1. JCfarmer

    Have any of the religious direct drillers been ploughing or tilling this time?

    Tell the truth so help you God.
  2. Flat 10

    How warm does it have to be for c max?

    Atlantis weather or warmer? Have some winter linseed with some bad patches of BG in which seems to be growing rather fast. It’s only had avadex as crawler timing was missed. Any thoughts?
  3. Sid

    Biting the hand that feeds you.

    Many times @Clive has said how the NFU is failing farmers, the NFU mutual is not value for money. How things need to change. @Guy Smith So with such anti NFU feeling I was amazed to see this on twitter...
  4. Clive

    How’s your OSR looking now

    Certainly a difficult year but walked out late (September) drilled block today that has had me concerned all autumn and was pleasantly surprised no inputs at all so far apart from the farm saved seed and 50kgs DAP at drilling Going to be a battle keeping pigeons off all winter but frankly I...
  5. kevindb880

    Drilling anyone?

    Just north of Hertford, We managed to get 20 acres in last week but nothing since and now it’s really wet! Anyone else got anything in the ground?
  6. M

    Getting concerned

    So who's getting concerned, with 70 mm in the rain gauge since Sunday and a lot more to come over the week I certainly am. If your on free draining soil then probably not but I reside on sticky red marl which can take an age to dry out. Most of the ground is moved and was in good condition...
  7. J

    Winter linseed

    Am I mad considering it........? I last tried linseed(Spring) in 1998 I and swore at the time we wouldn't grow it again after attempting to cut it and practically wrecking a near new combine when it wrapped around everything possible. It got topped in the end. However , with OSR becoming a...
  8. teslacoils

    KWS Extase

    Ok, for someone who pays a *lot* of attention to varieties this one has slipped by my radar. Ace septoria Stands up High bushel Good yield Not late to cut Could some growers shed some more light on it? Looks French, so does it tiller well? Cover the ground quick? Is it spindly like cordiale...
  9. TFF

    Chemical Price Tracker

    Welcome to the Chemical Price Tracker Thread on The Farming Forum. When comparing "quote" prices, please note the date any answer was posted as prices changes rapidly in the market. You can view transparent prices on Farm Marketplace here - We...