Government seeks views on protecting endangered shark species

    Government seeks views on protecting endangered shark species Written by Defra Press Office There is coverage in the Sunday Telegraph of the government’s new call for evidence on the shark fin trade. The four week long call for evidence will provide an insight into the role of this trade on...
  2. Forever Fendt

    Trailer tyres

    Any thoughts on 560/60/22.5 tyres on a trailer the choices are CEAT, BKT ride max , or equivalent Alliance a mixture of road and field work any thoughts greatly appreciated
  3. Cab-over Pete

    Project Zetros

    Aye-up, Right then, time to make a start. Had the chassis cab delivered on Monday and have been faffing about with paperwork for first registration and MoT exemption. Got all that away and had a bit of a go up the lane with it. Bit of a niggle, it won’t change into low range on the transfer...
  4. T

    Skid Steer tyres

    What are thew best? I'm happy to pay a premium for long lasting tyres, but what o ultimately need is side walls/wheel rim protection. We always have problems with people catching the rims on cubible heelstone etc. any recemendarions on brands. using Camso atm.
  5. Farm Business RSS

    Evidence of serious misuse of antibiotics in farmed animals in US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada exposes public health threat of trade deals, camp

    Written by John Swire A new report by campaign group the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics is calling for the government to take a strong stance against the overuse of farm antibiotics, to protect public health and fight the global rise of antibiotic resistance. The report finds that the US...
  6. D

    New entrant opportunities in Lancashire

  7. Agriland RSS

    VARSS report shows a drop in antibiotic sales from 2015 baseline figures

    Written by William Kellett The UK government has recently published the annual Veterinary Antimicrobial Resistance and Sales Surveillance (VARSS) report for 2019. In 2019, the total quantity of antibiotic active ingredient sold in the UK was 232.2t, a 5.9t (3%) increase since 2018, but still a...
  8. Stw88

    On line tractor tyres

    Do many people buy tractor tyres on line? look reasonable prices. Which web site is best. Will obviously ring local suppliers as well but thought it was worth having some prices to bounce off them. Sadly need a few 😒
  9. W

    Marshall rear discharge

    What are these Marshall rear discharge like.we run a rota spreader,getting more cattle and more muck and getting time consuming.or do we buy another rota spreader got the tractors and the men
  10. Agriland RSS

    Oxford University students have voted to ban beef and lamb on campus

    Written by William Kellett Oxford University students have voted to ban beef and lamb at campus canteens. The Oxford University Student Union passed a motion by a two-thirds majority at the weekly student council, though the union does not have the power to change university policy. Student...
  11. Johnnyboxer

    No more new cars or vans in 9 years

    The big green deal I guess that’s no diesel pickups or commercials under 3.5t Electric pickup then ?
  12. Farm Classifieds

    Floatation tyres

    Floatation tyres Advert added by: Machinery Details Category: Parts and Maintenance Wheels Price: £ Condition: Excellent Description 4 x 10 stud rims and tyres. Alliance Floatations 700/50-26.5. Very good condition, no cracks or repairs, 75% good. £2000.00 plus vat Call...
  13. D

    Halal meat

    Found this really interesting.
  14. J

    Self propelled sprayer wheels

    Looking to swap my Alliance 700-50-26.5 flotation sprayer wheels for some 620-60-30s . 10 stud and currently on a RG418. Mine are in excellent condition with no damage and 75% good. Please pm ASAP!.
  15. Farmer Keith

    Are the days of lambing inside numbered?

    I spent yesterday afternoon updating our flock health plans with the vet and conducting our annual AB review as part of which we discussed the use of prophylactic ABs namely Orojet on the farm here, now over the past 5 years we’ve halved its use from all lambs to only doing lambs with a higher...
  16. GOV.UK RSS

    Government sets out world-leading new measures to protect rainforests

    Government sets out world-leading new measures to protect rainforests Written by Defra Press Office Credit: Getty images Today (11 November) the government has announced it will go further than ever before to clamp down on illegal deforestation and protect rainforests, thanks to...
  17. D

    ELMS public engagement

    Short film about a LWA ELMS trial. For me this is the most exciting aspect of ELMS. Anyone on here involved in developing this with defra ? Able to share ideas on what schemes, options will be on offer ?
  18. CPF

    The new Nissan Navarra for 2021

    Nissan has done a new facelift to the Navara came out yesterday coming to Europe shortly
  19. D

    How to set up a direct sales business

  20. News

    The Wales Real Food and Farming Conference seeks radical change in UK food production

    The annual Wales Real Food and Farming Conference (WRFFC) will take place virtually, 16 to 19 November 2020, and aims to ignite systemic change in UK food and farming systems. Building on last year’s sell-out inaugural event in Aberystwyth, the WRFFC continues to bring food businesses and...