1. G

    Pidgeons on sugar beet

    What can be done to stop them eating first leaves, first time we've had problems so recommendations . thanks
  2. shearerlad

    Indoor bulling

    Struggling for grass this spring and cows will be in for another 2-3 weeks unless there is a serious shift in growth. Ideally the bulls would be put out to work around the 25th of this month which is usually after turnout. Is there any issues with putting bulls to work inside at this time of...
  3. R

    Lambing losses

    Has anyone else been experiencing higher than normal, unexplained lambing losses this year?
  4. ridger

    Filling meal bags

    Anyone got a handy way of doing it? Getting sick of the old yellow bucket
  5. Agriland RSS

    Insecticide gets emergency authorisation for sugar beet

    Written by William Kellett HSE has issued an emergency authorisation (EA) for the use of InSyst (acetamiprid) on sugar beet. It permits one application of Certis’ insecticide InSyst to control peach–potato aphid (Myzus persicae) to prevent virus yellows infection in sugar beet this year. BBRO...
  6. Agriland RSS

    Use of the Crawler herbicide will be banned by November 2022

    Written by William Kellett Oilseed rape growers have been dealt a blow, following clarification from the CRD (Chemicals Regulation Division) that ADAMA’s carbetamide-based grass weed herbicide, Crawler, will not be available for use beyond November 2022. Crawler (600g/kg carbetamide) has been...
  7. Princess Pooper

    BPS split fields

    Can't find info I need anywhere. Do we still need to send in a sketch map where a single parcel has 2 crops side by side? (Not a CS/HLS issue, just normal crops). e.g. 12 ha field, 5 ha wheat, 7 ha beet. thanks
  8. Laggard

    Spring barley

    What has killed this spring barley? Looks like wheat bulb fly damage?
  9. Keepers

    Internal ruptures in ewes, contributing factors?

    Apart from the obvious, just being very large, triplets etc Anything anyone has noticed that may contribute towards a ewe becoming more prone to having an internal rupture? I had one last year, but this year I have had four, all in very large ewes, carrying triplets and one with a twin. Set...
  10. Durrus

    JCB 533- 105

    Have just come across one of these construction spec with Perkins engine, relatively fresh. Seeing as its almost weighing in at 9t and has stabilisers, would it be too big and cumbersome for general yard work, bit of bale chasing etc? Wouldnt need to do any road work. Extra reach would often be...
  11. S

    Situation Vacant Full time arable operator required

    RJ & AE GODFREY Dawsmere Require a Full time skilled Arable Operator To join our small team on a 1,400-acre farm on Holbeach Marsh, South Lincs. Growing Potatoes, Sugar Beet, Cereals & Legumes. A varied role with continued professional development, using large modern machinery. Duties to...
  12. Brisel

    Getting field data to the agronomist

    How do you do this when your agronomist turns up to walk the farm? I'm thinking of previous applications, rates, dates etc. I have nearly 200 field under my control, so I can't remember everything & whilst I spend most of the day with the agronomist ad can recall most of the information, I'm not...
  13. Phil P

    Winter wheat T1 2021

    Ok, what are your plans for T1? Back in April when it was looking like another drought I was thinking keep it cheap! However we’ve now had A LOT of rain and 90% of the wheats are looking like they have some good potential. So, my and my agronomist thoughts are to go with a more robust T1 His...
  14. D

    Black grass 2021

    Up until now we have not had a problem with black grass. But one field seems to have got away on us. It’s first wheat after osr and would expect it yield about 10t/ha. There is not enough grass to effect the yield but too much to pull by hand. The area is about 12ac which would be about 4% of...
  15. Albert

    Optima maize drill

    Hi guys I'm having problems with my kverneland optima maize drill One of the optisensors is playing up. I'm hoping it may just need cleaning. How do I get to the optisensors on the drilling units to clean them? Thanks
  16. CPM RSS

    Sugar beet varieties – Virus tolerance makes debut

    Written by cpm The 2022 BBRO/BSPB Recommended List was released last month and features a high turnover of varieties – with six additions, including the first variety with a tolerance trait to virus yellowing. CPM finds out what to expect from the newcomers. Tolerance will help to manage the...
  17. H

    Fodder beet

    Looking at the benefits of feeding fodder beet to our growing cattle (8-14mth) and finishing cattle. Is it worth adding to either of the mixes. And how often can I grow it in the same field? Thanks in advance
  18. Jim75

    Fodder Beet drill with narrow/wide spacing

    Are there any precision drills that can go as narrow as 375mm or as wide as 750mm? Crop is grazed in situ or lifted with a beet bucket so doesn’t need to fit for a lifter. Thanks
  19. G

    UK supermarket to make plant-based food range cost the same as meat equivalents

    Economics of scale are taking place with meat alternatives, in a few years your average meat free sausage will cost the same as a Meat sausage - subsidies play a role as well...
  20. Electricfencer

    I hate weekends!

    Anyone else fed up with weekends. People leaving gates open, dogs running wild (more than normal) and the phone never stops with wannabe shepherds telling me how to do my job!