1. Andyt880

    DD turnips into permanent pasture without glyphosate

    I am thinking of getting 4 acres of old grass land Direct drilled with turnips after second cut silage. Winters are wet here and land wouldn’t be the lightest but this would be one of my driest fields in winter. Never grazed a forage crop over winter here before. I am wondering would I get...
  2. An Gof

    Epso Bortop

    Been having some tissue tests done and it seems we are coming up short on Boron. Anyone on here using Epso BorTop? Might be an easy step for me to replace the planned EpsoTop with BorTop. Anyone any practical experience on their crops and have an idea of the price please.
  3. Ormond

    Twisted awns winter barley

    What would cause twisted awns in winter barley. Had axial pro 2 weeks ago before awns to clean up some chickweed a couple of weeks before that. Could it be lack of boron?
  4. teslacoils


    So, T2 has always been the big spend. Is this Revystar the complete dogs danglies? Because £45/ha gets me a lot of other chem.
  5. Laggard

    OSR fungicide

    With November 2021 OSR worth £410/t+bonuses what are peoples thoughts on fungicides? A lot of OSR round here is struggling with CSFB and sharp frosts every night.
  6. Clive

    Bitersaltz vs liquid Magnesium ?

    Having seen decent results from Magnesium with fungicide applications here I'm pretty convinced that along with Manganese t's a micronutrient worth using routinely on our soil types. Bitersaltz has been our cheap go-to product but it's not the most users friendly when filling a 6000L sprayer...
  7. Stewartry hill

    Forage crop for sheep

    Most years we grow20 ish acres of forage rape or swift after silage in late June .this year the field is smaller 12 acres and looking to direct drill some forage or turnips.late May to get the same amount of feed.What are the options?
  8. F

    Atkinson / Land Drive spreaders

    Does anyone have any old photos of these spreaders, or any literature/parts books for them? Thanks
  9. Hutchinsons News

    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower

    Soil mapping helps drive efficiency for hop and apple grower Digital mapping systems in horticultural crops, particularly top fruit and hops, are not yet as widely used as in broad-acre arable crops, but more growers are realising the potential benefits for improving consistency, yield and...
  10. Villagefarmer

    Leaaf Tissue Sampling

    Hi I'm keen to take more leaf tissue samples of my crops this spring ( wheat. S Barley and s oats) not sure when I should start?
  11. S

    What's your preferred trace element mix?

    I usually buy an IBC of Manganese every year and lash a bit on with the sprayer. I've done tissue tests in the past because I felt they were relatively dear and I wasn't gaining a lot. But I still use the manganese for the barley even though I'm not sure its any measurable difference. But given...
  12. Laggard

    OSR Light Leaf Spot Bayer Spotcheck ADAS result

    Had the report back and LLS has 35% incidence. Is this good / bad? Have many others had the ADAS test? At what % incidence would you consider spraying at?
  13. Clive

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    The Red Tractor logo or brand does not appear on products that UK cereal growers supply the ingredients for so unquestionably has no value to end consumers of bakery and other cereal products The processors of these products including the likes of Hovis and Warburtons have stated that they have...
  14. DairyGrazing

    Sowing stubble turnips/rape.

    Whats the best way to establish turnips/rape in wheat stubble? I only have a T6.165, fert spinner and 3m power harrow currently. Some of the stubbles will be clean, some will have box muck and some will have slurry. I was thinking of a Moore drill or a stubble cultivator with a seeder?
  15. D

    low disturbance subsoiler

    What make is a good strong low disturbance subsoiler The flat lift was good is the any better or who makes good legs
  16. C

    Bionature fertilisers

    Have any of you guys on here tried the above products. If so did you get a yield boost, and more importantly was it cost effective?
  17. Lucy @ Farm Marketplace

    5% off IBC Trace Elements on Farm Marketplace

    Latest promotion on Farm Marketplace is 5% off IBCs of Trace Elements. Offer valid on Manganese, Magnesium and Boron. See all offers here: Use discount code: IBC at checkout. Save an extra 5% off these prices:
  18. Lucy @ Farm Marketplace

    New Foliar Nutrients from Badger Nutrition

    Badger Crop Nutrition have added a number of products to Farm Marketplace. ZM Grow - Using unique technology developed by Tracegrow in Finland, Manganese and Zinc are extracted from used alkaline batteries and processed into premium-standard 100% Sulphate based liquid foliar fertiliser...
  19. Direct Driller Magazine

    Why do we have to treat our Soils like dirt?

    by Nick Woodyatt, Soil Fertility Consultant at Aiva Fertiliser Normally when starting an article there is much gnashing of teeth and wandering around the garden, or pub in my case, deciding on how to help and enlighten our industry (hopefully). But seeing as it did not stop raining during the...
  20. Danllan

    China 'punishing' Australia

    There seems to be an unofficial, but still very real, sanctioning against Australian goods by the Chinese authorities. I write 'unofficial' because the Chinese dictatorship (the CCP) have not openly stated that the sanctions are happening, but a Chinese state-controlled newspaper - not that...