1. Wobblebox

    Best business bank?

    I know the title is a bit of 'the best of a bad bunch', but due to circumstances i dont wish to discuss here, im looking for the best bank to open a business account with. N.b. this will be for an agricultural business
  2. steveR

    Best "inflation proof" farm investments?

    Been seeing a couple of articles about the worrying likelihood of a ramping up of inflation before long... Sprog 2 works for a investment and wealth management outfit, and they are spreading investment risk on the basis of an increase. As anyone over mid 40s will be very aware of, it's not good...
  3. N


    Having banked with them for more than I remember they needs forms filling in to confirm I am who I say I am and business details .Think it all to do with covid
  4. N

    Bounce back loan

    how many won’t be paid back by those claims made by non existing business,just watched Cameron on answering questions on TV ,boy a lot goes on the public don’t know about.
  5. B

    Agricultural banking

    Hi all. Here in Norfolk we've lost our Barclays agricultural managers,and have to use a centralised agricultural team, no more discussing rates over coffee and hobnobs. How are others getting on with banks and are they doing the same thing. Cheers
  6. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    I see there's an offer on S10 smartphones but they are locked to either vodafone or EE . Is this permanent , or could one be changed on to giff gaff if necessary ? My S9 is just looking a bit weary . I'm not worried about the better camera - I'm happy with the one on S9 , so would it be a...
  7. Barclays News Feed

    The Let's Talk Agriculture podcast Hartpury University is now live

    The Let's Talk Agriculture podcast Hartpury University is now live In this podcast episode, BSc Agriculture Lecturer Stephen Watson and student Tilly Abbott, both from Hartpury University in Gloucestershire, join us to discuss how the next generation is getting prepared to become tomorrow’s...
  8. Whitepeak

    Which Bank?

    We need a new bank for the farm business. Up until recently dad has been trading as a sole trader with a personal account with santander. Now I've become a partner in the business so we need a business account, hence why we need a new bank/account. We've narrowed it down to the ones with...
  9. B

    Borrowing money

    Best institution to borrow money to buy some land
  10. Chae1

    Paying for selling items privately

    When buying or selling things privately what's the best method of payment for both parties? A bank transfer as I'm aware isn't instant. I want to transfer the money to other party when I view/pick item up. Them to be 100% sure its paid. Same with selling I want money to be in my account...
  11. J

    Business Recovery Loan Scheme.

    An article on this on page 28 of this weeks Farmers Weekly. Due to start on April 6th. Does anyone know anything about it? @neilo It might be cheaper than a Nat West overdraft?
  12. Barclays News Feed

    Latest Podcast

    Latest Podcast In support of International Women’s Day Barclays Agriculture have interviewed Minette Batters, NFU President on the changing role of women in agriculture. For our latest podcast hosted by our very own Oliver McEntyre. You can hear the whole podcast here: · Soundcloud...
  13. M

    Help needed suspected scam??

    Hi, please can anyone help? I purchased a tractor yesterday online. Spent thousands on it and today I receive an email saying they won’t deliver it until I pay the tax, which they will refund once I receive tractor. Seller confirmed vat was included to me yesterday. Does anyone know a company or...
  14. puntabrava

    Recommend a bank please

    I have banked with Lloyds for 45 years, the Level of service has deteriorated over the last five years, I have been moved to a belligerent Edinburgh round table of cheap salaried degree holders. I wished to renew a one year lapsed 50k overdraft facility to buy a few secondhand lorrys that are...
  15. nonemouse

    HSBC “safeguarding”

    Anybody else getting so pee'd off with this process of ‘identity verification’ and information gathering that they are prepared to tell them where to stuff their bank accounts? I’ve wasted hours on this in last 2 months, between various business accounts and partners private accounts and...
  16. Agriland RSS

    Meet the new ‘Agri-business Group’ hoping to keep NI’s air ambulance flying

    Written by Rachel Martin A team of nine Northern Irish agri-business leaders have teamed up to promote the work of the Air Ambulance NI (AANI) charity and encourage support within the agricultural sector. Speaking on behalf of the group, Barclay Bell, a trustee of AANI and the person behind...
  17. maf finance group

    Thoughts from the NFU conference

    Thoughts from the NFU conference Rachel Borlace, Head of Agriculture found the NFU conference today very interesting indeed. There was certainly a air of optimism and determination in the air. Despite the many challenges the past year has seen. Environment Secretary George Eustice has said...
  18. maf finance group


    Agritech Rachel Borlace, Head of Agriculture & Renewables, held a roundtable workshop at Agritech. Here she interviewed a number of suppliers in the renewables industry, looking at the benefits of investing in a renewable energy project. You can read this update from Midland Asset Finance on...
  19. Macsky

    Cattle- the cause or the cure?

    Cattle farming is terrible, so we must all self flagellate and eat pretend food to save the world: Or, cattle...
  20. C

    Mortgage for Agricultural Tied Property

    I have found a property with 20 acres which I wish to buy but it has an agricultural tie. Not an issue as we meet the criteria. However, finding a mortgage lender is proving very difficult. Any recommendations??