1. R

    New electric connection

    I am looking to get a quote to upgrade to 3 phase electric and get a larger supply in of approx 250-300kva Is it better to apply to the DNO yourself or use a contractor to do the application and do as much of the civils yourself? thoughts were that they would be able to negotiate a better price...
  2. Agriland RSS

    Cull sow support fund expected to open for applications within weeks

    Written by Rachel Martin Applications for a £2 million Covid-19 financial support package for cull sows are likely to open within the next few weeks. Northern Ireland Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots announced the £2 million cull sow support scheme earlier this month. The financial support...
  3. Clive

    Bitersaltz vs liquid Magnesium ?

    Having seen decent results from Magnesium with fungicide applications here I'm pretty convinced that along with Manganese t's a micronutrient worth using routinely on our soil types. Bitersaltz has been our cheap go-to product but it's not the most users friendly when filling a 6000L sprayer...
  4. Classichay

    Cattle grid making

    A friend has asked me to make a 10x3ft cattle grid for a front of a house. My head says channel section. What widths / thicknesses have people used? Or alternatives heaviest thing going over it is a Vauxhall estate car
  5. H

    Premium Bonds

    What are people's thoughts /experience with these, can you genuinely win large amounts, or is it a case of winning back your interest you would normally had had paid to you in a standard savings account every now and again randomly in lump sums? Never had any before, but looking at interest...
  6. W

    Which copper product on wheat

    What are people using, I have for the last few years noticed pinched ears, and presumee it's copper deficiency. Whi h products are you using and when?
  7. K

    Nitrogen Fertilizers, How often to apply?

    I'm not sure of this is the right forum but here goes. I work on my own farm and I'm not sure how often and how to apply nitrogen fertilizers to save time and my back. I apply granular urea as a side dress to my crops(loose leaf lettuce) then irrigate after to prevent too much nitrogen loss...
  8. steveR

    A quiet day.... hahaha!

    Up at 6am to go around the ewes, and found a pair of twins up and sucking with Mum, and happily no dead ones . So a good start. Checked the Maternity area, all 3 ewes and their lambs up and looking well after an unaccustomed night under cover (Easycare don't like the good things in life...
  9. T

    Kuhn Axis 40.2 dosing error

    The Kuhn axis 40.2 ecm i am using is recording less product than actually used, even with quality products such as nitram, more has been applied by the spreader than is recorded on weigh counter, any ideas what is wrong with it? The picture attached was 2400kg spread but has been recorded as...