1. P

    New Holland guidence ready.

    Looking at a nh tractor that is guidence ready. It has a intelliview4 screen. What would I need to make it steer its self?? I have a 750 screen if needed!
  2. S

    Fendt Varioguide and field marking

    Hi, On the varioguide terminal, is it possible to mark worked area based on say the «go» button? So that i only mark the map when i click «go» and enable varioguide, drop the implement and so on. Also stop marking on «end».
  3. F

  4. Manney

    Bigger rear moco or stick with smaller front/rear combo

    Bit of a mower dilemma. Currenlty run a 2.8m kuhn rear moco and an ancient 3m claas front moco on my Fendt 711 which is about 140hp on the shaft. Front mower has died as it has a large crack in the bed. This combination on the 711 works ok but is slow uphill and is on the limit in our usually...
  5. T

    Dinosaur wanting advice on GPS

    Hi, I'm looking to put an RTK system on our tractor for drilling.We have a Kubota M7 tractor which is autosteer ready.I have googled RTK but don't really understand everything.We are based in West Herefordshire and would like to install a system.There seems to be established companies such as...
  6. W

    Wages for employee

    Hello everyone. I’m looking for some advise please.. I was on the books two years ago on 9.50 a hour, after working all the hours under the sun it worked out on my overtime I was taking home 5.80 a hour after my deductions. I spoke to boss and said this ain’t fair why would I work extra to take...
  7. Karlis

    Trimble RTK for drilling every 2nd pass

    Hello gentlemen, Firstly, I have almost no experience with precision agriculture. So far from time to time I have used GFX-350 with NAV-500 for some field works. The accuracy is just not enough for our jobs. I would like to go for RTK autosteer. I have transferred to 100% NoTill so I would it...
  8. KUHN Farm Machinery (UK)


    PRECISION DRILLING GIVING MAIZE THE BEST POSSIBLE START From the end of April through into May, the region’s maize drills will be at their busiest as farmers and contractors seek to make use of the best conditions to establish a key crop. We speak to three Shropshire contractors who have...
  9. W

    Diff lock and auto steer

    Anybody else have issues with running both together? JD and Trimble seem to fight against the diff lock if engaged for traction. Diff lock always wins and sends the tractor off course. Seems to be a recent thing over the last year rather than something long term.
  10. S

    Fendt RTK and inaccurate waylines

    Hi, Been experimenting with varioguide on RTK (rookie with autosteer here), and just doing simple A-B lines with a 3 meter Carrier. Staying on the lines seems to work as expected, but as i work through the field. When doing the last 3 meter wayline i would expect this to "fit" perfectly with...
  11. fred.950

    What are these?

    Can anyone actually tell me what these are and if they are worth anything before I launch them in the skip, thanks!
  12. C

    Trimble right angle per turn calibration

    How do i do this,do i drive straight or go round in a circle
  13. R

    Anyone using Agricision on track and is it any good?

    Is anyone using Agricision on track gps and is it any good? Only needed for spreading fert.
  14. J

    4xtrahands / farm employee

    It is proving to be incredibly difficult finding a decent person to come and work here. There seems to be a serious shortage of people wanting a job in farming around here which is compounded by the fact that there are other farms in a similar position as me with regards to labour. Has anyone...
  15. S

    What was John Deere 6R Ultimate Edition in 2017 ?

    What was included in Ultimate Edition back then ? I cannot find any infos about it. Now it is new joystick etc but I want to know what was it in 2015-2018 models. Thanks
  16. Zippy768

    Pre-em marks and rolling

    Finally moved into the 20th century and have pre-em markers on the drill. What's the best way to suggest to the roller man to conserve the visibility of my marks?
  17. D

    New JD 6M

    Has anyone any experience of the new 6M? Starting to look seriously at changing my loader tractor and the new slanty bonnet 6090M powerquad seems to fit the bill. Current tractor is a t6010 with q36 loader, plan would be to use the same loader jib on the new tractor. a t5 dual power would be the...
  18. C

    Starfire auto steer

    Fairly new to autosteer, got drilling today and working fine but wandered if there's any way to mark out say a 12m headland so I know where to lift drill? Drill is 4m. Thanks
  19. O

    Autosteer and 3m combi drill

    Looking to start spring drilling soon, with a new to us 3m Kvernland accord DA power Harrow combi and recently purchased a tractor with auto steer. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to go about using the GPS for a beginner? Fields are 10 acre average with not many straight hedges, is a...
  20. jhorr30

    Cnh trimble auto steer

    Have a case ih puma 230cvx steer ready from the factory which was fitted with second hand nh rtk auto steer equipment almost 2 years ago. Has never worked right since it was installed. It just won't drive straight. It can be up to 30cm off line at times but is mostly 3.5-15cm off line. It is...