1. J

    Wholecrop bales

    Just for when the thread is posted for next year asking if they're doable, yes is the answer! No holes in mine except when I reversed into a bale with the telehandler 🤦‍♂️
  2. C

    Pig muck value

    Appreciate this question has probably been asked before but here goes . My neighbour is setting up a pig B and B business next to a block of arable land that I rent .Will be around a 1000 pigs on a straw system . I am going to sell the straw into him by the bale what value do you put on the...
  3. Rob_AD


    Farming 180 acres cereals, currently in a share farming arrangement which is coming to an end. Going forward have to decide whether to buy a sprayer or use a contractor. In this area most contractors are silage and slurry focused, so spraying is secondary... What would you do? Is a second...
  4. W


    Just brought our first adblue tractor.dont want 1000 litre of you go to the pumps for it or do you buy it by the drum???? and how much is it???
  5. teslacoils

    Wolds Top - Highest Point In Lincolnshire

    Fresh from visiting Lincolnshire's most exciting waterfall, my children and I are keen to visit the highest point in Lincolnshire. Sadly, the trig point at Wood Top is not on a public footpath, so I was wondering if anyone knew who's farm it was on, so I can get in touch and ask if we can walk...
  6. J

    What size rake?!?

    What are people best size rake to go in front of a forage wagon and a round baler. We do all sorts of cuts from a multi cut system to a one big cut. Just like to know how what they use thank you
  7. Deere 6430

    Small Big baler like a D800

    Looking for a small big baler, one that does a small big bale. I have been offered a New Holland D800 baler. I am told parts are no longer, so even though it seems to have been quite well looked after, it’s basically a bad buy and so I’m put off. What other balers are out there that make a...
  8. jon9000

    Contract farming agrements for 2020 season

    Has anyone worked many of these out? Values must be well down on last year