1. BTT UK Ltd

    Bourgault Tillage Tools from Canada invest in UK agriculture.

    PRESS RELEASE 27.04.2021 Canada invests in UK Agriculture. Canada’s leading wearing parts manufacturer, Bourgault Tillage Tools, is investing in UK agriculture by setting up a subsidiary business, BTT UK Ltd, based at Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. Bourgault Tillage Tools are not new to UK...
  2. P

    What point for CO4?

    So I've brought a CO4 to work alongside my Rapid. I've decided to go for either Dutch or Bourgault (I'm leaning towards Dutch). But don't really know which point to go for. So we are blackgrass free so not so worried about disturbance. The CO4 has a liquid fert kit on it so I want to utilise...
  3. Banana Bar

    Horsch Sprinter 12SW

    Will a Challenger 775E be ok on this drill, using 3” Bourgault points? Undulations rather than hills. BB
  4. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus: Tom Sewell (Dec 2020)

    As I sit down to write my latest article, I’m reminded that 8 years ago today I was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship. I was selected as part of the #Nuffield13 year group to study “The long-term benefits of no-till farming”. I remember walking onto the stage at the Nuffield conference to be...
  5. S

    Claydon/Bourgault for destroying cover crop?

    TIA for any help. As an organic farmer I’m playing catch-up with cover crops but think they would be a huge advantage if I can bring them into my system. But no glyphosate...... So I‘m looking into terminating cover crops mechanically, trying to avoid ploughing. See some people are rolling in...
  6. Banana Bar

    Dutch or VOS

    We were given a couple of VOS coulters to try this year beside our Dutch coulters. Unfortunately the weather demanded that most of the drilling was done with our Claydon and the Borgault didn’t get tested. The Dutch points on our Sprinter are just about ready to be changed. Is there a benefit...
  7. Farm Classifieds

    2018 Horsch Sprinter 6ST

    2018 Horsch Sprinter 6ST Advert added by: George Atkinson @George1111 Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £65000 Condition: Excellent Description Very good condition and has only done approx 1400 hectares. Comes with 4 inch Bourgault VOS coulters ...
  8. farmerman

    Vos openers and drilling legs to use

    Ok looking to have a go at direct drilling and doing a bit of pimping to a cheap drill to get there so I know the best option would be to use a sprinter leg but I know they are very pricey and wouldn’t make it viable to use.. wondering if anyone else used another leg arrangement and was haveing...
  9. L

    drilling row widths

    anybody running metcalf 12 mm points on 250 mm row width , any good or too wide ,just getting ready to dabble ta
  10. J

    Clayton sr drill seed boots

    I have a clayton sr seed drill and would like to make the seed rows wider(less space between the rows). Currently as all claytons i work with a 7" share and a split seed boot attachment at the back of it but would like to go to a minimum 9" share. Bourgalt do not do a split boot any wider than...
  11. M

    Home build dd tine drill??

    How about this as a cheap way of getting into direct drilling? I have this... and this... (bit rougher now as that photo's 20 years old). Whack the DL hopper on top of the pigtail cultivator, change the pigtail shears for (?)Baurgault points or whatever the experts recommend, sort out a...
  12. F

    Horsch duett coulters drilling depth issue

    Having laboriously drilled thousands of acres over the last 35 years with various power harrow/drill configurations, we've bit the bullet this year and bought a s/hand horsch sprinter on duett coulters. To say I'm dissappointed is an understatement. We know very little about how these things are...
  13. norfolk'n'good

    Tine seeders, info required

    Gone from getting concerned to getting a little bit desperate here! Got alot of ploughed and pressed land ready to go but not overly optimistic it will dry enough underneath for either ther combination or vaderstad to go. If the top couple of inches was to dry would a tine seeder be any good...
  14. Alistair Nelson

    Trailed Kongskilde Vibraflex / Poorman's Topdown

    We have run a 4m folding trailed Kongskilde Vibraflex with a row of discs, 16 vibraflex tines, another row of discs and then a DD roller and then tow an Aqueel behind. Its 12 yrs old and starting to show its age what is there about as an alternative truly 4m wide that you can pull with 200Hp all...
  15. Case290

    Seed caddy ideas

    (budget Seed caddy) ramping drilling capacity up. On the cheep aim is to fill up and go drill 50- 60 acres seed and Fert. 5t seed 5t Fert or 10t seed 1 Twin axle trailer mount some linkage arms on the back ? Bit of steal for hoppers couple of accord meters. Or import one all ready built.
  16. average farmer

    tine drill options

    I'm considering building a tine drill and thought i might as well build something that in the right conditions would drill direct as well. Apart from the metcalf, weaving, dale is there anything else I should be looking at? is there any kind of point that would fit a standard pig tail tine as...
  17. DieselRob

    Wide spacing cereal crops... pictures please

    As above really, I know there are various people who post in the direct drilling photo gallery thread but I was hoping some could share pictures throughout the growing season, this 1 especially, of crops grown at 250mm spacing (or there abouts) It isn't really the year to be able to go cruising...
  18. martinlishmanltd

    Stand Martin Lishman

    MARTIN LISHMAN Stand: 929 Established in 1975, we specialise in crop storage and monitoring, potato quality, compact spraying systems and cultivation. Martin Lishman innovations use low-cost digital technologies to meet the challenge of reducing post-harvest food waste. Products are practical...
  19. Banana Bar

    Dutch Coulters with Fertiliser

    I'm looking to put fertiliser and grain down the spout on a Sprinter drill. I was planning on using Dutch 2" open back points but it doesn't look as though there is an option to do this on points narrower than 3". Is there a way 2 hoses can be joined near the coulter assembly or failing that...
  20. Farm Classifieds


    HORSCH TERRANO FG 6 Advert added by: Tom Jackson @tompj321 Machinery Details Category: Tillage Cultivators Price: £6750 Condition: Used Description TERRANO FG 6 BOURGAULT KNOCK ON SYSTEM YR 2005 STRAIGHT MACHINE TEL: 07738829377 How to make contact with...