bale baron

  1. steveR

    FJD Autosteer in UK?

    I was interested enough in this system to drop a line to their sales chap and ask a few questions and been given an undoubtedly competitive quote. Not as versatile as other systems such as the Fieldbee, but appear to be more of a plug and play install. In the advertising bumph, there is a...
  2. P

    GPS Auto Steering Kits for Agricultural Machinery with RTK Base station, ISOBUS and WIFI camera

    Hi Everyone, I am presenting GPS Auto Steering Kits for Agricultural Machinery with RTK Base station, ISOBUS, and WIFI camera. Compatible with agricultural machinery manufactured by: John Deere, Fendt, Deutz-Fahr, Case IH / Steyr, Kubota, New Holland... and so on. The main benefits are: Aid...
  3. H

    Handling 1200t of straw

    Just wondering about buying a well used loader tractor to deal with 1200t of straw. At the minute we use a mix of telehandlers towing bale trailers (not good on gearboxes) and tractors and bale trailers. It’s all a bit of a phaff and doesn’t fit in well with other jobs so I’m wondering about...
  4. P

    New Holland guidence ready.

    Looking at a nh tractor that is guidence ready. It has a intelliview4 screen. What would I need to make it steer its self?? I have a 750 screen if needed!
  5. will_mck

    Moving Small Square bales

    I usually make 15000 square bales of straw at harvest time and it's pretty slow and stressful, next year I'm hoping to make 20000 and can't think how to speed things up much more without forking out £40k+ for a second hand balepacker. There's only 3 of us, one man on the baler and flat 8 sledge...
  6. D

    Bale packers

    Am looking for opinions on the bale bandit and the acusin bale packers for use on hay and straw. Thanks
  7. Bale Baron UK

    What type of Grease?

    What type of grease is everyone using? Do you just stick to manufacturers recommended or search around to find the cheapest?
  8. H

    Compact Tractor Advice

    Am looking for advice for a compact tractor. We own about 3 acres of gently undulating land. Bought a John Deere X748 Ultimate 2 years ago after having been advised this would be more than suitable. The John Deere has a 48" mulching mid mounted deck on it with a loader which we find extremely...