1. FarmKeep

    Easy to use and modern mobile app to manage workflows on the farm

    We were trying to find good mobile apps to help us manage our farm and homestead workflows but couldn't find any that felt great to use. Have you experienced this as well? Well, we decided to make our own app and wanted to share it with everyone here. Easily track inventory - animals, crops...
  2. Herdwatch

    Herdwatch is live in Northern Ireland

    Hi Everyone, The Herdwatch app is now available to farmers in Northern Ireland! We are fully approved by DAERA and linked with APHIS. The App allows all farmers in the Northern Ireland to record their Animal medicines for Red Tractor and FQAS, Calf birth Registrations, Breeding Records and...
  3. J

    Portals, Grower interfaces and Apps

    Morning The company i work for are planning a massive overhaul of there current IT system, I have been asked to research the different grower interfaces / portal / apps that are being used on farm, for all sectors in British agriculture . I am aware of the McCain growers portal, the Mercian...
  4. RobFM

    We'd love a little help. Do you have a smartphone?

    Morning all. For those that I've not spoken to, I am CEO cofounder at Our new phone app is ready for some proper field testing. Keeping and sharing geolocated notes across your farm. Improving communication, reducing paperwork and duplications. It keeps a copy of a useful...
  5. Rhiza-UK

    Rhiza's NEW seeCrop agronomy app

    We've just launched our seeCrop agronomy app... seeCrop allows satellite imagery to be viewed on your smartphone or tablet while out in the field. This imagery can be used as a crop walking aid to help identify areas of crop damage or stress. Once problem areas are identified seeCrop allows...