1. MX7

    Herbicides for total plant control around farm buildings.

    As above, what do you use to keep the ground clear of vegetation , which can act as cover for rats , around your farm buildings/ farmyard. Do you use a contact and residual herbicide mix, or do you use a contact and weeds dead go over with residual?
  2. Phil P

    Life after serviced agronomy.

    Some may remember a thread I posted last year about moving away from serviced agronomy and shopping around for ag chem or possibly joining a buying group. It was a tough decision to make after dealing with the same...
  3. robbie

    Foxtrot/Oskar or axial

    I'm going to need to treat my spring barley for wild oats and I was wondering if theres much of a saving by using foxtrot instead of axial. I've never used foxtrot before is it as safe and kind to the crop as axial?
  4. Laggard

    Sugar Beet 2020

    Something is having a nibble
  5. MX7

    Anyone rolling spring barley a 2nd time now it’s rained?

    As above , the idea is that it will crush some clods in bare patches ,thereby creating seed to soil contact? I say that as looks to have been a job to conserve moisture where crops have been planted conventionally.
  6. Derrick Hughes

    Docks Again

    Sprayed Last year , seem to be about 30% returned , is that likley to be the old ones or seedlings ? So back to, "whats best to use"
  7. Interagro News

    Spring into action with Sorrento: A helping hand for post-emergence

    Spring into action with Sorrento: A helping hand for post-emergence Following months of heavy rain, many winter crops sown last autumn missed their usual pre-emergence herbicide treatment, while others have established poorly and lack the competitiveness needed to thrive. This means large...
  8. Feldspar

    Broadway Star conundrum

    Still having a large debate with myself about how much of the wheat to do with Broadway Star (Avocet actually). For two years now I have not spotted both wild oats and meadow brome despite walking fields what I thought was quite carefully. Walked round with an experienced agronomist and we...


    Any body grown them on a small scale (4 acre)? Pros and cons? Can it be wholecropped to good effect? Looking at protein for sheep and maybe a few cows.
  10. CPM RSS

    Pushing Performance – Prevention’s better than cure

    Written by cpm Download PDF Filling the shoes left by chlorothalonil is a big ask, but new work has shown the multi-tasking adjuvant, Kantor, can give fungicide mixes containing folpet a performance boost. CPM investigates. The addition of Kantor can ensure fungicide coverage is optimised. By...
  11. ajd132

    Orange oil for autumn/winter aphid control

    Have heard good things but can’t find much about it. Any experiences?
  12. steveR

    Spraying under Solar panels cost?

    Can anyone give me some indication of the likely cost/ac for spraying under panels with a compact tractor or an ATV, please? The 20ac site was perm grass before the Panels went in, and now has an increasing problem with some areas of nettle and thistle that will touch the panels late in the...
  13. S

    Potato planting

    Planning on planting a small area of potatoes. The field has been in grass for years. New to potatoes so looking some advice on the best way and time to go about it. I was going to spray it off before ploughing but would need to wait until things warm up a bit for that to work properly? Or is it...
  14. CPM RSS

    Pushing performance – A sure hit

    Written by cpm Weed control this spring is likely to be a little more challenging than normal after the wet and relatively mild winter, so the launch of a new adjuvant for use with post-emergence herbicides may just help herbicides hit their mark. CPM finds out more. Trials have shown...
  15. Wooly

    Chinese virus - 2019-nCoV,

    Well maybe the population is about to get smaller with the new Chinese virus killing a few off. Now if this was foot and mouth every animal would be at a standstill until it was contained ! Yet thousands of Chinese are allowed to travel around the World, possibly infecting and spreading an...
  16. spikeislander

    Winter beans drilled, well up, but no chem applied. what options?

    As title got 100 acres of tundra beans up and growing, they look very well so pleased . But due to weather I’ve not been able to get any pre em on . It’s quite a clean block for black grass so I’m not to worried and have the option of centurion max, my main concern is blw’s ,although late...
  17. Chris F

    Grassland Weed Control

    A quick question for all the grassland boys, what weed control products do you use on a yearly basis? We are trying to make sure we have a comprehensive list available on Farm Maketplace in 2020. This is what we have at the moment:
  18. czechmate

    Advice towards a system in the future

    Here, the land is light. Set bed preparation, never an issue. It gets too hot and dry too early for high yields but barely and early wheat are normally around 7tonne. Inputs are set to match yield potential so the margin is ok (plus we are mixed so that adds to the value of the grain and straw...
  19. CropTec

    CropTec to host cutting edge agronomic developments

    The CropTec Show’s trade stands, manned by some of the most progressive companies and organisations in the agricultural sector, will host a fascinating array of novel agronomic developments when the event returns to the East of England Showground on 27th and 28th November. This release...
  20. CPM RSS

    Survey reveals biostimulants and adjuvants boost crop performance

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham A recent survey carried out by CPM and Interagro has revealed a significant number of growers are seeing crop production benefits by optimising biostimulant and adjuvant products. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Interest in the role adjuvants and biostimulants can...