1. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  2. Agriland RSS

    5 people arrested as part of investigation into large-scale waste crime activity

    Written by William Kellett Five individuals have been arrested following an investigation by the Environment Agency into large-scale waste crime activity. The enforcement action took place at five separate addresses located in Warwickshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Investigators from...
  3. Chasingmytail

    spreading lime - pluming over houses

    Today weve had contractors here spreading lime. The one field is over by the town. The lime is pluming and it is a tad windy so moving towards the homes. One place is kicking off stating its gone all over their property and its dangerous and corrosive. Phoning environmental health to...
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    NFU Scotland welcomes passing of ‘landmark’ Protection of Livestock Bill

    Written by William Kellett NFU Scotland has welcomed the Scottish Parliament’s decision to pass the landmark Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Bill and congratulated Emma Harper MSP for her valuable work over four years “in driving through this hugely important piece of legislation”. NFU Scotland...
  5. czechmate

    Fungicide in a bag

    Only curious, I was thinking back and I used to use a fungicide that came in a soluble bag that you just put in the tank, whole. I recon it was Maneb, Zineb and something ... Like furban??? Just out of curiosity can anyone fill any blanks, like it’s name? And ingredients? I think it was mainly...
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    Just 22.5% of NI waste crime fines reinvested in fighting illegal dumping

    Written by Rachel Martin Less than a quarter of fines paid to the Department of Agriculture for waste crimes such as fly-tipping are reinvested in cracking down on illegal dumpers in Northern Ireland. The issue has been previously described as a “blight on the countryside” with rural...
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    Crop protection and soil health to take the ‘SPot-light’ at 2021 trials

    Written by William Kellett The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has announced the crop trials taking place at its four Strategic Potato (SPot) Farms during 2021. The four farms are located in Angus, North Lincolnshire, Herefordshire and Suffolk. The trials have been...
  8. ollie989898

    EU: open borders, or else... Eu has shouted at 6 member states who have closed their borders because of the coronavirus pandemic. Even the Germans are getting testy. What a ridiculous situation. Countries should be able...
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    ‘Alarming’ fly-tipping figures are ‘just the tip of the iceberg’ – CLA

    Written by William Kellett Incidents of fly-tipping on public land have increased by 2% across England in 2019/2020, according to new figures released by Defra. While councils in England have dealt with just under one million fly-tipping incidents during this period, these figures account for...
  10. S

    ELM Scheme

    Hello, I have just listened to a podcast featuring a regenerative livestock farming couple, and they were discussing the changes from BPS to the ELM scheme. What are everyone's thoughts on the ELM scheme? Will it make farming fairer? Will it change things for new entrants? Does anyone have any...
  11. Farm Business RSS

    CLA calls for tougher action as fly-tipping increases

    Written by Iain Hoey Incidents of fly-tipping on public land have increased by two percent across England in 2019/2020, according to new figures released by Defra. However, according to Mark Bridgeman, the president of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), this is just ‘the tip of...
  12. T

    Farm weighbridge

    I want to put a weighbridge in, it will be used for weighing crops as they come in on tractor and trailer, and also HGV's. I am looking at pit mounted as we are doing some yard alterations, so putting a pit in at the same time wouldn't be much extra work, or is surface mounted better. Also...
  13. AHDB News

    Vote on the future of AHDB Potatoes

    Vote on the future of AHDB Potatoes Have your voice heard. Should the Potatoes levy continue? Nicholas Saphir, AHDB Chair A ‘Yes’ vote means • KEEPING independent storage research, agronomy and crop protection work • MORE levy-payer say on what we deliver for you and reduced costs...
  14. T

    Had the jab yet?

    Ok so just back from getting the jab - pfizer i believe, didn't hurt :) rather quick process except for the 15 minute post injection wait , weirdly they only tell you about potential side effects in the literature give after the jab itself. Was rather supposed by a real community spirit and how...
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    Potatoes – Understanding dynamics aids control

    Written by cpm Download PDF Nematodes and late blight are two of the big problems facing potato growers. CPM catches up on the latest research seeking to understand their dynamics and the regulatory changes that may affect agronomy decisions in 2021. The vast majority of soil nematodes are...
  16. Rob Sinclair

    A Helpful Overview of R&D Tax Relief and the Agriculture Sector

    THE AGRICULTURE SECTOR Agriculture and farming is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the demand for sustainability, diversification and profitability in this sector has created many opportunities for innovation. According to HMRC, a project to develop a new feed or to grow crops that have...
  17. M

    What’s the point in straw merchants?

    Discuss that? We are occasional straw sellers depending on price. If we can achieve £70/t and over we will bale and sell. If it’s less we chop it. Normally we’d sell to a merchant for ease. However this year we’ve sold direct to end users mainly because they are coming direct to us. They’ve...
  18. capfits

    No very promising for shellfish producers.
  19. B


    a simple basic question, if the people from hong kong come here and it said on the news up to 3 million were will they live? how many more thousands of acres of land will have to be used to build these houses ? where will it end ?
  20. H

    Farming in Wales!

    Why do we bother trying to farm? Everything we do, we seem to penalised for in every way! Welsh government is the worse thing that ever happend to wales from a farming preservative! Cap payments ending... and replaced by what?? Paid to plant trees and flood land that has been drained to produce...