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    Added reasons to not rush into winter cereal drilling this year

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland It may be tempting to drill winter cereals promptly as soon as conditions allow, but there are multiple reasons not to drill too early this season if you have grass weeds, says Paul Gruber, regional technical manager for agronomy firm, ProCam. High...
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    Soil health and regenerative techniques to take centre stage in this year’s CropTec Show seminars

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business With growers in the midst of a tumultuous time in British farming, this year’s CropTec Show seminar programme will examine the building blocks for a sustainable arable farming future. CropTec’s acclaimed seminar programme returns for 2021 with a focus...
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    Farmers Weekly: Growers Call For New Grain Assurance Standard
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    Farm491 set to host a series of webinars exploring UK agriculture state of affairs

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Farm491, part of the Royal Agricultural University (RAU), is set to host a series of three webinars exploring the current policy landscape, market trends, and challenges within UK agriculture. Over the coming weeks, leading academics will delve into...
  5. S

    AIC directors profit from compulsory Red Tractor

    This bit of homework was done by a fellow forum member, well done that man. wasn't sure if anyone had done any digging into the ownership and stakeholders of the AIC, so I had a little look on companies house and I'm pretty horrified by what I found. AIC is similar to RT in that it is a Ltd...
  6. M

    Drilling barley

    Anyone done any yet ? What variety? Thinking we’ll start here this week
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    Potatoes – Early or late?

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Every day is a school day in farming, so what lessons have been learnt this season? CPM discusses late blight and alternaria with Eric Anderson. A balanced fungicide strategy is the only viable option for the long-term. By Lucy de la Pasture As...
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    OSR – Spotting the spot

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF With no shortage of soil moisture, new oilseed rape seedlings have at least had something in their favour in the early part of the season. CPM takes a look at some of the agronomy decisions to ponder as autumn progresses. Sugar-like spores can be...
  9. ajd132

    Wheat blend problem

    Started on a farm in feb and they have been growing a blend of kerrin, crispin and gleam. I’ve sent a few loads into central store and the bushel is really low. The crops look good but aren’t yielding as much as they look. Bushels around 68. Had t0 teb, t1 .8 ascra, t2 1l revystar, t3 azoxy +...
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    BASIS Diploma in Agronomy

    The breadth and scope of knowledge needed for crop protection sales and advice grows every year. New products, new techniques and the way that crop protection fits with other farm and crop management activities all add to the skills needed by those involved in sales and advice for Crop...
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    BASIS Advanced Modules

    BASIS Advanced Modules are aimed at individuals who would like to further their knowledge in specific areas after successfully completing the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection and FACTS. This may just be for continuous development but can also help towards the BASIS Diploma in Agronomy...
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    Environment training courses

    The BETA Conservation Management course covers all aspects of environmental management; including habitat creation, soil management, IPM and Water Quality. Current and future government-led environmental schemes and legislation is also covered. It is therefore ideally suited for all farm...
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    BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection IPM

    These courses cover a wide range of topics including all aspects of agronomy and crop production, with a focus on IPM. They have been designed for agronomists, advisers, technical staff and other roles which involve the advice and supply of plant protection products. They are also extremely...
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    BASIS Foundation Courses

    The BASIS Foundation courses are ideally suited for individuals who are starting their career in agronomy and crop production, especially those with limited previous experience. For many they act as a ‘steppingstone’ towards more in-depth BASIS courses. The BASIS Foundation courses provide you...
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    Becoming an agronomist

    There are no specific entry requirements for a career in agronomy sector, however good general agricultural knowledge and some industry experience is considered most important. A-level qualifications, or equivalent, in the sciences is also advantageous. Certain employers may prefer individuals...
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    New faces set to join the RHET board

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland As schools across Scotland return for a new academic year, Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) is ever hopeful that face-to-face visits can resume after the October break. During the last year, the RHET volunteers, coordinators and staff have been...
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    Farmers urged to watch for slug attacks after wet weather

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Farmers are being urged to watch out for a resurgence of slugs in farm crops over coming weeks after the recent wet weather. This is according to James Collingwood, commercial business manager for agronomy firm ProCam. “Be aware also that successful...
  18. D

    A Degree in Agriculture?

    What exactly do people gain from it? Farming is 90% hard graft and 20% inherited nowse innit? I “did” engineering and without that I’d be well n truly felled as an arable farmer, though my old man taught me more of that than uni. The agronomist specs the chemicals, I did PA1 and 2 and FACTS. I...
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    BASIS Prospectus

    BASIS plays a key role in the training and certification of people who work in the pesticide and fertiliser sectors. It sets the syllabuses and examination standards and maintains a list of Approved Trainers, Colleges and Training Providers who offer suitable training modules. Courses range...
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    The Anyone finished yet thread