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  1. B R C

    Another dodgy developer begging letter

    What a load of tosh just out to buy development sites on the cheap.
  2. E

    Machinery Rings & Buying Groups

    It may have been posted before but I'd like to know what peoples views are of the Machinery Rings and Buying Groups? Do they serve your needs? Are they value for the membership? Would you change any aspects and if so what? Do you think they have any loyalty to members both suppliers and...
  3. F

    Partnership agreement

    Need to add the wife to the existing agreement I share with my parents. Accountant has basically said add wife , write a bit about the partnership continuing in the event of a death, and profits are shared as agreed by the partners each year. Maybe a couple extra bits about me having overall...
  4. C

    New power supply

    We have some buildings about 100 metres from a 3 phase power line. what is it likely to cost to install a new supply. Probably ought to go for 100kVA, but I’m feeling nervous about the expense. would it be of benefit to put a large solar power unit in on the roof of the shed?
  5. Grass And Grain

    Red Tractor Fight, Campaign Resources

    Everyone, we're making real progress here. Many of you have been writing letters to all the quangos. Let's step this up a bit, and make use of these letters/emails. This purpose of this thread is simply to upload any letters you've written, so that everyone else can simply copy and paste into...
  6. M

    Selling a farm

    Speaking with a friend the other day, his family are considering a sale of the family farm as they have no succession. do people think that now is a good time to sell?
  7. Bossfarmer

    How much debt to take on poll!

    money is cheap just now and it seems if I'm ever going to upgrade facilities on the farm/buy additional land now would be the time to do so, this will take substantial investment but could look like money well spent by the time its paid off with inflation, I'm looking for a bit of bare land if...
  8. ColinV6

    Water bubbling up in a gateway, whos issue is it?

    So it was made aware to me today that some water is surfacing outside of our field, in the gateway, but parallel to where the grass verge usually would be. So Definately clear of the fence line by a couple of feet. I called Scottish water who came out this evening and tested it. No chlorine...
  9. W

    Joe Biden

    Jesus Christ this is who the American people have voted in. He needs removing with immediate effect.
  10. D

    Garden hedge, smaller pot grown Or larger bare rooted

    Need to plant a hedge to screen garden from farm yard. cost of 60-90 bare root is about 10% of 30-60 pot grown. in 3+ years times will anyone know the difference other than my bank account!? species mostly hornbeam and beech. Going to mix compost and top soil with the them to give a good start.
  11. J

    How would you like to be approached with a business proposition?

    Good morning all and hello, this is my first post on the forum. I have joined in the hope of gaining some insight into how farmers would like to be approached for business. I don't know any personally. I have a simple business proposition: "If you turn that 4 acres of land next to the river...
  12. Exfarmer

    laptops for schools

    locally and nationally there has been a call for businesses to donate old laptops to schools Very happy to do this and we have 3 lying about one is probably 15 years and still fires up but not sure if it is that good however we have 2 about 8 years a small Macbook and an HP windows machine...
  13. kfpben

    Levelling Up

    The Tories say they want to ‘Level up’ the country. Given the immense sacrifices made by the young in locking down to save the lives of the elderly the first thing the government should do is raise the pension age, cut the state pension, end free TV licences, free bus passes and other...
  14. Jockers84

    Regional words, terms and phrases.

    Good afternoon, I've been a long term follower of the farming forum, as a new start some of the things I've learnt have been truly priceless. One thing that has struck me though, is every so often I will find a word, term or phrase that I'm just not 100% on what it means. This isn't limited to...
  15. W

    Donald Trump - views

    I’ll start the ball rolling. For me he’s one of the best presidents ever. He’s run it like a business which is how all countries should be run. Prior to COVID the American economy has been the best it’s been for 40 years. He’s done exactly what he said he was going to do. He’s held the media...
  16. U

    Share Portfolio 2020

    Just received my brokers report on my share holdings for the year 2020. Across the board reading of my mixed portfolio is that I am about 20% DOWN from this time one year ago. Considering turmoil during 2020 am happy,as it could have been much worse.