1. MX7

    Combine telematics???

    How much extra approximately is a telematics package on a combine? How do combine telematics pay for themselves??? :scratchhead: :scratchhead: How do they increase the bottom line enough to just the cost of the telematics option?
  2. teslacoils

    World Wheat Record

    Wheat record broken again. Anyone care to guess the nitrogen use per ton produced before it's announced? I'll go for 380kg per hectare.
  3. Agriland RSS

    New world record for highest wheat yield

    Written by Agriland Team A farmer in Ashburton, New Zealand has achieved the highest wheat yield in the World for the second time. Eric Watson produced a wheat crop yielding 17.398t/ha (6.93t/ac) last February. He had previously beaten the Guinness World Record in 2017 when he produced a wheat...
  4. C

    Going forward with Oilseed Rape.

    I am in the same dilemma as everybody else; how much rapeseed do I try to establish this autumn. We are a plough based system at present and plough down a good dressing of broiler litter. Most of our crops established to some extent last time, but there are a lot of bare and weedy headlands...
  5. W

    Early yields from Eastern Europe

    Doesn’t look to good. Hopefully it’ll carry on and hold prices where they are. Add in the below average USDA predictions and we might just see group 1 at £250 because it’s over £200 for Nov already.
  6. Agritrade News RSS

    Bayer’s $10bn to settle Roundup litigation

    Written by Jamie Day Agrochemical manufacturer Bayer is to spend over $10 billion in settling current and future legal cases over its Roundup (glyphosate) herbicide, as well as smaller amounts on dicamba and PCBs in water cases. The company is to pay $10.1 billion to $10.9bn to resolve major...
  7. Seth470

    Thinking of getting into cereal crops. Anyone got a breakdown including contractor costs

    Thinking of getting into cereal crops. Anyone got a breakdown including contractor costs.
  8. The Guardian RSS

    Australia's agriculture minister says Roundup is safe after $16bn US cancer lawsuit

    Australia's agriculture minister says Roundup is safe after $16bn US cancer lawsuit Written by Australian Associated Press Bayer’s US settlement over Monsanto’s weedkiller has given hope to litigants in Australia Australia’s agriculture minister insists the common weedkiller Roundup is safe...
  9. U


    Looking at a financial update a few minutes ago and noted that Bayer has agreed to settle $ 10 + Billion of US lawsuits for the product that we know as " Roundup".
  10. Agritrade News RSS

    EU clears Elanco’s Bayer Animal Health deal

    Written by Jamie Day The European Commission (EC) has approved Elanco’s pending acquisition of the Bayer Animal Health business unit. Subject to other regional market approvals, the $7.6 billion deal announced in August 2019 is expected to complete in August this year. Elanco has divested...
  11. Lincs Lass

    Blight spray

    Spuds in the garden are just about to flowering stage ,its getting warmer again after the rain so Im thinking its blight spraying time ,,too soon yet or prevention better than cure
  12. Romney_Rob

    Seed treatment applicatior

    Anyone have any clue where I can buy pump, controller and nozzles etc. Fancy having a go at treating our own seed through an auger
  13. Agriland RSS

    Commission grants approval for Elanco to acquire Bayer’s animal health business

    Written by Agriland Team The European Commission has granted approval to Elanco Animal Health’s pending acquisition of Bayer’s animal health business. Elanco, the US-based company, says that it continues to move towards a mid-year closing, hoping to close the deal by August 3 , 2020...
  14. Chris F

    Farming Protest Event

    I am thinking a Farming Protest should be organised at a farm based on the new Agriculture bill and the fact that Jamie Oliver and NFU have done a great job getting nearly a million signatures for food standards. We could also have beer, a band and a ploughing match. Just an idea ;) @Guy...
  15. Farmer Roy

    This is the future

    @Clive you are about the only person I know here who might be interested in this . . . The rest of TFF seem to masturbate over any time spent in tractors, especially shîtty old Fords & Masseys . . . Personally, the less tractor hours the better
  16. Rob Holmes

    3D printing?

    Has anyone got one? Are they easy to use? Are they any use in agriculture?
  17. P

    Situation Vacant Farm Worker - Bayer Cropscience Ltd

    Farm Worker We have an exciting opportunity for a Farm Worker who will report to the Farm Manager at our Field Stations in Little Shelford and Great Chishill. Our field stations provide support to the global Agronomic Development...
  18. ajd132

    Neonic resistance

    This popped up on twitter, seed treatments not working and they are now spraying in Canada. The inevitable treadmill of reliance on chemicals.
  19. W

    Blood sucking ahdb

    68 million drained out of farming every year by the ahdb ,farmers must have plenty of spare cash
  20. CerealsEvent

    Cereals LIVE direct to your screens 10 - 11 June

    Cereals LIVE direct to your screens 10 - 11 June Cereals LIVE is almost here, with brand new exhibitor content, high profile speakers, a broad seminar programme and the opportunity to socialise and earn CPD points. Whether farmers are looking to see the latest crop varieties, learn about...