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  1. Ffermer Bach

    Tree Planting

    An article I 100% agree with, I just wish this would become more mainstream, instead of the constant "green wash" we constantly keep hearing. Planting trees isn’t the answer to saving the planet worReforestation is often seen as the best solution to digging our way out of the climate crisis but...
  2. Agriland RSS

    Production of flukicide Trodax ceased

    Written by Michael Geary from Agriland Boehringer Ingelheim has confirmed to Agriland that it has ceased the production of the flukicide Trodax. The flukicide, which will have been used on many farms across the country, was used to treat cattle and sheep for mature and immature fluke, as...
  3. B

    Would you take it? (40ha of payed grazing)

    Some might already know or remember, people usually pay me to arrange grazing of their property. I currently graze/manage around 40 hectares under contract. All within 5 miles from our home farm, ten minutes by car. Grazing is done with sheep, cattle will have a role in the future. A client has...
  4. Agriland RSS

    NI customers buy over 50,000 cattle from the Republic this year

    Written by Breifne O'Brien from Agriland Cattle buyers in Northern Ireland are making their presence felt at mart rings around the Republic this year, as over 50,000 head of cattle have been exported to Northern Ireland so far in 2021. According to figures from the Department of Agriculture...
  5. N

    Red tractor inspection

    Do I need to pay for a vet health plan yet
  6. B

    Lameness in Lambs

    Our lambs seem quite bad with lameness this year, and I think it's got worse since they were weaned. Any tips on dealing with it. Going to try and get all lame ones into one lot. Guessing there is about 100 ish of them and I would think it's CODD that's the main problem. Have been footbathing...
  7. Defra Farming

    Livestock Demographic Data Group: Cattle population report June 2020

    The Livestock Demographic Data Groups (LDDGs) were formed in January 2014 and are comprised of APHA representatives from data, epidemiology, species expert and GIS work groups. The LDDGs are grateful to British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS), IBM and APHA Weybridge Data Systems Group (DSG) staff...
  8. Agriland RSS

    Livestock judges announced for 2021 Balmoral Show

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Judges have been announced for livestock classes at this year’s Balmoral Show. The 152nd Balmoral Show, run in partnership with Ulster Bank, will take place from September 22-25, 2021. As Northern Ireland’s largest agri-food event, the show attracts...
  9. LAMMA365

    User review: New Holland T5.140 with clever transmission is worth its substantial price tag says one Welsh contractor

    Combining a four-cylinder punch, dual clutch transmission and a high level of specification, New Holland’s T5.140 DynamicCommand is aimed at farmers who need greater performance and comfort from a smaller tractor. Consequently it comes with a substantial price tag, but is it worth the money...
  10. G

    Situation Vacant Machinery operator

    We have a full time position available on our family run mixed and diversified farm in Lancashire. We farm around 600 acres, finish beef cattle & lambs, process grain and have a busy farm shop. The position would ideally be filled by someone who has PA1 & PA2 qualifications and has experience...
  11. DairyGrazing

    How much are you planning on investing in the next 20 years?

    Just had a think about what we'd like to do going forward just to stand still on 400 cows. 1)450k on a parlour 2)150k to get the rest of the milkers onto deep sand and heifers off straw onto cubicles 3)50k on tracks 4)75k on silage pits to stop over filling the current one and so we dont have...
  12. Agriland RSS

    Climate Bill to cost NI farming £11 billion

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Aiming for net-zero by 2045 could result in the loss of 13,000 farming jobs in Northern Ireland at a cost of £11 billion, an independent report has warned. Net-zero by 2045 is a proposal put forward as part of the Private Member’s Climate Change Bill...
  13. C

    Recruitment of staff

    Can I have some advice please as to members experiences with the best places to recruit an assistant herdsman as I am struggling. Thanks,Cyril.
  14. B

    Start up poultry farming

    I'm a 1st generation farmer, after starting as a hobby 6 years ago I now own a yard, rent the adjoining land and run 150 head of beef cattle. I'm looking for extra ways to earn money from the farm though. I rear all my calves and take them through to fat so I'm already tided to the yard. In the...
  15. G

    How many kilo's of bullnuts do you feed to finish beef cattle

    On a finishing beef farm I'm wondering what many kilo's of bull nuts are others feeding to beef cattle or what would the said be for the daily average My cattle are approx 650kgs and currently giving 4 kilo's average across the herd.
  16. Agriland RSS

    UK beef trade continues to improve despite Irish trend

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland The beef trade for prime cattle in the UK is continuing to improve despite ongoing efforts by Irish beef processors to cool prices in the market. Last week’s Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) weekly bulletin noted that for the previous week, the...
  17. W

    Organic farming

    Hello guys! Wondering if anyone can advise some good resources on organic farming for me to learn from? Any textbooks, online websites or books I can buy on the matter. I’ve a degree in science and so have a particular interest in studying farming and coming at things from a scientific...
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    293: Beef & Lamb: At home with Liz and Rob Priest

    293: Beef & Lamb: At home with Liz and Rob Priest Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board In this AHDB Food & Farming podcast, we catch up with our new Beef & Lamb Monitor Farmers in the South West, Liz and Rob Priest. As a family they farm both sheep and beef cattle in...
  19. M

    Yet another student research project - are you planning on shifting towards producing less meat or dairy?

    Hello! To perpetuate the cliché of students coming to ask for your views on various aspects of your work, I would love to hear your views if the question in my title resonates with you. I've been advised by the moderation team to post about my project in this section. I'm a student at the...
  20. I

    Cattle won’t graze.

    Anyone got any advice for beef cattle that won’t graze? I put them in a paddock with lovely lush grass and all they do is turn around and stand at the gate looking to come out. Really frustrating. Any thoughts welcome.