1. bluegreen

    Olly Blogs goes combining December!!

    Olly is trying to double crop barley for a third season using his 8700 Lexion and rather smart 960TT Tractor
  2. DrDunc

    Cattle handling pens

    Here's the story: Updating the 100 year old cattle pens here (ok, slight exaggeration, they're 60 year old, but situated in the 200 year old former dairy byre which is somewhat remote from the "modern" housing, and usually requires a few bodies to block holes in the journey between the two...
  3. J

    Which sprayer

    Evening all, First time poster long time reader. Anyway our current trailed JD 740 has given up the ghost and we are now looking for a replacemet. As we are a mixed farm growing cereals winter and spring plus potatoes and then weed spray on grassland etc. We are currently at 24m and looking to...
  4. X

    Cattle shed internals ?! York area

    Needing a recommendation for a company to do internals for our new cattle shed- Would need to be able to supply gates, sheeted doors, swinging feed gates with lockable head yokes, feed troughs. Shed is 90 x 40 has electrics/ water already. Go..........
  5. tr250

    What timber for sheep feed trough?

    I’m planning on making some sheep feeders I want to make the timbers of of similar stuff that goes on the skirting of cattle feed fence so I know the size but what type of wood should I ask the timber merchants for I want something that will last and won’t shrink too much to let meal out
  6. S

    Case or Bateman

    Looking. At going to either case 3000 or Bateman rb15 from front and back mounted, anything major to look for? Where do you find specs on case? Thanks.
  7. Farm Classifieds

    Bateman cattle crush with hoof trimming winches

    Bateman cattle crush with hoof trimming winches Advert added by: @ih1455xl Machinery Details Category: Livestock Equipment Livestock Handling Equipment Price: £800 Condition: Description Bateman cattle crush has a fixed winch at the back and a removable winch at...
  8. James

    Cattle hurdles

    I know Teemore and Bateman do them but does anyone else?
  9. B

    Bateman RB 16 prime/purge recirculation

    I’m looking to buy a Bateman RB16. Some seem to have the prime/purge spray boom recirculation fitted but others don’t. Would people advise only to buy one with the recirculation system or do people manage fine without? thanks in advance
  10. tr250

    Sheep feed barriers for sale to fit 20ft bays

    Bateman sheep feed barriers 3 with internal gates 3 without. Pins ans brackets included. £350 per panel
  11. Stags Agri

    South West November Online Timed Sale of 50+ Tractors, Vehicles etc (850 Lots) - Closing on 5th December 2021

  12. Boomerang

    fork lift test 5 days !

    Initially was told I'd need a 5 day course/test, now as I'm experienced (40 years of driving alsorts of equipment) It's been reduced to 2 days , more bureaucratic tick boxing bs , it seems a ticket for a larger forklift isn't acceptable for a little 3 wheel electric job. How long before some...
  13. Bigjon44

    Bateman pump overhaul

    Anyone had their bateman ip serviced/overhauled/refurbed lately? Just wondering what sort of prices people paid?
  14. GAM

    Field Gates

    Whats farmers thoughts on Bateson field gates? We have used IAE in the past, yet are local supply as offered Bateson.
  15. Bigjon44


    Anyone take these apart and give them a good clean/service now and again or just change the diaphragms in them?
  16. Bigjon44

    RB26 Suspension

    Just recently noticing that there's not alot of give in my bateman suspension 2008 especially around headlands have to go pretty slow otherwise its a very Bumpy ride!! Is this normal for an older machine and is there anything I can do or adjust to make things smoother?? Thoughts be much...
  17. Janet Hughes Defra

    New Farming Investment Fund launched today

    Afternoon all - we've launched the farming investment fund - info here: Here's a blogpost explaining what's changed and how we've improved the scheme based on learning from previous schemes...
  18. T

    Bateman RB35 fuel problem

    Got a new Bateman RB35 last autumn which had fuel problems right from the word go. 4 sets of fuel filters in the first 20 hours were needed to make it run. Put it down to colder weather waxing the fuel even though the fuel had winter additive in it and the sprayer is always stored in an...
  19. H

    Big ćontractor in Oxfordshire selling up,

    Rc baker are having a machinery sale in the new year. I have seen many articles on them they are big contractors in that part of Oxfordshire.
  20. E

    Question about a ford(river crossing)

    Can anyone shed any light on this? I own an orchard with a small river running past it. There is a ford across the the field the other side which has just changed ownership. The new owner lives on my side of the river and without consulting me has started using the ford for crossing...