1. steveR

    Roundup/generic and 2,4D??

    I have been less than impressed with Kyleo this Spring, cleaning up an old Stewardship OWS and Birdy mixes. Possibly it was a little dry at the time, but it was gutless against a mass of wild clover and Mugwort. I have another 4ha of teh same to take out in a few weeks time, and wondered about...
  2. O

    Glyphosate alternative?

    I would like some suggestions based on general knowledge and experience please. Last year, when I was unable to do any work for most of it, I had an influx of a weed that had first noticeably appeared the year before. Unfortunately most of it seeded last year. The commonest weeds have changed...
  3. K

    Pasteurella Pneumonia in lambs

    Lost a third lamb suddenly with no signs yesterday, 11 weeks old and was fine the night before. This is the third one I've found in the last 3 weeks, got a post mortem done and got concluded that it was pasteurella pneumonia that caused the death, so guessing the other 2 had been the same. Lambs...
  4. B

    Ragwort control

    Hi everyone I work on a stud farm in Norfolk. We have areas of grassland for grazing for horses. As it't on Breckland the soil is very light, not ideal for grass but ideal for ragwort. Does anybody know what spray we can use to control the ragwort. Leaving the horses out of the field for a few...
  5. D


    Anyone recommend an adjuvant/ wetter to use with T3 for fusarium on winter wheat? I have torpedo in stock but not sure if that is the correct wetter to use ? Thanks ?..
  6. CPM RSS

    Protect potato performance with spring with Crusade

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham A flexible drift retardant, specifically designed for use with blight fungicides, could play an important role in keeping potatoes disease free this spring, according to adjuvant and biostimulant experts, Interagro. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Keeping late...
  7. Greythundercloudys

    Heavy shower after spraying.

    Had a guy spray 30acres of rushes today. He finished around 2, but just there at 4,20 was a heavy shower for 10min, would that have washed this last lot of, the other should be fine as he did most of it in the morning.
  8. Nearly

    Right then. It's fodder rape time. :(

    Ok @Great In Grass after 2 months with no rain on a sand farm it's time to send me some fodder rape seed please. Unless anyone else can do me a rain dance?
  9. colhonk

    Kill Grass

    Is there any spray to kill grass in spring sown wheat? Ryegrass mainly. Over the years have tried,,,Broadway star,Axial, Axial pro, all useless.
  10. Corteva Updates


    Welcome to Corteva Agriscience We are here to help livestock farmers grow the best quality home-grown feed with our leading range of crop protection herbicide solutions to control docks, thistles, nettles as well as other broad-leaved weeds. To discover more about how we can help you farm...
  11. GAM

    Sheep Vacination Needle

    We are going to Hetavac our lambs on the weekend, what's the best size needle to use?
  12. Wigeon

    Post drilling glyphosate

    How strong a mix are people using when spraying off covers after the drill. Always been told 1.5lts when dealing with volunteer cereals, but this is into 2ft high rape and charlock. I don't want to kill the summer cover before the aminopyralid residues have the chance to do it for me... Many...
  13. B


    We pulled a lot of ragwort out of a pasture last year. It’s been sprayed for docks this year and there is still a lot of ragwort in patches . How long is it poisonous for? Cattle will be kept out for 7 days anyway but should they be kept out longer?
  14. CPM RSS

    Pushing performance – Strengthening the blight crusade

    Written by cpm Download PDF A drift retardant is proving to be a knight in shining armour by giving fungicides a bit more help in the battle against late blight. CPM finds out how it is supporting the crusade against blight. Full crop coverage is vital to prevent scattered infection. By Lucy de...
  15. Derrick Hughes

    Rushes and Ivy

    Any use adding Activate G with MCPA for rushes And any information on Ivy Rounup with Oil ?
  16. MX7

    Herbicides for total plant control around farm buildings.

    As above, what do you use to keep the ground clear of vegetation , which can act as cover for rats , around your farm buildings/ farmyard. Do you use a contact and residual herbicide mix, or do you use a contact and weeds dead go over with residual?
  17. Phil P

    Life after serviced agronomy.

    Some may remember a thread I posted last year about moving away from serviced agronomy and shopping around for ag chem or possibly joining a buying group. It was a tough decision to make after dealing with the same...
  18. robbie

    Foxtrot/Oskar or axial

    I'm going to need to treat my spring barley for wild oats and I was wondering if theres much of a saving by using foxtrot instead of axial. I've never used foxtrot before is it as safe and kind to the crop as axial?
  19. Laggard

    Sugar Beet 2020

    Something is having a nibble
  20. MX7

    Anyone rolling spring barley a 2nd time now it’s rained?

    As above , the idea is that it will crush some clods in bare patches ,thereby creating seed to soil contact? I say that as looks to have been a job to conserve moisture where crops have been planted conventionally.