1. C

    Mortgage for Agricultural Tied Property

    I have found a property with 20 acres which I wish to buy but it has an agricultural tie. Not an issue as we meet the criteria. However, finding a mortgage lender is proving very difficult. Any recommendations??
  2. Bossfarmer

    How much debt to take on poll!

    money is cheap just now and it seems if I'm ever going to upgrade facilities on the farm/buy additional land now would be the time to do so, this will take substantial investment but could look like money well spent by the time its paid off with inflation, I'm looking for a bit of bare land if...
  3. D

    Smallholding Mortgage

    Hi, I am in the process of buying a farmhouse in good condition but with a U-shaped steading at the rear which is not developed. The plot size is 9 acres and is located in central Scotland Perthshire. I didn't realise how difficult these properties are to mortgage. Residential mortgages won't...
  4. U

    Share Portfolio 2020

    Just received my brokers report on my share holdings for the year 2020. Across the board reading of my mixed portfolio is that I am about 20% DOWN from this time one year ago. Considering turmoil during 2020 am happy,as it could have been much worse.
  5. sheep&cows&stuff

    Lenders In Northern Ireland - Land Purchase

    I am currently trying to borrow money for land. Dealing with ulsterbank in NI - they are quoting me 4.1% with a max lending period of 20 years. Is there anyone in NI who offer better rates? I read in another thread about Lloyds offering 2.2% and AMC 3%
  6. Q

    Agricultural Mortgage Corporation and its Fixed Rate Loans

    We have long held AMC to rights on its fixed rate loans. These carry huge break costs in the event the fixed rate loan is repaid early. The new Business Banking Resolution Service (BBRS) is looking at all manner of banking disputes, but while it will look at issues with Lloyds Bank, it doesn't...
  7. Farmerpickle

    Borrowing money for a farm

    I'm currently looking to buy a farm. I intend to sell the one I currently own for planning later on down the line. However, I could with a decent bank manager to lend me the money to buy the farm. I was going to go with my bank which is Lloyds but the bank manager, who I've never liked, keeps...
  8. B'o'B

    FT get leaked speech...

    Link to a Finacial Times article about the government plans for subs over the next few years 😢 Apparently they have been leaked the speech George Eustice is going to give on Monday Click here -
  9. Johnnyboxer

    Dad - the car is making a funny noise

    Friend sent me a pic, their 19 year old daughter came home and said there’s a funny noise coming from the car Going outside in the dark to see what the fuss was, he gets a torch out to inspect closer Millennials ......!!....and punctures
  10. bluegreen

    USA Election...………..Fallout!!

    I was reliably informed yesterday that both the Democrats and Republicans have are armed to the teeth with huge legal teams with over 500 Lawyers ready and awaiting the aftermath of this coming election results. Both camps have one remit, under any circumstances DO NOT CONCEDE!!!!!! What this...
  11. T

    Buying a house for a worker

    We would like to buy a house for a worker, he would be on a salary including the house. How would getting a mortgage work, would some of the partners need to get a private mortgage? Does it need to be a buy to let mortgage? Can the business get a mortgage and have the house as a business asset?
  12. Lazy Sod

    Covid Idiots

    My BIL lives in Walton on Thames, Surry. They're is now in a tier 2 area, so Mrs BIL couldn't go and visit her daughter and grandchildren yesterday. Meanwhile my BIL's next door neighbour and the one opposite both had lots of people round for lunch.
  13. Bossfarmer

    Buy Land!!! NOW IS THE TIME?

    With a lot of farmers in the country falling out with landlords over high rents/ future ELMs scheme threatening to take their land, owner occupiers looking to expand and interest levels at record levels, huge inflation forecast in the coming decade is this the perfect storm and infact the ideal...
  14. Campbell

    BA 747s

    The last two Boeing 747s in the BA fleet are leaving Heathrow today on a one way flight, one to Kemble and the other to St Athan. I assume there is enough still flying to be able sell all the parts to................:scratchhead:
  15. B


    first of all do you bother at all, seen some sights, even the old builders van with enough detrutus around the windscreen can hardly see out of? but going back to farm vehicles, i find the worst is after muckspreading all week , the back of the tractor is caked with dried muck and other parts...
  16. Farm Business RSS

    CAAV adopts technology to drive agriculture’s future

    Written by John Swire Embracing technological advancements will be a major element in progressive farming in the coming years, and the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) is arming its members with the tools to help. Speaking at the virtual CAAV AGM and conference on 3...
  17. A-Owen

    Input finance to support more efficient cash-flow - Who uses?

    Good Morning! After reading some articles on 'input finance' products currently available specifically for farmers, I wondered if anyone on here uses to help spread the cost of AgChem's, fertilisers, new grain stores even? If so, who do you use? and what sort of rates and repayment terms are...
  18. Greythundercloudys

    Lanark texel sales, today.

    Anyone going up to it?
  19. P

    Profile match

    Could anyone shed any light on the company that rolls this sheet please. Tia
  20. S

    Financing a farm

    How have people that aren't born into it managed to purchase a farm? Is it possible to get a mortgage for it? We currently own a couple of parcels that we have worked our arses off to get, and have a mortgage on a house but would love to purchase a holding rather than spend our whole lives...