1. H

    Mistakes by the west

    There are a number I feel they are making since war started, do you agree? Any more? 1. Categorically ruling out getting involved militarily. Always keep the enemy guessing. 2. Blatantly advertising supplying weapons and offering planes. No need to make ourselves targets. Covertly supply...
  2. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    High prices but high fertiliser cost

    In the last two weeks commodity markets have risen sharply, but amongst these high prices are now ever higher input costs for farm businesses. In this article I want to discuss what is driving fertiliser prices and present tools and guidance from the AHDB to help with business decisions for...
  3. V

    Feeding the nation.

    Do farmers honestly run their business with a view to “feeding the nation”? It sounds like a nice marketing line some graduate from Harper dreamt up, but do any of you wake up in the morning and think “ time to feed the nation” or are you in the business of producing food? One is a business and...
  4. G

    Safesil silage preservative

    Iis ther anyone out ther using safesil silage preservative and what kind of results are you getting. We are currently been using ecosyl but haven't been having the best results with it the last few years
  5. Overby

    Family issues....keep the peace?

    A member of our family has historic 'issues', as a way of keeping them happy we (the wider family) have all allowed them to live in a fairly sheltered / fantasy bubble (I include all the farm workers in this, who, and full praise to them, have all helped by ignoring rudeness, and nonsense to...
  6. W

    Xero - scanning invoices in.

    Will be switching to xero asap and it’ll be mainly used on a desktop pc. Anybody come up with a quick way of uploading invoices? The way I see it there’s two options but neither are quick and are fiddly. 1. Add a scanner to the pc and then scan each invoice as it’s put into the system. 2. take...
  7. Agriland RSS

    How can farmers navigate a period of rising input costs?

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Farm businesses have seen input costs rise sharply over the last year, with recent events in Ukraine pushing gas, fuel and grain prices to record highs. Fertiliser prices also remain high, with uncertainty over supplies in the coming months and all...
  8. W

    Whats the value of a m3 of pig slurry from a slatted finishing unit?

    As title says, what price would people say its worth? Baring in mind not only does it provide n but p and k as well. Im thinking it should be £15m3 collected at least....
  9. HarryB97

    ‘Cheaper’ sources of energy

    Normally our silage is great quality but this year it’s poor so for the first time ever we are having to feed rolled barley, not ideal with barley approaching £250 tonne! Are there any other ‘affordable’ sources of energy out there which are a similar value to barley on a cost per kilo of dry...
  10. D

    Rebalancing a largish fan rotor?

    Just refettling an 11kW fan for a grain drier. The fan is about 3 ft diameter and because it's been left outside, the assembly must be rebalanced, so was wondering if anyone had any ideas for doing it. At the moment I was just going to turn it gently by hand and after seeing where it stopped...
  11. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Black Sea tensions will influence new crop rapeseed prices

    Although latest analysis may seem repetitive, current affairs in Ukraine are very topical and could have the potential lasting impacts to drive your rapeseed price next year. As mentioned in Monday’s market report, Ukraine and Russia collectively account for 10% of global major oilseed...
  12. daveydiesel1

    Russian/ukraine war predictions

    What the general thought on will it escalate in more countries going to war or will putin back down? Any fuel price predictions?
  13. Gator_boy9

    Bare minimum N rates

    Seriously considering splitting what nitrogen we have in the shed across 2 seasons. Had planned to go with 140N/ha on both wheat and osr, dropping to 70kg N would insulate us from high N prices in 2023 but potential would drop to 6-7t/ ha I think. Averaged 8.3t in 2021 on 60:40 1st and 2nd...
  14. M

    Survey on Public Access to the English Countryside

    Good evening all, I hope this post finds everyone well. As part of my final year of studies in Countryside Management I have created a short (9 min) survey on public access to the countryside in England. I am sending it out to conservationists, farmers and other land managers. So far I've had...
  15. Griffith Elder & Co Ltd

    Weâve improved our Grain Storage Software for even better results

    Weâve improved our Grain Storage Software for even better results Griffith Elder have improved their Ton-TelTM Software specifically designed for grain storage businesses and modern farms. Automatic Integration with Grain Analysis Results Grain sample results are automatically stored onto...
  16. Hutchinsons News

    Donât drop guard against yellow rust and Septoria

    Donât drop guard against yellow rust and Septoria Recent cold, dry weather may have reduced the immediate disease pressure in cereal crops, but growers cannot drop their guard against yellow rust and Septoria at the main spring fungicide timings, leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons warns...
  17. Hutchinsons News

    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower

    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower Digital mapping systems in horticultural crops, particularly top fruit and hops, are not yet as widely used as in broad-acre arable crops, but more growers are realising the potential benefits for improving consistency, yield and...
  18. Hutchinsons News

    Hutchinsons Helix farm network continues to expand

    Hutchinsons Helix farm network continues to expand Hutchinsons is delighted to announce the addition of Hundayfield farm to its network of Helix regional demonstration farms. Owned by Nick and Liz Wilson, Hundayfield farm just outside York is the northern region Helix demonstration farm in...
  19. Hutchinsons News

    Omnia hits 1000 users

    Omnia hits 1000 users Omnia the revolutionary precision agronomy software tool launched by Hutchinsons in 2014 has just registered its 1000th user. Adam Silvester of WA Silvester Ltd, Dunhampton Farm, near Droitwich in Worcestershire signed up to Omnia’s current free access offer and as the...
  20. Hutchinsons News

    Donât let phosphate deficiency stifle wheat potential

    Donât let phosphate deficiency stifle wheat potential Lack of phosphate could be limiting yield potential in many wheat crops, even some of the best. Hutchinsons crop nutrition manager Tim Kerr examines what can be done about it this autumn. Analysis of more than 900 grain samples...