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    Maincrop potato harvest: Significant variation in yields reported

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Potato packer Wilson’s Country is confirming that approximately half of this year’s maincrop is now out of the ground. However, growers throughout the country are reporting significant variations in yields. “The weather has remained good over...
  2. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus – Andrew Jackson (July 2021)

    Farmer Focus – Andrew Jackson If you are reading this article, I will assume that you may well be at some point in the journey of Regenerative Agriculture. Although I have always been a passionate farmer, trying to become a regen farmer has enhanced my love of farming at what could be...
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    Nuffield Catch Up – Mark Dewes

    Nuffield Catch Up – Mark Dewes Mark is a farmer and agronomist from Withybrook in Warwickshire. After starting with ADAS in 1996 and working with NIABTAG, AICC and Agrii he was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship to evaluate the role agronomists play in stewarding pesticide use. Think of...
  4. Bald Rick

    COP26 ... Your predictions

    The time is nearly here when the "great and good" will gather in Glasgow to thrash out ways to combat Global Warming. Our Dear Leader is in charge and we know he likes to project Britain as "World Beating". Therefore I am expecting a grandstanding announcement from him. What do you think it...
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    2 leading research centres join the LEAF Network as centres of excellence for sustainable farming

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Agrii’s Throws Farm Technology Centre and Newcastle University Farms have become the latest two establishments to join the LEAF Network. Launched today (October 13) as LEAF Innovation Centres, they join the UK wide ‘LEAF Network’ of farms and research...
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    A deeper insight into soil - gamma ray spectroscopy

    Over the last two years there has been an evolution in the way that soil nutrient mapping is carried out. This has been driven by the launch of TerraMap by Hutchinsons in 2019. Terramap came at the perfect timing for farmers looking for that next level of accuracy in understanding their soils in...
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    FMC appoints new product manager for crop protection

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland FMC Agro Limited has appointed Hazel Blanshard as the company’s new product manager for crop protection. Blanshard has a master’s degree in agriculture from Lancaster University, and has previously worked in the arable sector as a soil science research...
  8. V

    Discovery sports

    Mrs car is due a change . We like look and feel of the discovery sport but put off with reviews on them . Any stories to tell ?
  9. H

    Pre ploughing and pre emergence spraying

    Quick question for advice . Agronomist want to spray off stubbles before ploughing ,where there is very little weeds , and then spray again with pre -em after drilling . I'm not sure whether this is right or not as I can't see the point in spraying twice with the expense of sprays . Also I want...
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    Forage harvesters – Go forth and forage

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Grass and forage crops continue to gain popularity among arable farmers for their soil enhancing, weed suppressing and biodiversity encouraging properties, with many now using the cut as a fuel for anaerobic digesters. CPM looks at the latest trends...
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    Tips to mitigate the impact of high fertiliser prices

    Tips to mitigate the impact of high fertiliser prices The unprecedented hike in nitrogen fertiliser prices, fuelled by surging wholesale gas markets, has left many farmers questioning how to reduce the inevitable impact this will have on 2022 crop margins. The cost of ammonium nitrate and...
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    Helix Live – 2021

    Date: Wednesday 10th November 2021 Time: 8:30-9:45am Join the FREE online “Helix Live” seminar Helix LIVE Seminar Returns this Autumn The Helix initiative is about improving farm decision...
  13. B'o'B

    YAGRO sell out to Frontier.

    Just had an email saying YAGRO have sold to Frontier. I've used YAGRO a lot for buying almost all my Ag chems, some Fert and a bit of fuel when in a hurry. Not sure how/if that side of it will work anymore, email says more about their data/pricing side of the business. How long can Frontier...
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    New strategic agronomy training scheme launched

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine A new strategic agronomy training scheme – backed by Farmacy – has been launched in a bid to drive continued professional development. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The scheme – named Claritas – is being led by Keith Norman who boasts 40 years...
  15. B

    Skills Shortage Will This Story Ever End?

    This keeps on coming up? latest this morning on breakfast TV stating by 2025 the UK will be over 200,000 short of construction workers, ie. bricklayers, carpenters etc etc? Why oh why dosnt the govt make it a priority to try to tackle this ? its not that suddenly its happened? It needs tackling...
  16. N

    Vets /Doctors

    Enough to make you cry,family member very ill not covid,told they would need a PCR test to see the doctor.Telephoned the vet as cow unwell guess who got treated first. Told up to 72 hours for PCR results ,so even after having your injections we are not safe.
  17. C

    How much land does it take to pay an employees wages ??

    just pondering On an arable farm How much land could one man look after himself ... using an extra driver to corn cart and perhaps using targeted contractors to do certain jobs From that scenario How much extra land would you need to justify a full time employee ??
  18. MX7

    What does this job entail/

    I have just seen the attached in this weeks Farmers Weekly.:scratchhead:
  19. G

    Why have AHDB commissioned NFU to chair the investigation into imported grain assurance standards and costs?

    I'm not certain of exactly what is being studdied, but I believe AHDB have funded a study, chaired by Tom Bradshaw (NFU Vice President), looking into the tests done on imported grain, cost of doing so etc. I'm just concerned that the NFU partly own RT, and are generally supportive of RT, so how...
  20. Direct Driller Magazine

    Direct Driller Magazine Issue 15

    Direct Driller Magazine Issue 15 With the following articles: Introduction The 3.5% Rule Featured Farmer - Ed Reynolds Blackgrass Control Agroforestry: Learning from four Pioneers Solid...