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  1. S

    Back to minimum tillage ?

    We have a big issue with grass weeds and it’s getting worse. We are ok if we have a big spread of crops but it simply just doesn’t pay due to poor yields of spring crops such as spring linseed, spring barley, spring beans spring wheat. We’ve also tried grass but without our own livestock we get...
  2. D

    Lord King WTAF Nowt to do with me guv. Mervyn King was Governor of the BoE from 2003 to 2013 and presided over the start of the current mess. Him and his mates around the...
  3. S

    Liquid fertiliser and sprayer rethink

    Irrelevant of the price difference between liquid and granular I’m thinking of moving back to granular for a few reasons as well as Urea being the cheapest form of N. We are running a 6000l 32m trailed we bought cheap about 8 years ago but it’s well worn out. We’re at the stage where we need to...
  4. Agriland RSS

    Opinion: What might farmers be chatting about at the Balmoral Show?

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland This year’s Balmoral Show (May 11-14) takes place against the backdrop of real change impacting every sector of agriculture in Northern Ireland. And perhaps the most significant of these is the fast growing disparity between the support levels...
  5. Smokey16

    Round baling silage cost

    Hi just wondered what other farmers will be paying this year for round baling and wrapping. Thanks
  6. DrDunc

    Weeds in grassland, what to do?

    I've a field that's contains a fair few broadleaf weeds. Clover is looking well, pH and nutrients are fine, and only other issue is lack of actual grass in places. It's intended to be cut for haylage at the beginning of July Should I spray off the broadleaves now with MCPA / 2.4D and check the...
  7. H

    British Farming Union on TFF

    Who or what is behind this ? I just spotted the section where you can join up but no explanation as to who is organising it ......or am I behind the times ?
  8. abitdaft

    You know you are lambing /calving when?

    Thought I would start this rather continue to hijack the " feck up " thread ( that just took me 3 or 4 minutes to recall the title!) You are eating breakfast when you should be eating dinner and are eating dinner when you should be in your bed. Your child comes home from school and walks in...
  9. Yorkshire lad

    Told off by the bank

    We are a family partnership consisting of parents and two sons we can all sign cheques and need just one signature. My mother and I are the only ones who use online banking and have done so for 10 years , brother and dad have aversions to computers Last week the device that generates a...
  10. F

    Private well

    Hello. My uncle recently passed away. I inherited the land that he inherited from his father and his house, livestock machinery and buildings. My brother inherited land that my uncle purchased in later years. There is a private well located to the rear of the house. My uncle ran a water pipe...
  11. S

    Carbon Markets

    Hello, My name is Sarah Meredith and I am in my final year at Harper Adams University. As part of my dissertation, I am investigating 'What Farmers and Land Owners Know About Carbon Markets'. I would really appreciate it if you could spend a few moments completing my survey by following this...
  12. N

    Can a dealer change a deal?

    Ordered an ifor Williams 18ft tri axle tilt bed, June 2021. Been delayed and delayed eta December this year. Deposit paid. My question is can they change the price? Heard folk having their prices increased but no deposit was paid on theirs. I’m under the impression a deposit enters a contract...
  13. Fuzzy

    St. Albans Diocessan Board of Finance - Selling ag land from under Tenant (fbt)

    Anyone had land fbt sold from under them by SADBF Advice and help needed ???
  14. MX7

    The speed at which farmland disappearing under houses etc,etc!!!

    Yesterday I drove from Cirencestert to Cambridge ( to British Antarctic Survey) headquarters openday,and back.I was staggered by the amount of agricultural land disappearing under houses, industrial parks ,HS2 etc etc. I was especially taken aback by the amount Bicester is growing, and then by...
  15. D

    Anybody considering suspending production for a year?

    With input price inflation high, is anybody considering suspending production for a year?
  16. fermerboy

    Do you enjoy farming?

    Simple enough question. Do you enjoy farming? Its maybe just the springtime madness and the last couple of days in particular but I can't remember the last time I actually enjoyed doing farming. I just feel torn out with it all and the never ending shite that seems to head my way. Fuel...
  17. CopperBeech

    New entrants / post entry / building the future of our industry.

    Been having general discussions today with a couple of people about the future of the sheep industry, some very interesting points raised to be fair. Someone pointed out that these days we have probably more young folk wanting to get into sheep farming / shepherding than at any other time (or...
  18. C

    New scam??

    Someone claiming to ring on behalf of boc saying they need to come and inspect our gas and welding equipment as it now requires an annual test for insurance purposes and could we pay xxxx amount for the required certificate. Told them it was first we had heard of it and put phone down. Rang nfu...
  19. W

    Is Red Tractor ‘mass balance’ legal?

    The new RT rule regarding mass balance info as seen here on RT’s website: So this means any corporate member of RT with log on details can access what a farm has produced in tonnes and where it’s been...
  20. V

    Feeding the nation.

    Do farmers honestly run their business with a view to “feeding the nation”? It sounds like a nice marketing line some graduate from Harper dreamt up, but do any of you wake up in the morning and think “ time to feed the nation” or are you in the business of producing food? One is a business and...