1. GJG

    Tyres front 4wd Tyres

    Tyres 600 x 60 30 front tyres , (new) Quotes please.
  2. R

    BKT or Alliance Tyres ?

    Alliance or Bkt ? replacing a set of 650/65/42 & 600/65/28 on a JD6150, I’ve used bkt before and was very pleased with them, Alliance are £700 cheaper tho, but had no experience of them. Would like the saving of £700 but they need to be right for the job. Anyone had experience of these makes? Thanks
  3. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  4. F

    Looking for a pair of 710/60r34

    Hello, was wondering if any one had a pair of second hand 710/60r34, thinking of putting on in place of 520/70r38 for sowing etc without having to chance the fronts, thanks!
  5. Spencer

    Drill tyres

    Got seriously peeed off last year with punctures on drill. Tyres are in reasonable condition apart from slight cuts from previous user, came off flint ground. They run with tubes which I’ve replaced several but still getting punctures. Tubes are £20 each, can get tubeless tyres for £52 each...
  6. 6

    New Tyres for 250hp tractor

    Looking to replace a set of tyres on a 250hp tractor... Tractor is used mainly for cultivation and drilling,but does a fair bit of road work when needed....Normally run Michelin Mach x bibs but have spoken to vredestein rep at Lamma that reckons traxion xxl are a better option!!!! But obviously...
  7. S

    Running costs of Jcb 4000 series

    Once again trying to weigh up whether to buy a jcb. For the duties of short transport and fertiliser application. On the road I feel jcb has the edge, in the field a conventional tractor seems not far ahead. So it comes down to reliability and service, running costs. Tractors with inboard...
  8. G

    Which brand tyres would you fit to your tractor

    Looking to see what brand of tyres to fit on a tractor. I've currently contentials but problems with punctures on front tyres running them at 26psi 50/50 field work road work
  9. Pluto

    Oska tyres

    Evening folks, Any opinions on Oska tyres? I need a set on my second tractor, was going for BKT, but Oska are a bit cheaper and have a 5 year guarantee as opposed to 3 with the BKT. The tractor does mainly light work these days, but does sit on the drill when the weather is suitable!
  10. K

    JCB Fastrack 4220 Questions

    On the Joystick's black buttons which can be programed for various functions, can you put Hyd. spool extend on the rear and FLOAT on the front button for say baler pickups mowers etc (we have Fendts)? CTV Trans Control: In Manual mode - using joystick to speed up slow down, then set Rev hold...
  11. S

    Manitou 630 105 or jcb 532 60

    Looking to replace my manitou 627 and have been looking at the new 630 106 and the jcb 532-60. Will b used for normal farm work and pushing in grass. Jcb is 4k more expensive but people have told me that it will hold its money better. Has anyone any experience of either of these shovels? Manitou...
  12. redsloe

    Set of tyres for JD6130r

    I have a tractor on 600/65/38 and 540/65/24 and would like to go a bit narrower for yard work. I've been told 520/70/38 will fit the back, what will I need on the front to match and what sort of cost would they be? Cheers
  13. shumungus

    Michelin Xeobib vs BKT Agrimax V-Flecto

    Anyone any experience / thoughts.
  14. Scrambler

    Which 650/65 38 tyres to choose?

    It's a rare event for me to have to replace any tractor tyres, but the original fit Continental 650/65 38's on my JD 6830 have started to crack on the inside and will soon need to be swapped. Looking on-line I can see some tyres have the prefix IF or VP and claim to be able to run significantly...
  15. G

    Budget rear tyres

    Probably been asked many times, but I can’t find any posts, I need to replace 16.9/r34 on mf5610 loader...will I notice much difference between the likes of bkt or firestone or vredestein which price wise I call mid range tyres and the cheaper MRL or alliance.? Tia
  16. V

    Ceat tractor tyres????

    Was pricing up some front tyres for a tractor and tyre place has recommended to try some ceat tyres . Apparently a very good tyre with something silly like 7 year warranty !!! Price wise they have come in just under a bkt tyre which they say there no warranty on them . Local contractor has a...
  17. A


    Looking at re-booting the drill tractor so looking at various options. It is amazing the price difference for tyres, Discounted Firestone/Bridgestone IF VF because of cost & after putting my tractor & drill over weighbridge I can run at 9psi on standard tyres anyway. Michelin MachXBib also one...
  18. ZXR17

    Self propelled sprayer tyres

    Some advice please . I have a Househam AR 3000 that came on Trelleborg flotations which looked great , big wide cleats with a diamond pattern in the centre and so lots of rubber on the ground but basically it is a trailer tyre and not a driven tyre . The only problem is that our ground is all...
  19. Smudge

    Deestone Swamp Witch Quad Tyres

    I've done a google site search and can't find a thing, does anyone have any experience of these tyres? Will be going on a 2wd Kawasaki with a differential and diff lock, and it doesn't get any high speed tarmac work, so want something aggresive and open tread. The Kenda executioners don't seem...
  20. daveydiesel1

    Best 85 series tyre

    Lookin advice on 520 85 38 tyres. Dont want michelin agribib as had problems with them crackin b4. Trelleborg 85 series isnt option either. Mabe vredestien or any other suggestions? Not budget brands as its new tractor that friend is lookin at