1. J

    Welger 220 net knife not tripping

    Just tried our baler for the first time this season and the knife isn't tripping to cut the net wrap. When the first 1 came out still attached I thought I must not have held the hydraulics long enough to reset the knife after the last bale last year but the second did the same and I'm sure I did...
  2. S

    Claas 375 rc baler any good?

    Any one running one? Would be interested in any thoughts on them?
  3. R

    Small Square Baler for Starting Out With

    Hi all, Just looking some advice for a small square baler to make small hay, haylage and straw bales with. Will only be making about 1500-2500 a year. Looking advice as I haven't done much square baling before and so was looking for what I should be looking for when looking at balers or any...
  4. Jerry

    Bale weight and pros of chopping?

    Have the option of a contractor with a McHale Fusion to do some haylage for sheep. How heavy are fusion bales roughly? And what are the advantages of have the grass chopped? Wastage, quality??
  5. Sam myers

    Heavy hay bales

    Afternoon all! I run my own hay making equipment and also help other farmers bale theirs into round bales, we have a lely/welger rp445 and are always asked to turn the density down when we are baling their hay to prevent it warming. it makes no difference to me how they want their hay baling...
  6. M

    Contracting hay

    Ive got around 60 acres of grass. What would be the cost to get it cut and get it turned into hay or silage? If i get a contractor to do everything will there be any profit for me to sell the bales?
  7. Rick.banks

    Kuhn suppy problems

    Whats the record for ordering kuhn kit and it not turning up? I'll start... ordered a baler 7 months ago for march delivery, still not here... can't be on my own here!
  8. Barleymow

    Most unusual thing gives while working

    Son rang earlier he was baling hay / silage today the farmer presented him with 3 boxes of eggs and a frozen chicken!! Will be thawed out when he finishes for the day won't fit in the fridge on his fastrac
  9. Z

    Best Hay Preservative ....(apart from sun )

    What do people use now I have a balers choice kit on a 80*90 new Holland Have used eco bale DA on haylage very successfully Balers choice is £650 for 200 litres I'm looking for other alternatives
  10. icanshootwell

    Mc hale 5500 netter

    Had the top spring break today, not a problem but some how the knife has damaged the rubber roller, ive tried smoothing it the best i can but the net keeps on going around it, not every time but probably 1 in 3. It was getting on my tits this evening getting on and off every 5 minutes. Does...
  11. spin cycle

    what should i pay per 4ft round bale

    .....contractor cuts...i turn....then contractor bales + wraps...6 layers :)
  12. scrubbuster

    Best bout for NH 945

    I will be baling hay for the first time with the 945. I always rowed up for the old 370 with the haybob. Will I stick with the haybob and then travel a bit faster or should I get a rake in? TIA
  13. D

    BKT Tyres-Any good?

    Looking to replace full set of tyres on main ploughing,cultivation tractor. Have had quotes for all the main brands and BKT are coming in substantially cheaper. Am tempted but wondering if there are any drawbacks or problems with this make? Interested in anyones experiences!
  14. Little Karoo


    Hello Everyone. Clueless Farmers daughter here again, who doesn't want to trouble my poorly old Father. Had quotes of 2.5 - 4k to make 12 acres of hay. Thinking of trying ourselves, particularly as we maybe getting a further 20 acres next year. Can anyone advise what are the best old...
  15. D

    ELMS in the real world.

    Have just been having a read of some current threads:
  16. scottish-lleyn

    Feed silo haulage

    Ive recntly bought a 5t collinson feed silo at an online auction. Im looking for somone to move it from the farm i bought it from to my farm. Sombody told me they usually get delivered on a tipping flat bed. Anyone know of anyone who could move it for me in south east scotland or near by? Thanks
  17. Andyt880

    DD turnips into permanent pasture without glyphosate

    I am thinking of getting 4 acres of old grass land Direct drilled with turnips after second cut silage. Winters are wet here and land wouldn’t be the lightest but this would be one of my driest fields in winter. Never grazed a forage crop over winter here before. I am wondering would I get...
  18. ffukedfarmer

    Hay Making 2021

    Anyone made a start yet?!
  19. D

    Do you have small run about or compact tractor?I

    I suppose the quad bike & mule type atv's have taken the place of the small "knocking" about tractor. Do any of you have a small tractor perhaps with transport box loaded with fencing material or compact tractor mowing the lawn. If so what do you have & what do you use it for? I feel a bit...
  20. Smokey16

    New holland round baler

    Iv been and seen a new holland 548 round baler today whilst I was there the chap showed me a new holland 740a belt Baker what's people thoughts on them