1. D

    BASIS Project Ideas

    Hi All I have just been enrolled on the the BASIS Crop Protection course at Harper Adams next January (2020). i was looking at getting a head start plus some over winter studying on my project. Has anyone got any ideas/things to do and not to do? Your help will be much appreciated.
  2. D

    Generic v Genuine Glyphosate

    I seem to have struggled to get a decent kill using most brands of generic glyphosate. Is there any real advantage in using the "genuine" product e.g. Roundup Flex? I use X change and Ammonium Sulphate solution (Firebrand) but results have been very disappointing. 4 litres wont seem to touch...
  3. Flat 10

    Can you mix metazachlor and glyphosate?

    Peculiar contract job. Some weeds but no crop emerged. TIA
  4. CropTec

    CropTec 2019 - November 27th and 28th

    Welcome to the CropTec Show thread on The Farming Forum. Here we will announce what you can expect at the show and what seminars and hubs will be available. CropTec is the leading technical event in the arable calendar showcasing new technology, innovation and knowledge exchange within farming...
  5. tr250

    When to glyphosate osr volunteers

  6. S

    720 g glyphosate

    Will 720 g glyposate do to sort volunteer rape and any annual grasses ?
  7. neilo

    Barley volunteers in turnips

    Heavy rain after WB harvest meant every shed grain has chitted before the hundreds of marauding geese hoovered it up. I normally spray them out with Falcon/Shogun (propaquizafop) if there are a lot, as most do. What’s the lowest rate you can get away with? Just trying to work out if I need...
  8. andybk

    Stubble with bad creeping thistle back to pasture , what spray ?

    Just taken back a smallish 4ac piece of ground , my landlord grew some barley in for a few years , wasnt sprayed and was full of creeping thistles ,now want it back to pasture they cut barley last week , high stubble so still some thistle stubble there ( a lot of white clover in bottom) , just...
  9. D

    thistle/dock control in grassland

    Hi, Minstrel/thistlex is a good combination i have used, can Thistlex be mixed with depitox to similar effect seems a cheaper way if it works, Thanks for any replies. Thistles/docks in established grassland is the problem.
  10. Superted820

    Getting rid of miscanthus

    Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this crop. It’s been in for several years and the rhizomes were harvested roughly 10 years ago. The ones left behind have been harvested for the cane since the. We now want to put it back to grass. It’s been sprayed twice now with glyphosate...
  11. Flat 10

    Spryte aqua label

    Anyone got a link? Want to have a shufti but Google isn't proving to be my friend today. Thanks
  12. Direct Driller Magazine

    Spring into action: Choosing Adjuvants

    SPRING INTO ACTION: CHOOSE ADJUVANTS TO PUSH HERBICIDE AND FUNGICIDE PERFORMANCE THIS YEAR How can you keep weeds and disease at bay this spring? As warmer weather arrives and the season gets underway, we explore here the role of adjuvants in boosting the performance of herbicides and...
  13. R

    Pod sealant

    Anyone use pod stick on their rape. I usually put mine on when I desiccate Does anyone go through early with it at the green stage? I’m contemplating doing it shortly but wonder if it might not help the absorption of glyphosate later, given that it seems to be getting less efficient on rape...
  14. Scrambler

    Resistant ryegrass

    I'd be very grateful for some advice on how to deal with resistant rygrass. It was suspected 2 years ago when a few patches in wheat weren't killed by spot application of Broadway Star, but at the time it was thought that this could have been due to the size of the plants. Last year in linseed...
  15. B

    Which sprayers nozzles?

    Travelling at 10kph -12kph we use Guardian air GA03 125 - 150 litres/Ha water rate nozzles for most applications with the exception of the use of Flat fan VP04 150-200 litres/Ha water rate on small targets. Am I correct or is there now a more proven jet to do a particular application better...
  16. GAM

    Dock Survival !

    I have spot sprayed this Dock twice over the last 6 weeks, and then had the field spayed with docstar, and its coming back again!!
  17. Derrick Hughes


    MCPA application rate for rushes ?
  18. Colin

    Total wheat spend

    Looking at the t1 thread spend varies massively. What is everyone spending on pesticides , everything being equal I will be about 220/ha this year, thats everything from herbicides to roundup if required.
  19. Feldspar


    Have flag leaf poking out by about an inch in 6th October drilled Siskin. Anyone care to venture how long until its likely to be ready for T2? @Fromebridge, is NIAB doing leaf emergence predictions for T2 timings (I guess it's not so tricky as T1)? Thinking of doing the equivalent of 1 - 1.25l...
  20. Ukjay

    Ahem, Weeds!!

    Hi, We have now moved down SW, whereby we have a lot of Weeds to deal with, I know the Nettles - but could someone please advise if this sticky weed is Cleavers, as I need to get rid of it as it is overgrown and we would d rather see it cleared.