1. G

    Whats wrong with my oats?

  2. S

    Min till bellend

    Hi guys, up in North East Scotland here, thought i was the kiddie making min till work without too much spraying for the first few years, am now on my ass visa vis annual meadow grass... Have plenty for sale btw if anyone interested?.... Pick your own for a discount naturally... Am now getting...
  3. steveR

    Roundup/generic and 2,4D??

    I have been less than impressed with Kyleo this Spring, cleaning up an old Stewardship OWS and Birdy mixes. Possibly it was a little dry at the time, but it was gutless against a mass of wild clover and Mugwort. I have another 4ha of teh same to take out in a few weeks time, and wondered about...
  4. Charles Quick

    Any crop worth drilling in June?

    I've got a field of poor linseed + multi-resistant wild oats. I'll be taking the nuclear option soon with 3 litres of glyphosate. Of course it's a great opportunity to get a big cover crop in, but is there anything I can drill that might even come close to washing its face? Would it be worth a...
  5. A

    Avena fatua(wild oat) herbicides in wheat

    Hello I'm a farmer from Eastern Europe. I have big problems with with wild oat and apera in wheat. What actives are effective? Is chlortoluron effective?
  6. D

    Contractor wont spray field

    contractor wont glyphosate field because neighbour has seed potatoes in field next door says if crop goes wrong he has to compensate them 4 or 5 times the value of crop is this usual or is he taking the mick because he does not want to do job also complaining field very rough .ploughed 3...
  7. D

    The NFU backs gene editing. Do you ?

  8. Banana Bar

    Self propelled to Trailed

    Who has gone from a self propelled sprayer to a trailed unit? We are currently spraying just over 4000 ac of mainly cereals with beet, beans, peas and some dreadful OSR. Mix would normally be 2/3 winter crops 1/3 spring. Almost all hanslope series clay with undulations rather than hills. We also...
  9. U

    Hung out to dry ?

    I heard a snippet of news this morning on Radio 4 concerning something in todays Financial Times about the proposed trade agreement with the USA & a relaxation of standards to get the trade talks moving and in particular "agriculture ".Perhaps other forum members can put some meat on the bone on...
  10. W

    Forage Brassicas and CSFB

    Do forage brassicas suffer from csfb in the same way as osr? I am in Mid Lincolnshire and have never had any problem getting the crop of osr established, it is in the Spring where the rot (literally) sets in. A forage crop would have been eaten by then. I have no luck planting kale in May, it is...
  11. ajd132

    Winter wheat after spring barley?

    Anyone doing it? Would be direct drilled in October. Is it too risky with volunteers?
  12. Jack Russell

    Mayweed in winter wheat

    I have a field of winter wheat that didn't receive an Atlantis. It has a scattering of mayweed across it now. It is going into OSR next so wanted to avoid an SU but not sure what would be best. It is reasonably large. What would be my options? I was going to go flurasulam or a dicamba type route...
  13. robbie

    Foxtrot/Oskar or axial

    I'm going to need to treat my spring barley for wild oats and I was wondering if theres much of a saving by using foxtrot instead of axial. I've never used foxtrot before is it as safe and kind to the crop as axial?
  14. M

    Rye grass, amg and bg

    Don’t worry, not all in the same field! in an effort to avoid blanket usage of glyphosate I may have missed a few patches of bg in my stubbles which were direct drilled with spring wheat, the spring wheat has come through nicely, had avadex pre em and was due to have liberator and picomax but...
  15. Feldspar

    Broadway Star conundrum

    Still having a large debate with myself about how much of the wheat to do with Broadway Star (Avocet actually). For two years now I have not spotted both wild oats and meadow brome despite walking fields what I thought was quite carefully. Walked round with an experienced agronomist and we...
  16. moretimeforgolf

    T0 anyone?

    All of our wheat was drilled at the end of October and 99% will see the combine. I’m due to spray pgr, manganese and Broadway Star this week and don’t see the point in adding a fungicide. Varieties - skyfall, firefly and extase. No ctl to use up and it’s set to stay dry . Just wondering what...
  17. D

    Too late for pendimethalin?

    I have stack of it in the store but I am feeling like it’s too late for it. Too dry. My WW is 2 leaf and under stress. My spring barley just drilled, not up, soil not settled yet and a windy weekend forecast which could blow the soil around. Very little rain forecast here. Forget it or still...
  18. Dukes Fit

    What is "heavy" land?

    Quite often read descriptions of ground being described as "heavy" but somebodies idea of heavy ground might be the lightest that another farms. I thought I'd post some pics of our heavy land that I been ploughing the last two days for comparison. The last picture is where the back tyre of the...
  19. Zippy768

    Chem label - what does this mean?

    As above. What exactly are they meaning? Hope y'all can read it ok. ?
  20. N

    cropping wheat volunteers.

    walked some very squelchy wheat stubble that had been cultivated and levelled in late September. very even crop of wheat volunteers. what would it yield (compared to a late sown bean or oat) if a) BYDV hasn't been an issue? b) I can take out a proportion of the large blackgrass plants there...