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    Beef Focus: Managing rising costs on Fermanagh beef farm

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Managing the rising costs on beef and sheep farms was the central theme of a series of farm walks hosted by the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) this week. Agriland travelled to one of these events, on the farm of Stephen Maguire...
  2. Phil P

    Spraying milk on crops

    Just been reading the post on Twitter from chap whom sprayed milk on some pasture to give it a boost and promote soil bacteria. Think the rate was 10L/ha (100L/ha water rate). Pictures look good compared to the next pasture that didn’t get sprayed. Has anyone tried this on arable crops? Maybe a...
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    Farmers urged to beware of bale contamination

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Following a very dry start to 2022, baled silage can be prone to soil contamination due to dust and slurry being incorporated into bales, said Daniel Robinson from agricultural testing specialist Eurofins Agro UK. “If slurry is not incorporated into...
  4. G

    Boris on the ropes

  5. S

    Farm Building Conversion - Asbestos Survey

    Morning All Looking to convert the existing stone farm buildings into dwellings before their deterioration gets to the point of no return. I was discussing the way forward with the land agent and he suggested, amongst other things, we would need an asbestos survey which worries me. All of the...
  6. R

    NPK Specialists anyone?

    Good day all, I hope you are all well. I came across this website after stumbling around for the last week trying to figure something out and was wondering if I could post a question to the experts. I come from a farming country where there are many row crops grown. In my country there are two...
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    ‘Agflation’ breaks through the 30% barrier

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland UK ‘agflation’ has been soaring since the beginning of the year and shows no sign of flattening off, according to farm business consultancy, The Andersons Centre. This trend has been driven, primarily, by the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Agflation The...
  8. Bignor Farmer

    Red Tractor non conformance

    I don’t usually have too many problems with my audit but I do put in a huge amount of work in advance. Am I wasting my time? What is the consequence of lots of lots of non-critical failures? Sorry Mr Inspector I don’t have any grain temperature and moisture records this year but it all sold...
  9. H

    Whole crop Rye

    Anyone fed wholecrop Rye to cattle. What are the feed values ? Tia
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    339: What does it take to open new markets around the world?

    339: What does it take to open new markets around the world? Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Trade is crucial for the UK’s domestic and global prosperity. This means delivering an ambitious set of Free Trade Agreements and removing market access barriers. In this...
  11. M-J-G

    Red Clover

    Who's growing it, and what are the up/down sides. I'm wondering about feeding it to young stock and restricted to sucklers along with straw. TIA
  12. Defra Farming

    Adjusting fertiliser application rates to reduce costs

    Adjusting fertiliser application rates to reduce costs Written by Leah Coyne © Natural England/Steve Marston In this post, I'll provide an update on the work of the fertiliser roundtable, which recently held its first meeting. I’ll also share some analysis on the impact of varying...
  13. nivilla1982

    Macron floats European ‘community’ open to Ukraine and UK
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    Study shows 11% methane drop in supplemented dairy cows

    Written by Aisling O'Brien from Agriland A new study has shown that cumulative methane output was reduced by almost 11% in dairy cows that received a supplemented ration. The study was carried out by the University of Reading in the UK in association with independent feed additive manufacturer...
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    338: AHDB Beef & Lamb: Reducing inputs and understanding soil tests pt1

    338: AHDB Beef & Lamb: Reducing inputs and understanding soil tests pt1 Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board This Food & Farming podcast episode is part one of two episodes which follows the journey of Beef & Lamb Strategic Farmer Chris Elkington and independent consultant...
  16. casemx 270

    Lack of insects

    I see they keep banging on about insect decline when out on the sprayer especially with a flowering spray on the osr ( no insecticide) I saw plenty of insects and butterflies .
  17. B

    Cheapest form of N & S

    We’re currently on liquid bought very well this last year but looking to next year and seeing current prices so wondering if we should be using bagged stuff again. Anybody done a price analysis taking into account N and S percentages?
  18. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Don’t let your profits dry out

    Don’t let your profits dry out We are facing a high price but high-cost climate currently, which we discussed in our recent Spring Grain Market Outlook. The inputs into making your crop saleable (such as the cost of drying) should not be overlooked. Gas oil and kerosene prices have risen...
  19. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Don't cut corners when making silage this season

    Livestock producers are being urged to take steps to make the best silage possible this season, as purchased feed prices continue to soar. Lientjie Colahan, technical sales support at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, says that despite a rise in the cost of making silage due to widespread inflation...
  20. Foregoneconclusion

    How to fill a silage clamp. Newbie buckrake operator!!

    So. First year of some 30 silage seasons I've been involved in ,that I am buckraking. 8ft simple buckrake on front of manitou 737. Pottinger 6010 wagon.. I've seen good and awful buckrake operators over the years here but never done the job myself. I would really appreciate some top...