1. Jimdog1

    Short break in Nidderdale.

    Spending a few days near Pately bridge with the family - any suggestions on what not to miss. Anything agriculture market wise nearby? Tia. Jimdog1.🙂
  2. Johnnyboxer

    Australia Free Trade Deal?

    UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks UK farmers sound alarm over Australia trade talks Could be trouble ahead
  3. Bald Rick

    How is Brexit for you?

    No, not a political thread per se but our freedom hasn't half caused some issues ......... Just since Jan 1st on this farm: 1) Deal to send 60 pedigree heifers to N Ireland ....... no deal because there are no lairage facilities on either side of the water for a physical vet inspection prior...
  4. le bon paysan

    Herd manipulation

    If you'd suggested this 12 months ago you'd have been laughed at. Brits have always been against identity cards. A covid vaccination passport to get into anywhere is going even further. The government said it's a volantary vaccination. For months they have been denying people will have to take...
  5. M

    What’s the point in straw merchants?

    Discuss that? We are occasional straw sellers depending on price. If we can achieve £70/t and over we will bale and sell. If it’s less we chop it. Normally we’d sell to a merchant for ease. However this year we’ve sold direct to end users mainly because they are coming direct to us. They’ve...
  6. Case290

    Importing stuff now takes ???? Longer

    Importing stuff from the eu now takes how long ???? Small tow hitch Usually 2/3 days one week and waiting. Stuck at customs Could be a big problem wanting machinery parts in a hurry form the eu
  7. G

    Export of used kit

    My local dealer was telling me this morning that there is a rush on to export machinery to Ireland and Poland before January because in2021 all exports will have to be thoroughly washed and will have to be inspected by a vet!!! Mad or what
  8. Trying

    Irrigator from central France to Cambridge.

    Looking at an irrigator and before I commit was wanting to know roughly how much haulage would be.
  9. Agri Spec Solicitor

    Cirencester Mart to N Cumbria: 1 or 2 cows.

    We hope to buy a cow or two at a sale in mid September and they can be taken to the mart at Cirencester by the owner, to be picked up and brought to my farm. The timing of the trip is flexible over about 3 weeks post sale. If you can help please let me know on 07826 03 7775.
  10. B


    going up the A12 the other day every 5th HGV was sporting a sticker on the back saying PL , LT, RUM, etc etc couldnt remember others, do these run on our roads with the same costs, conditions regulations our british hauliers have to? do they get away without paying at the river crossing the auto...
  11. H

    Italy's in shut down

    If Italy is in shut down is it that reporters from all over the world can suddenly arrive there to report ? I'm just hope that the Vegan bandwagon doesn't try ,by some means, to link it to livestock however tenuously just to cause doubt and mischief !
  12. K

    Baler from Middleton stoney to retford

    have a conventional baler in need of picking up from ox25 4ab to dn22 0jz no real rush sometime over next couple of months will do so ideal if anyone is looking for backloads.
  13. M

    Burning grain for heating.

    Well why not? Good enough to use grain to make transport fuel greener.
  14. D


    On thing that is a regular hassle for me is getting bits of kit around the country back to me. Dose anyone know of a place to find post from guys with wagons moving about the country and needing to fill a wagon. Would be good to have a sticky post for any lorry’s going north/south etc.
  15. K

    Straw Haulage Costs

    Doing a project on the straw market. Could anyone indicate approximate straw haulage costs per tonne. Appreciate totally dependent on circumstance but lets say up to 80 miles and repeat business. TIA
  16. C

    No Deal Brexit

    In the very likely event of the above happening what can we expect to happen to the UK Livestock Industry?
  17. TFF

    Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker

    The Silage Straw and Hay Price Tracker Thread on The Farming Forum Please include location and price. Offical Hay and Straw Prices are published by the AHDB here:
  18. TFF

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Another thread to help TFF members track prices. The official AHDB prices can be seen here: Please include sale location in all your prices if it differences from the location on your profile.