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    Insect-based animal feed could ‘transform food production’ in UK

    Written by Iain Hoey According to researchers, Insect-based feeds for farmed animals could provide a low-carbon, sustainable solution to help the UK reach its net zero carbon emissions target as emissions from agriculture is named one of the biggest issues standing in the way of the UKs 2050...
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    Arable farmers: For your eyes only

    100% of (area based) ELMS money should go to permanent pasture, on the grounds that: 1) In the eyes of the taxpayer, this land provides the greatest public good as it is where they spend their high days and holidays. The National Parks, the uplands, the Stiffkey marshes. That is where the...
  3. Headless chicken

    Steal and concrete costs for silage clamps.

    Has anyone got a decent guide as to what sort of price we would be looking at to put girders in to hold concrete panels? Unsure on how deep we’d need to be putting them in or what size we’d need. @RWG Contracts maybe?
  4. British Farming Awards

    The finalists for the 2020 British Farming Awards are announced

    The British Farming Awards 2020 has welcomed a record number of registrations this year, a testament to the incredible work being done on farms throughout Britain. Fifty-six individuals will now battle it out for the 14 categories up for grabs which highlight the innovation and diversity of UK...
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    Environmental legislation to be biggest limiting factor for NI dairying in 2030

    Written by Rachel Martin One of Northern Ireland’s leading dairy researchers has warned he expects environmental legislation to be one of the biggest limiting factors to the industry locally by 2030. Speaking as part of the Agri Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) webinar ‘The Future of...
  6. Brid @ ADAS

    Using insects as feed

    Hi! ADAS is running a survey to identify the barriers and opportunities of scaling up insect production as a sustainable alternative to imported soya for livestock feed. We're looking to get the views of pig and poultry farmers in particular, as well as feed suppliers and mixers. Can you help? A...
  7. Corteva Updates

    Follow the label when using Forefront T

    Follow the label when using Forefront T Farmers using Forefront T to control perennial weeds such as docks, thistles, ragwort and nettles to turn infested pasture back into productive grassland, must remember treatment comes with certain obligations. “Forefront T must only be used in fields...
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    Soya and Beef Imports Shouldn’t we be aiming to meet this demand from sustainable home production? Surely there are opportunities for home grown protein such as beans, peas and lupins and maybe even soya developed for the UK? Surely UK grass or cereal beef is...
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    Tech that turns CO2 into animal feed awarded £2 million government grant

    Written by Agriland Team Nine innovative projects that apply big data, AI and robotics to UK farming will benefit from a £24 million fund pot to help establish a more efficient system of food production. The agri-tech projects include fruit-picking robots and autonomous crop systems, and even...