1. N

    Is it a scam?

    Hi, can anybody help? ... Been talking to Anderson Farms, Tractors and plant based machinery(Isle of Man) about buying a machine... Are they legit? Alarm bells ringing in my head after talking to the guy 😬
  2. C

    Blueberry Issues - Any Bluberry farmwers out there that can advise me?

    Good afternoon, I am originally from the UK but now live in Portugal. I have recently taken over management of a bluberry farm here in the Algarve. I am hping to find another blueberry farmer on here that can advise me with some issues I currently have. We have around 3000 bushes at approx 7...
  3. CornishMaid

    Freeze branding

    I’m thinking about buying some irons and would like to know as much as possible so please hit me with any information. Dry ice vs nitrogen, prices, techniques, costs, the things you like to see when your freeze brander turns up. ?
  4. cachivers

    Two Yorkshire farmer discussion group meetings (Sedburgh and Leyburn) - FREE PUB DINNER :)

    Hey farmers, If any of you live near Sedburgh or Leyburn, please consider coming along to these farmer discussion meetings on environmental farming advice! The research is part-funded by the EA so may influence policy. Having opinions from farmers is absolutely vital for ensuring you're happy...
  5. D

    Hydraulic Oils - Expert idvice wanted - AW (with zinc) or not? What grade (ISO v SAE

    I have been trying to suss out what hydraulic oils to use on my machinery. I have a Claas tractor (dyna 6 Transmission) and a JCB telehandler. I have been buying oil from my local dealer but also do a lot with industrial oils and can get them in volume at a much better deal but cross referencing...
  6. cachivers

    YORKSHIRE FARMERS NEAR REETH! You're invited to a farmers' discussion meeting - free pub dinner included!

    Calling all farmers in Yorkshire (near Reeth)! Are you free from 7:00pm on 3rd December and fancy a free pub dinner? We're holding a farmers' discussion meeting on environmental farming advice relating to water pollution and it is important that we hear from as many farmers as possible; I'd...
  7. cachivers

    Live in Devon and free at lunchtime on 17th Oct? Come make a difference and have a free lunch!

    Hey guys, If any of you live in/near Okehampton (Devon), please consider coming along to my next farmers meeting from 12:00 on 17th October (in Crossways Inn!). During the meeting I'll be asking you to share your views on the environmental farming advice you've received; I'm carrying out some...
  8. S

    Looking to get into Agriculture.

    Hi all, I am a 19 year old who’s looking to get into agriculture, specifically cattle. I was hoping a few of you would have some advice for me. I’m currently on a fabrication and welding apprenticeship which I think may come in useful during general farm maintenance but have realised that it is...
  9. L

    Hobby farming and working full time

    I have been dreaming of starting a hobby farm for a long time and want to get started within the next 5-10 years. In terms of buying a plot of land to get started, I have no idea how big of a plot to buy and how far from the city to start looking. Both my partner and I work downtown and intend...
  10. F

    Farming Start-Up

    Hi, From reading a vast amount of information online it seems that trying to venture into farming at a young age seems to be near impossible. Many people have put across negatives views about it. My question is, for someone that has a small holding (5-10 acres of land) what would be the best...
  11. cachivers

    Calling Devon farmers: NEW DATE for farmer focus group - sign up now!

    Hi all, I'm holding another farmer focus group as part of my PhD research into how environmental farming advice can be improved, and it's very important that I speak with as many farmers as possible as it's vital that your views are heard when influencing policy. The event is going to be on...
  12. cachivers

    CLOSING TONIGHT! Farmer online survey and chance to win £100

    Hi all, My online survey questionnaire is closing TONIGHT at 11pm (04/02) so it’s your last chance to share your important opinions about the advice you’ve been receiving on-farm. The results are likely to influence policy so it’s important that as many farmers as possible take part. In...
  13. cachivers

    Farmers Weekly ad: Please complete 5 min survey online!

    Hi farmers, Please see the attached picture; we are now advertising in Farmers Weekly to try and get more farmers to participate in my online survey on farming advice. It only takes 5-10 minutes and you'll have the chance to win a £100 voucher of your choice as well as being able to voice your...
  14. H

    Advice Required for Feature Film Script

    Hello Farmers and people of the land! I am a screenwriter currently researching for my Masters Degree dissertation. I have a thriller set on a remote farm, currently the Lake District, and I am in need of guidance and advice....anything taken. I need to know what URGENT tasks are done daily...
  15. cachivers

    Quick reminder: Complete survey to influence policy/win £100!

    Hi all, I'm still desperately seeking farmers to complete a quick online survey for my PhD research. It's really important that as many people participate as possible as we will be informing policy with the results! The survey is about the advice you've received surrounding water pollution and...
  16. Davy McCracken

    Farm management handbook

    The latest edition of the Farm Advisory Service Farm Management Handbook is available to view and download for free
  17. cachivers

    Reminder to fill in quick survey to win £100 whilst voicing your opinions!!

    Hi all, Please consider filling in this short online survey; it's really important that we hear from as many farmers as possible as we may use the results to inform policy! We are also doing a prize draw so you could win a voucher of your choice worth £100. It should only take 5-10 minutes so...
  18. F

    Do you want to diversify, innovate & make more money from your land?

    Farm Business Innovation Show Dates - 7th & 8th November Location - NEC, Birmingham The FREE event for farmers, landowners, rural businesses, entrepreneurs, estate, and country house owners to find the inspiration, resources and advice they need to diversify, innovate and make more from their...
  19. R

    Life Changing

    Hello, I’m posting today to seek advice on starting up a small holding to grow and build/looking to get into the farming way of life. I currently work in a sector that ultimately is not what I would like to do for the next 50 years! Unfortunately due to mortgage & bills I’m finding myself...
  20. F

    Bird Scare Options

    Hi All, First wanted to say I've been reading this forum for some time and it is very helpful so thank you. Second, wanted to ask what are the options I have to scare off birds and which one have you found most effective? Thank you, Ben

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