1. Speedstar

    So what is high hours for a tractor ? or miles for a car ?

    what are peoples thoughts on what are high hours for a tractor & at what hours would people stop buying them , same question on miles for a car or pick-up . I my self would buy a tractor with 10,000 hours on it & a car with 150,000 miles on it if it was the right one at the right price
  2. R

    Biogas Gas Analyser

    Hi I am a Wind Turbine Engineer, I have a Gas Analyser + carry case for sale as we don't work on AD plants anymore. This was calibrated on 11th November 2016 and been used only a hand full of times, was purchased direct from Geotech for £4200 inc vat. Posted in the classifieds under Tools.
  3. TriCountiesBiogas Ltd

    Situation Vacant 2017 Field Operations Team Recruitment

    Tri Counties Biogas Ltd are currently recruiting the Field Operations Team for the 2017 harvest season. Handling almost 100,000 tonnes of feedstock each year for one of Europe's largest Biogas Plants Yelspa Ltd, Tri Counties Biogas are searching for hard working, enthusiastic, good humoured...
  4. Great In Grass

    Countryside Seeds Ltd

    Countryside Seeds Ltd As of the 1st July a slight change to the business, it's become incorporated and with it a change of name. Farm machinery sales have not been a part of Farm Equip's business for a number of years and we felt now was the time for a new name to reflect more of what we do, so...