1. G

    Calving placement for vet students

    Hello! I am a first year vet med student and I am looking for a calving placement for 1-2 weeks in the timeframe: second week of June - mid July. Accommodation would be needed. Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you!
  2. Wynnstay

    Wynnstay Farm Focus (February - March 2021)

    Download the latest edition of Farm Focus from Wynnstay. Featuring the latest special offers and industry updates. Click here to request a digital copy
  3. P

    Survey on multicut silage systems

    Hi everyone please find attached my survey on multicut silage systems that I am carrying out as part of a project for my agricultural management degree.
  4. L

    POLL... Is there money in livestock farming?

    Select all that apply
  5. J

    Technology Use in Cattle Farming

    Hello, I am a masters level student in International Operations and Supply Chain Management at Glasgow Caledonian University. I am looking to capture the views and opinions of UK beef farmers around my research topic: to explore the opportunities and challenges of using technology to improve...
  6. J

    Request for Research Participants: Masters Research Project: Traceability in the British Beef Supply Chain

    Hello, I hope everyone is well. I am a masters student at Glasgow Caledonian University and am currently conducting a research project into meat traceability systems in the British beef supply chain, particularly the challenges faced by supply chain actors within the network when implementing...
  7. markpq86

    Post subsidy farming?

    Right my 1st post here we go. I work with my old man on our 370 acre farm in Cornwall. We have a flock of 800 Feb/March indoor lambing ewes. Try and sell the bulk of lamb by the summer with the help of home mix creep and rotational grazing, and the rest before Christmas. Also finish about...
  8. Murdoch

    Looking For Work Stock or machinery work around Lanarkshire/borders

    Looking for self employed work around Lanark/Biggar Worked in 5 different countries on 3 different continents. Livestock experience Done all aspects of cattle work on dairy and beef farms from 80 cows up to over 2000 cows. Can milk solo or as part of a team, identify lameness, mastitis etc...
  9. Wynnstay

    Improvement in sexed semen technology, driving efficiency’s in beef calf production

    Sexed male beef semen, that can achieve conception rates which match those of conventional, could be a ‘game-changer’ for dairy farmers looking to make the most of everything produced on-farm. In recent months, many farmers have been embracing advances in semen sexing technology which has...
  10. Adam Taylor

    Looking For Work Voluntary work Glos/Wilts

    I am looking to renew and expand my experience in agriculture with a view to getting back into the industry, having formally lived and worked on a mixed arable and beef farm. More recently I spent the harvest period running the grain store for a large arable farm. I have experience of tractor...
  11. M

    Advice for young farmer on holistically managed farm - Devon, UK

    I'd like to share our farm that my wife and I have recently purchased and our vision for it. We don't have experience in farming although I have worked for a co-op permaculture farm in Australia for a year (mainly bio-intensive market gardening) and as of the last 6 months getting my teeth into...
  12. Wynnstay

    Cost Implications of Imbalanced Finishing Rations

    With high numbers of dairy x beef calves entering the beef chain (and the current beef price not setting the world alight), it is important to consider potential finishing rations and their cost implications. When it comes to finishing beef rations, the true costs per kg LWG should be...
  13. S

    SOIL TESTING SURVEY - Chance to win 10 soil tests

    Chance to WIN 10 soil tests Are you a #livestock #farmer? Whether you're #dairy #beef #sheep or mixed, Fill this survey to research #soiltesting perceptions. Every entry also = 25p for the Farming Community Network Charity
  14. Mossy-95

    Joint Venture Farming Research

    Hi all I am currently undertaking my honours reserch project, and would greatly appreciate anyone involved in a farming business help me by completing my survey. It should only take 10 minutes and will help me complete my research!! The link is below...
  15. jackyoung123123

    Dairy X Beef - Calve concentrate intake

    I’m just trying to work out some figures for how much concentrates lim/Hereford/blue/Angus X Fresian/Holstein calves will eat per day from around 8/10 weeks to around 6 to 8 months of age, I wasn’t thinking around 5kg per animal per day average? What do others feed/think, Thanks in advance
  16. The Business Barn

    Rising opportunity for dairy beef

    Further opportunity for profitable dairy beef market Beef farmers are being urged to re-evaluate their approach to dairy beef as it provides huge potential for growth and opportunity to boost production while meeting market demands. Speaking at a recent Crediton Milling Company (CMC) meeting...
  17. Ellie@Rumenco

    MAXX Calf Health – Delivering Real Benefits

    MAXX Calf Health – Delivering Real Benefits Calf health plays a critical role in the success of youngstock rearing programmes yet DEFRA figures suggest that as many as one in seven dairy calves and one in thirteen beef calves die during the rearing phase. Ensuring calves and youngstock receive...
  18. littlegreenfarm

    Luxury Horsebox Catering trailer - Burgers/Steak/Venison etc

    Hi, We have a luxury horse box catering trailer which could be good if you are looking to diversify into catering your own meat at events etc, all kitted out ready to go and legal! which is very important. Please note this is no ordinary conversion! ***Just converted - one of a kind, as far as...
  19. B

    Wanted in calf heffiers/cows

    Wanted 10-15 in calf heffiers/cows to be calving early February onwards.crosses with dairy were be Preferred but open to other options