1. Lallemand Animal Nut.

    Innovative ruminant diet formulation needed as feed costs soar

    With high feed costs jeopardising profitability, dairy and beef producers are being encouraged to utilise proven feed additives to make diets more cost effective and flexible, replicating the approach taken in monogastric diet formulation. “Fine tuning ruminant diets with proven feed additives...
  2. Jockers84

    To FA or, to not FA.

    Hi, my friend has an incalf heifer that I’m thinking about buying, but his herds not farm assured? What will this mean for the animal? Will it affect my FA in any way? I have a feeling that the rules changed last year so thought it was easiest to ask on here. thanks
  3. jerseycowsman

    Sole ulcers?

    Am I right in thinking sole ulcers are caused by injury to the foot? DD and foul are infectious and white line is grit. As most of you are aware we have recently moved and the winter accommodation is far superior to what we used to have, cubicles with mattresses and slats that are mostly covered...
  4. JP1

    Lord Henry Plumb of Coleshill funeral today
  5. J


    I'm in the process of redoing budgets and cashflows taking into account the price rises. Ive been warned by my dad that after this year he doesn't want to be doing farm work on a day to day basis (deteriorating health from years of abuse when he milked). The suckler cows will be going in the...
  6. AHDB Podcast RSS

    340: AHDB Beef & Lamb: Selecting and breeding replacement heifers for the next generation

    340: AHDB Beef & Lamb: Selecting and breeding replacement heifers for the next generation Written by Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board “The next generation has always been and will be better than the previous one. If it is not, then the world would not be moving forward” – Kapil...
  7. Col555

    GCSE biology

    I haven’t got the full story but apparently the in todays GCSE biology exam, one of the questions was based around something like explain why a plant based diet was better than meat based diet. Not sure if anyone has the full story or question and obviously there won’t be photos of the question...
  8. Guiggs

    Calf rearing costs..

    I'm looking at rearing calves again, not done it for a few years now so a bit out of touch with the expenses.. Would anybody be able to give me an idea of the costs, I have a outlet for weaned animals but it has to be viable, looking at local mart prices there's got to be a couple of quid in it...
  9. N

    Food prices,have I missed something

    Just seen on the news M&S thinks prices will fall shortly,someone explain how thats going to happen with current costs or has someone decided to import everything.Yet again its food they want cheap ,without food you won’t need gas and oil you will be dead.Who advises these folk.
  10. Bignor Farmer

    Red Tractor non conformance

    I don’t usually have too many problems with my audit but I do put in a huge amount of work in advance. Am I wasting my time? What is the consequence of lots of lots of non-critical failures? Sorry Mr Inspector I don’t have any grain temperature and moisture records this year but it all sold...
  11. J

    Calves only sucking 2 quaters

    I have 2 calves coming up to 2 weeks old that have both only sucked from one half of their mothers, the other side looks pretty big on both mothers. Should I get them in the crush & milk the other 2 quarters? I thought after a couple of weeks the calves would have found them. If left could it...
  12. Farfrae

    Bank governor in 'apocalyptic' warning over rising food prices

    "The possibility of more rises in food prices is a "major, major worry" for the UK and other countries, the Bank of England governor has warned." Someone waking up at last?
  13. B

    Clover pellets

    Anyone using coated clover. Local ag dealer had had a flyer for them. Think there limagrain product.
  14. Headless chicken

    Forward buying cake

    I have one company who I deal with regularly that currently have an offering on the table. Two others we deal with refusing to offer anything more than summer prices. the one with the contract offer on the table had be one of the ones to add a charge onto their contracted prices previously...
  15. Agriland RSS

    Less than half of levy payers respond to AHDB consultation

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland Less than half (42%) of levy payers responded to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB’s) Shape the Future consultation. The consultation sought views from levy payers regarding the work of the AHDB going forward. Levy payers...
  16. D

    Scrapping farm assurance

    After discussions with the people we sell cattle to it has become clear that beef assurance is a waste of time, effort and money. now here’s my dilemma…. this week we have a “visit” to do Arable and Beef inspection. arable (for now) is going to have to stay assured so do I…… A - ring the...
  17. B

    The Uk Could Run Out Of Water In 20 Years?

    So the experts? recon, with all this house building going on and the projected numbers needed? Also the fact that we just dont seem to get the amount of rain and hotter summers? well well well it dosnt need experts to work that out but common sense? large scale building of houses is just one...
  18. Granite Farmer

    Honest opinions on Bazadiase cattle.

    So what are the like if used on native cross suckler cows. Would they produce a good spring born calf for the suckler calve sales? Also are they easily finished are a predominantly foraged based system? TIA James PS I'm really and AA and Hereford man but have had to let our Aberdeen Angus...
  19. Joshie

    Slimming down heifer

    Hi, I have a heifer which is 3 months in calf and is in to good condition. Really needs to slim down. Is there a good way of doing this rather than just letting her go into a field with not much grass and giving her straw? Think I remember hearing a high protein ration can cause weight loss...
  20. Agriland RSS

    Top young chefs seek success at major national final

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The Urdd’s popular cooking competition, ‘Cogurdd’ for young chefs. is back after a two-year break and Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is pleased to be a sponsor. The quest to find the country’s budding young chefs is a competitive contest...