1. J

    Micro Dairy share farm

    Hi new to all this so forgive the basic nature of the post. We own a 73 acres farm in Powys and looking into share farming as we both work full time. We are thinking micro dairy ( probably raw milk) and also a vegetable box scheme. Have a Jersey house cow and her heifer calf to provide us with...
  2. Agriland RSS

    Alliance hit back as local authority plans to ban meat ahead of Christmas 2020

    Written by Agriland Team The Countryside Alliance has branded an English council’s decision to wipe meat from the menu of its catering services, in time for Christmas 2020 an “illogical decision”. Enfield Borough Council has released a lengthy dossier outlining a number of steps they are...
  3. JD-Kid

    sidewalls cracking on tractor tires

    notice on a few topics of tires alot have cracks and splits in them some brands worst than others where have most split my fronts are splitting from bead to the tread Continental 540-65 r 28 on front. 2500 hours still got over 40mm tread on them did any one get insurance on them
  4. Formatted

    National Food Strategy P1

    Some of you might have been following Henry Dimbells (Founder of food chain LEONs), review of the way we purchase, produce and consume food. This part 1 focuses mainly on the purchase and consumption, with a larger review in 2021 about how food is produced. He makes some great points about trade...
  5. Robt

    Mitsubishi pulling out of UK?

    This just came up on Twitter. Maybe @Cowabunga knows more? Mitsubishi has written to its UK dealers and informed them of its plans to withdraw from the UK and European markets. According to reports in Automotive Management, Mitsubishi plans to retain as much of the 103-strong dealer network as...
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    Industry alliance to accelerate crop production

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham A new strategic alliance of industry innovators has been formed to accelerate the identification and development of new technologies to help growers adapt to the challenges of crop production in the future. Charlotte Cunningham reports. AD4PT brings together...
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    Eustice slams ‘old EU model’ for failing to stop decline in biodiversity

    Written by Rachel Martin Environment Secretary George Eustice slammed the EU’s environmental framework as having “too many reports but not enough action” as he announced the first steps in how the UK will set its own environmental policies. The Environment Secretary announced plans to launch a...
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    Campaign launched to ‘take back control of wildlife licensing’

    Written by Agriland Team Rural campaigning organisation the Countryside Alliance has launched its latest e-lobby campaign. The campaign calls on MPs to urge the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), George Eustice, to “take back control of...
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    Chancellor’s ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme offers hope of red meat sales boost

    Written by Rachel Martin Farming and rural bodies say they are hopeful unprecedented measures announced this week by Chancellor Rishi Sunak to kickstart the economy could help boost domestic sales for higher-margin red meat cuts. The ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme offers diners half-price meals...
  10. BednarUK

    Case IH forms exclusive distribution alliance with Bednar FMT

    Case IH forms exclusive distribution alliance with Bednar FMT Case IH and Bednar FMT have announced a strategic distribution agreement that sees Bednar FMT supply its range of farm machinery exclusively through the Case IH dealer network. With a strong focus on innovation, Bednar FMT...
  11. The Guardian RSS

    The future of food: inside the world's largest urban farm – built on a rooftop

    The future of food: inside the world's largest urban farm – built on a rooftop Written by Jon Henley In Paris, urban farmers are trying a soil-free approach to agriculture that uses less space and fewer resources. Could it help cities face the threats to our food supplies? On top of a...
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    Case IH forms exclusive distribution alliance with Bednar FMT

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Case IH and Bednar FMT have announced a strategic distribution agreement that sees Bednar FMT supply its range of farm machinery exclusively through the Case IH dealer network. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Bednar FMT currently exports its wide range of...
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    Sugar beet agronomy – Uneasy start for beet

    Written by cpm Download PDF Challenging is the word that best describes the 2020 season to date and none more so than in sugar beet. CPM catches up with the up and downs of the spring and looks ahead at the fungicide decisions soon to be made. Aphids arrived 2-2.5 weeks earlier than normal. By...
  14. ploughman1963

    650/75R32 tyre - what have you got?

    Our combine came on 650/75R32 tyres but different brands - One has a flat tread profile while the other is crowned which means they have a different rolling radius and causes the combine to be slightly higher one side than the other - no problem until you put our 18’ header on that doesn’t have...
  15. Agriland RSS

    ‘More robust’ Rainforest Alliance standard to address ‘climate-smart’ agriculture and child labour

    Written by Rachel Martin New standards unveiled for the Rainforest Alliance’s sustainability certification tackle some of the darkest issues affecting agriculture in developing countries, such as child labour. The new rules published today (June 30), also seek to encourage ‘climate-smart’...
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    Rural Support joins Covid-19 mental health action group

    Written by Rachel Martin Agricultural mental health charity Rural Support has joined a coalition of charities working to help communities cope with the stress induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. It comes as the results from a UK-wide study involving Queen’s University Belfast showed around...
  17. Agritrade News RSS

    SRUC joins global sustainability network

    Written by Jamie Day Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) has joined a network of universities across the world that are committed to sustainable, global development. It is a new member of the Global Challenges University Alliance (GCUA 2030), alongside partners in countries ranging from Chile...
  18. H

    Tyre side wall issue

    I have a steel wire coming out of the side wall on my rear tractor tyre. I’ve snipped it off a few times, but like a thread on your best woolly jumper it just keeps coming. I’m hoping to sneak another year or two out of the tyres - do I just keep snipping and hope for the best?
  19. CPF

    Warranty on tyres

    Some tyre dealers Will look after you if you’ve got an issue, And the manufacturer will keep the warranty quiet ,as normally they carry a three year warranty in the UK .But they will try every excuse under the Sun to get out of it. Just come across some farming papers I brought back from...
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    Parliamentary report on small abattoirs recommends series of government interventions

    Written by Rachel Martin Small abattoirs make a vital contribution to both the rural economy and animal welfare, according to a new report published this week. The report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) comes as several small abattoirs have closed in recent...