brewers grains

  1. F

    Anybody making silage yet?

    As above, been a long winter glad to be making silage as we’re almost completely out after last years dry summer in Hampshire, anybody else on it?
  2. F

    Brewers grains

    Hello Everyone I work for a feed merchant, dont hold it against me, i cant say which company for obvious reasons. id like to hear your opinion on brewers grains considering where the current market is. would any of you consider contracting brewers grains for 6 months (april to september) at...
  3. J 1177

    Whole oats to calves

    Does it make any difference to feeding whole oats vs rolled/nipped oats for calves or stirks? Im on trying whole (being lazy) and it just looks sort of wrong in the troughs? Whats peoples opinions?
  4. JET

    Loose maize silage

    How long will it keep if i tip it in the yard without it starting to heat? or will it heat up instantly?
  5. davidroberts30

    shed costs for beef cattle

    how much would a loose house shed cost to house 140/150 cattle? what sort of size is needed?
  6. slackjawedyokel

    Annoyed at school.

    My 8yr old Child1 came home from school today and I asked him what he’d been doing at school (an otherwise excellent country primary). “Science” What about? “Global warming” Hmmmm..... “Did you know that since xxxx the planet has warmed up xxx on a graph, and did you know that methane causes...
  7. Mc115reed

    Abortions in sheep

    Mod note: This thread has been moved from the Tracker thread. I’v still got singles outside and none of them aborted as yet... the twins are a bit comfy on space and I think its because they’ve been scrapping at feed time... all enzo vacc’d but not toxo... 3 aborted now so Vet is gonna have to...
  8. tr250

    A feast to save the planet bbc 2

    Anyone watching will it be another vegan run affair
  9. PuG

    adlib feeding for calves, grain

    Afternoon. Just brought my herd in for the winter - calves have a creep area with (as normal) unlimited access to hay and lucerne bale (mixed). Still suckling there mum's. I also have a creep feeder which I never use, I've got a ton of barley mixed with peas sitting here and I was considering...
  10. B

    Self employed gov grant

    I haven’t read up on this so don’t know the rules but we’ve a guy who claimed the self employed grants off the gov and is now got three more on the cards up to next April. As I said I haven’t read up on this but surely you can only claim them if you aren’t working? He’s worked throughout earning...
  11. S

    Feeding suckled calves from now on

    Got some good Charolais calves out of good Simmental cows, just about to wean now, house the calves and turn the cows away for a couple of months all being well. Calves are on ad lib creep just now. Usually just tick them over winter on a couple of kilos of corn and decent silage, then turn...
  12. W

    Cheap ways of Feeding growing cattle

    I Have 100 angus / hereford cattle around 7-9 m old average weight around 260-280 kg and bringing them In this week , Usually feed good silage and 18% rearer nut but with fees going silly prices had anyone any suggestions such as maybe brewers grains and bread mixes with hay ? thanks
  13. R

    Shelf Life of Brewers Grains

    Because of a little diversification going on on the farm here, I will be receiving some brewers grains. Ive never had any dealings with them in the past, save walking past piles in bunkers on various farms through the years. Do they go off? How long are they safe to keep? Any hazards...
  14. jamesy

    Draff for young stock

    Hi I’ve the chance of draff @ £20/t. Who feeds it to growing cattle and what rates do you feed it at, what makes up rest of ration? Thanks in advance!
  15. tepapa

    Extinction, the facts BBC.

    Seems like the BBC are still blaming farmers for biodiversity loss. Apparently soya is grown to feed livestock rather than grown for oil with the waste product used for livestock. Also our consumption of beef is destroying the rain forest. On a global scale maybe but there was no distinction...
  16. N

    Finishing rations

    Was wandering who other people use for finishing rations for cattle and sheep,I usually use a merchant but wandered about alternatives,Tia.
  17. Farm Business RSS

    Top tips to minimise risks of heat stress in dairy herds

    Written by John Swire With temperatures tipping the scales at well over 30°C in parts of the UK during this week’s heatwave, dairy farmers are being warned of the high risk of heat stress in cattle, with potential for a significant impact on performance and fertility. “While we have seen...
  18. Corteva Updates

    Silage update: wholecrop cereal silage

    Silage update: wholecrop cereal silage The dry weather over the last couple of months has provided ideal conditions for harvesting grass silage but poor conditions for grass growth, consequently first cuts have been of good quality but a disappointing yield. We are currently looking at a...
  19. Farmer_1994

    Silage inventory

    So common idea around here has been to have 6 months carry over on grass and maize silage in case of emergency. Short story is, coming into this crop year with almost no carry over. We will be pushing our carry over to a year from now on if we can get it. Does anyone else run 6m to 1y of silage...