? Wheat had 0.6 liberator plus avadex preem. Do any of the mixes do blws too or better options for...
  11. bobk

    Can you still be a vector

    After vaccination ?
  12. D

    Adjuvant advice

    Hi Lads ,, I know this subject has been covered before but can anyone tell me if there’s an adjuvant that covers all so to speak! I spray @ 95—100 Ltrs per ha and have used Kantor and torpedo 11.... I’m thinking mainly fungicides... validate any or much different to torpedo? Thanks for any replies.
  13. PuG

    fence clearing with a flame gun

    We have allot of fencing that running through wood land and inaccessible areas - never liked brush cutters in that they seem to take allot of time. Normally I walk with a bill hook keeping the worst of the brush and brambles back. The other day looked at a sheen x300 flame gun. Ironically had...
  14. Chris F

    New Crop Protection products

    As part of Farm Compare, it has a basic lookup for crop protection products to allow you to lookup products and find equivalents. We get this data from the HSE. What I didn't realise is how fast this data changes. over the past 17 months we have been monitoring the list, there have been 346...
  15. Chae1

    Sprayer problem.

    Went to spray off some barley for a neighbour snapper glyphosate, chaperone wetter. Used that mix for him several times already without problems. Yesterday started, most of nozzles blocked. Went home took them off unblocked them all and went to start again. Same again, most blocked within...
  16. Laggard

    Spring barley volunteers

    How much Roundup VISTA plus 450g/l glyphosate to take out these volunteers please? OSR drilled Saturday 22th August, rained 25th August. How long have I got before OSR emerges? How long between glyphosate and OSR emergence safely?
  17. martian

    What are the benefits of no-till farming?

    Reading other peoples horror stories about harvest elsewhere on the forum, I'm minded to keep my head down as things don't seem too bad here. It's not been a record breaking harvest (and we've still got a fair bit of spring wheat to cut), but things haven't gone too badly and it's been a cheap...
  18. 4

    osr sowing survival strategy

    ive not grown w osr for years ,but due to this last years cropping /resowings etc amhaving to put in an extra couple of fields into a break so have sown one of them in osr last monday, having just walked it can find plenty thats chitted and sending a root out helped by the moisture from the...
  19. J

    Roundup on skin

    Hello, at my job as a gardener, I spray roundup 5-6 times per year from 9 to 12 o'clock in the mornings. I accidentally spilled about 300ml of roundup on my skin twice. The roundup was diluted (200ml of roundup to 8l of water). I took a shower 2h after the accidents. After the second accident...
  20. Yorkshire lad

    Faulty nozzles

    I bought some Guardian Air 04 nozzles couple of months back Last night I went to roundup some barley. The first time I’ve used them Set off spraying and noticed pressure off the scale at 12 km/h Even at 10km/h pressure is 7 bar Nozzles don’t appear to be blocked but there is a variation in...