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    Disease control – The late show

    Written by cpm Download PDF Predicting the onset of septoria has always been a challenge because it’s invisible during its latent phase. But a changing climate is possibly making fungicide decision-making even more difficult, discovers CPM. Once hyphae grow within the leaf, then even the most...
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    Control still available for brome

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Following ADAS’ announcement of changes in sensitivity to ALS-inhibiting herbicides, Bayer has stressed that there are still a range of options to control brome in the field. Charlotte Cunningham reports. ADAS announced last week that researchers had isolated six...
  3. Grassman

    Glyphosate free roundup

    Saw this in costco. Didnt know roundup could be had in different active ingredients.
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    On Farm Opinion – Weather the weather

    Written by Tom Allen-Stevens Download PDF The Climate Corporation’s FieldView has brought a remarkable level of precision to US maize growers, but will it do so here in the UK? CPM visits an early user to get an insight. What I really like about this is that I get access in real time to the...
  5. T

    Situation Vacant Temporary Trials Agronomist position with Bayer CropScience around Doncaster

    The following position has recently become vacant due to the previous applicant withdrawing from the process. The Field Trials Group in Bayer CropScience Ltd is looking to recruit a Temporary Trials Agronomist on a temporary fixed term employment contract (March/April – end of September) near...
  6. Chae1

    Best cropping software package

    Looking to change the software package i use to record arable side of business. Currently using greenlight grower management. But @ £400/yr subscription it seems expensive for less than 600 acres combinable crops. I use it for fertiliser/seed plans for drillman, Me. Record FYM, lime...
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    Prepare for changes to potato seed treatments

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Potato growers are being urged to prepare now for changes in the potato seed treatment line-up this spring, according to the latest advice from Certis. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Last autumn, Bayer announced it was pulling sales of its powder treatment...
  8. F

    Committee on Climate Change Report The Future For Farming And Land Use

    I have just been sent the report by the CCC on future land use to achieve carbon net zero by 2050. It is embargoed until tomorrow morning and I have been sent it as I have been asked to comment on it by Sky news in the morning. I would suggest that every farmer reads this tomorrow as I believe...
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    Light leaf spot incidence reaches 62%

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Over 60% of samples assessed by Bayer in December contained light leaf spot symptoms (3 days after incubation) according to the latest findings from the firm’s SpotCheck initiative. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Mild temperatures throughout the end of 2019 and no...
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    Global briefings – No gain, no pay

    Written by cpm Download PDF Leading agchem giants Bayer and BASF both announced plans at their global press briefings to introduce outcome-based pricing. CPM was there to push them to explain. If you don’t get the outcome, the price you pay is lower, if you get more we share in the upside. By...
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    Arable conference takes place in Greenmount tomorrow

    Written by Agriland Team The ‘Agronomy and Business Management Conference for Arable Growers’ is set to take place tomorrow, Tuesday, January 14, at the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE), Greenmount Campus. The all-day conference jointly organised by CAFRE, the Ulster...
  12. chaffcutter

    Javid promises BPS at same level for 2020

    .....and continuing support through the new system after we leave at the end of the year. No details yet, broad brush approach and a lot of work to do yet!
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    Austria unsuccessful in banning glyphosate

    Written by Agriland Team For the time being, Austria will not proceed with a ban on glyphosate which was due to begin on January 1. The country had drawn up draft legislation to ban glyphosate-based herbicides. However, according to reports, earlier this month Austrian Chancellor Brigitte...
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    Gene editing key to sustainable food production

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham UK policy needs to optimise and allow novel breeding techniques – such as gene editing – in order for farming to become part of the climate change solution, according to experts from Bayer. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Speaking at the Anglia Farmers ‘Shaping the...
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    Winter weed control nightmare wins top prize

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Congratulations to our lucky winner Ben Taylor who took part in the CPM/Bayer survey on winter wheat weed control and has won the fabulous prize of an Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket worth £480. Ben responded to the survey and completed the tie-breaker question which...
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    Tuber treatments – Rethinking tuber treatment?

    Written by cpm A few weeks ago Bayer voluntarily withdrew their stalwart potato seed treatment, Monceren. For growers who’ve relied on the treatment for many years it means a change of strategy. CPM looks at the considerations. All of the alternatives to Monceren have their merits. By Rob Jones...
  17. bobk

    Who's going ww in feb ?

    In my opinion sowing now is high risk with uncertain weather and undoubtably going colder , so , I'm thinking how's about mid - end of feb , moves some seed and the only risk is vernalisation , could be a better gamble , Decisions , decisions .
  18. Ninjago

    The future of arable cropping

    This autumn has highlighted a major weakness in the way the majority of arable crops are established in the uk, min-till particularly on heavy soils. The need to create a chit of the major grass weeds by a light cultivation and leaving for 4-6 weeks has left us exposed if the weather changes as...
  19. Chris F

    Extinction Rebellion and Farming

    I've been at the Sustainable Food Trust event on Climate Change and Net-zero 2040 over the past few days and as part of it got to meet Gail Bradbrook one of the co-founders of Extinction Rebellion (XR) which was an absolute pleasure to be honest. Her views on farming is that it is part of the...
  20. ewewhat

    Benefits of Variable Rate Seed

    Does anyone have any good black and white data of how good/bad variable rate seed rate is? Looking on t'internet and it's a bit of a rabbit hole! Speaking to some precision agriculture reps and they say theirs is better than the competition blah blah but they produce absolutely nothing to show...